Los Angeles student Adeline Munguia

Los Angeles College Student Missing After Meeting Man On Tinder

A Los Angeles college student went missing Thursday and has not been seen since. Authorities believe that her disappearance may be connected to a man she recently met through the popular Facebook dating app Tinder.

Adeline Munguia is a student at Cal State Los Angeles, a state university located about five miles east of Downtown Los Angeles. She is 19 years old and is diminutive in stature, standing just 4’10” tall, weighing 105-110 pounds. Her ethinicity is Hispanic, like more than half the student body at Cal State Los Angeles, and she has brown hair and brown eyes.

The missing woman was last spotted at about 3:35 pm on February 27, boarding a Los Angeles Municipal Transit Authority bus, headed in the direction of downtown. She was wearing a pink sleeveless top and black pants, as seen in the above security camera photo released by Los Angeles police in Sunday.

She was also wearing open-toed sandals and carrying purse described as beige and brown when she went missing.

Adeline Munguia is a resident of the on-campus dormitories at Cal State Los Angeles, a school with a student body of about 23,000. She did not return to her dorm Thursday, but was not reported missing until Saturday.

As of Monday, March 3, at 5:30 am, the missing Los Angeles college student still had not been located.

Police are probing all of the woman’s social media accounts for any clue as to where she might have been headed when she vanished. The bus that she boarded was headed in the direction of East Olympic Boulevard and Soto Street in the Boyle Heights neighborhood on the east side of Los Angeles, not far from the campus.

Reportedly, police believe her disappearance could be connected to a man she met on Tinder, a Facebook app created by students at the University of Southern California that uses Facebook profile data to reveal people with similar profiles.

If a user likes a picture of another user who comes up on Tinder, he or she swipes it to the right, which then gives the two users the ability to message each other through the Tinder app.

If in fact Adeline Munguia met a man through Tinder, which led to her going missing, he is likely to be somewhere in Los Angeles.