True Detective Fans Won't See Matthew McConaughey Next Season

‘True Detective’: Matthew McConaughey Won’t Return For Season 2

True Detective‘s inaugural season comes to an end next Sunday, March 9. And Matthew McConaughey has made it official that he won’t be coming back for season two.

Hot off his Oscar win for Dallas Buyers Club, a reporter from Variety asked backstage at the ceremony if he would return to True Detective. He said he would not, and he called the first season “finite.”

A recent post from The Inquisitr said that McConaughey watches True Detective each week as it airs on HBO. However, since the Oscars ran longer than scheduled, he missed the airing of the latest episode. He avoided revealing any spoilers to the other attendees at Sunday night’s ceremony.

“It’s probably airing right now. Has anyone seen it? I made the thing … and I’m not sure what happens,” he joked.

Being one of the stars of True Detective, McConaughey said that he had the option to watch all eight episodes in one sitting. But he made the decision to “do what everybody else does.”

“I want to watch one a week and then sit on it a week,” he said.

True Detective is an anthology series in the same vein as FX’s American Horror Story, where each season is a different story. Series creator Nic Pizzolatto said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that he would like to use “some of the same actors” for the next installment.

“It would be different characters, different setting,” Pizzolatto said. “That’s part of the fun of the anthology.”

True Detective has yet to be confirmed for a second season, but Pizzolatto said HBO would like do it.

“I just have to give them scripts and see if they like them,” he said.

True Detective has received criticism for its depiction of women. However, Pizzolatto hinted that things might change next year.

Grantland picked up a Twitter exchange between a fan by the name of Lana Guineay (@friggenawesome) and Pizzolatto. Guineay, an editor for ASOS, said True Detective would be “perfect and mind-blowing” if the female characters were “given the same lens” as the male. Pizzolatto responded to her question, but then later deleted the tweet.

“@friggenawesome One of the detriments of only having two POV characters, both men (a structural necessity). Next season…,” read his response.

It’s uncertain why Pizzolatto deleted his tweet. It could be because True Detective hasn’t officially been confirmed for a second season, and he also doesn’t want to give too much of it away at the moment. But that tweet could mean that the detectives for the next story in this anthology might be female.

It would make sense if HBO decided to go forward and renew the series. True Detective has scored an average of 10.9 million viewers throughout the whole season, according to Entertainment Weekly.

How do you feel about McConaughey not returning for the second season of True Detective? Do you think the show would work if the detectives were female?