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HTC One M8 Release Leak Rumors: Employee Was Fired And Bounty Put On Phone

htc one m8 release leak rumors fired bounty

The HTC One M8 was leaked through video on Sunday prior to its release and rumors suggest that some folks are in big trouble. The young man who took the video of the new HTC One is apparently 15 years old and his father works for HTC. After the video of the M8 (or HTC Two) leaked, he was confronted on Twitter by Jeff Gordon, Senior Global Online Communications Manager at HTC Corporation.

The young man, Roshan Jamkatel, tried to claim that it wasn’t actually a leaked version of the HTC One M8, but Gordon’s involvement suggests otherwise. Later on Twitter, Jamkatel claimed that some folks who helped the video go viral got his father fired. Though this can not be confirmed, if his father did work for HTC, it would definitely be a plausible step by the company. All employees sign a non-disclosure agreement on new technology. And for the flagship HTC One series, secrecy is top priority.

The 12 minute video has been posted several times on YouTube now and the damage has already been done. According to Gordon, there is an ongoing investigation of the leaked HTC One M8. Unfortunately, there is no way for them to track down all the videos and get them down. The phone is set to release on March 25 and is highly anticipated following the MWC. The leaked video of the HTC One M8 can be viewed here.

The trouble apparently doesn’t end with Jamkatel getting in big trouble from HTC. According to a rumor being passed around, there is a $10,000 bounty on the phone if anyone can get their hands on it. Apparently some hackers are interested in having a copy of the new HTC One and are willing to pay a lot of money for it. Gordon mentioned the financial loss of breaking a NDA in his Twitter feed and if competitors get their hands on the new phone, it will certainly negatively impact the company.

Leaked phones, images, and videos are nothing new in the mobile phone world. This case was different because the young man was trying to post his first review and unveil a flagship product to the world. There is one other possibility of what was going on here.

It is not outside the realm of possibility that the HTC One M8 release leak was all planned by the company to build excitement about the phone. What do you think?

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10 Responses to “HTC One M8 Release Leak Rumors: Employee Was Fired And Bounty Put On Phone”

  1. Jonathan Boyd

    You kinda hope it's a PR stunt for the Kid's sake. Then again, the review was mostly unwatchable, the device crashed during it and the HTC exec comes off as a corporate boogeyman. Makes you hope it's not a PR stunt for HTC's sake. They have to compete with Sampple and this is not how you do it.

  2. Russell Lee

    "According to a rumor being passed around, there is a $10,000 bounty on the phone if anyone can get their hands on it.

    If the kid's father got fired over this, then I'm sure they gave the phone back. If he refused, the company can sue him.

  3. Gus Serrano

    I actually think it was the kid's intention to release it after the phone was publicly released. He says so in the video. Something must have leaked it early. Maybe he uploaded it and initially meant for it to be private.

  4. Taylor Martin

    Gus Serrano If he was scared, wouldn't it make more sense for him to be honest upfront?

    The whole situation is sketchy, but neither of his (two) stories seem to make a lot of sense.

  5. Johann Pascual

    At this stage, I wouldn't be surprised if all this was staged. No publicity is bad publicity for HTC at this point. A lot of people's questions have been answered about the new model and some have decided they want this more than the Galaxy S5 already… and that is a win for HTC.

  6. Chevy Nweke

    I don't think the bounty was issued by HTC. sounds like hackers who really REALLY want the phone ate the bounty.

  7. Daniel Kemple

    My guess is he posted it private for friends and one of them leaked it.

  8. Don Turnbull

    While it is understandably upsetting, the behavior of HTC's "communication" director and the firing of the father tells me I am correct to continue to ignore HTC phones. I suppose any of the other companies might have behaved the same way but, as far as I know, they haven't. Might have been smarter for the communication director to contact the original poster more privately and try to work with him to deal with the damage.

    Instead, he was, at best, an angry buffoon. For someone in a public facing role, that seems more than a little stupid. Good luck with your phone. If your company is run this poorly, I suspect it hasn't got the legs you want it to have.

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