Joakim Noah: Chest Bump Snub By Rookie Caught On Video

Joakim Noah: Chest Bump Snub By Rookie Caught On Video

Joakim Noah’s chest bump with Chicago Bulls rookie Tony Snell didn’t go so well, leaving him shaking his head and giving Snell some angry looks on his way off the court.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Joakim Noah’s F-bomb laced rant used some poor referees as target practice for his ire:

“Noah exploded at the refs during Monday’s contest against the Sacramento Kings after growing angry about some perceived no-calls during a physical battle with Kings center DeMarcus Cousins. After already getting one technical foul for complaining about calls, Joakim Noah lost it when refs called a loose ball foul on him.”

Noah officially apologized for directing a F-bomb at each referee, but he was still fined $15,000 for his outburst. Some people also felt this fine was relatively light in comparison to punishments handed out to other players.

Fortunately, the chest bumping incident was not nearly as nasty and was almost a little humorous. During a game against the Mavericks Noah pulled off a sweet shot and bounced toward the sidelines. Along the way he attempted a huge chest bump against Snell only to get the cold shoulder. So Noah stalked toward the gatorade section while visibly displaying his anger.

But the chest bump snub drew enough attention that Noah decided to respond to Bulls fans on Twitter:

Do you think Joakim Noah is being sincere with this tweet or is the Bulls player just going through the motions like he appeared to be with the F-bomb incident?