‘Flappy Bird’ Mod For ‘GTA 4’ Now Available For Download

Flappy Bird knock-offs aren’t all that bad. There are a few creative recreations of the late game that can still be sorted from a ton of horrible Flappy Bird clones. An example would be the latest mod created for GTA IV that combines the simple gameplay of Flappy Bird and the fast-paced lifestyle of Liberty City.

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting…Flappy IV.

According to Polygon, this awesome Flappy Bird mod created by modders “julienib” and “quechus13” allows you to control Luis, the main character from the GTA IV expansion Ballad Of Gay Tony. Nothing much has changed with Luis, except that his head has been replaced with a big, fat, yellow bird – the one seen from the original Flappy Bird game.

The objective of the mod is simple: You basically just use Luis’ arms to flap around the city while avoiding to touch the pavement or the cars below you. If you do, it’s game over for Flappy Luis.

The twist with the mod is that you gain points not by avoiding the street but by hitting pedestrians with your feet while you flap in the air. Though it may not be as horribly enjoyable as ramming through them with sports cars like we usually do during lazy times in the real GTA game, tiptoeing on their heads to death is still quite a fun objective to accomplish.

The modders announced Saturday that the Flappy Bird mod is now ready for download from their blog.

flappy bird gta 4 2

The recent influx of Flappy Bird copycats was startling for the App Store and disappointing for the fans who were expecting at least decent versions of the late mobile app. Instead, they were handed lazily created versions of Flappy Bird by app developers hoping to make millions from the original game. Some of them just replaced ‘Flappy’ with ‘Flying’ while others simply changed ‘Bird’ to ‘Poo’.

The Inquisitr recently reported that as many as 95 knock-offs were released shortly after the original game’s passing. While the App Store continues to desperately prevent and hunt down Flappy Bird clones, developers are still able to bypass the store’s heavily guarded gates and sell these knock-offs for a couple of cents.

A few of them however have actually taken extra measures to make Flappy Bird-inspired projects worth downloading. One of them is Flappy IV which, although not exactly an app, is still an enjoyable addition to GTA IV.

[Images from YouTube screenshots]