Big Bang Theory ratings

‘Big Bang Theory’ Wins Thursday In Ratings Game

The CBS sitcom Big Bang Theory has done it again. After a huge cliffhanger for one of the main characters of the show, the Chuck Lorre series came back swinging and won its time slot for Thursday night. According to an official report by Nielsen, for The Big Bang Theory it was a ratings high that the show hasn’t seen in four months, despite still pulling in solid ratings.

For Thursday night The Big Bang Theory took in 17.5 million viewers. While the show used to take in that number on a regular week, these days it’s really hard to pull off such a feat with how tuned out audiences are to watching television when it airs on television. These days audiences have multiple platforms to watch television on, legal VOD services, illegal streaming platforms, and DVR has been the new frontier for television, but it has also hurts shows too. That said, The Big Bang Theory still remains as one of those shows with a loyal fan base.

It’s not a huge surprise that The Big Bang Theory would take in excellent numbers. As we teased in a previous report, the episode before saw fan favorite Sheldon share a romantic Valentine’s Day kiss with Amy. This cliffhanger left his relationship with Amy in flux, which led to an awkward non-break up of sorts that only the unique sitcom could pull off successfully.

As we reported, executive producer Steve Molaro spoke with Entertainment Weekly about the moment leading up to the non-fallout:

“We knew we were going to do this Valentine’s Day episode where Amy manages to get Sheldon to go up to Napa for the weekend by using the train as bait. And you know, their relationship is great, but I think there’s only so much Amy can take. We do need to keep it moving forward even if it’s in baby steps, and I was just feeling that it was time. She deserved a big win, and this seemed like a good way to get to it.”

As suspected the relationship between the two characters came to some sort of end, but seeing as they were both hesitant to make a decision either way, it’s possible and probable that the relationship may continue as is, even if Amy isn’t too happy with where they are currently.

Watch the hilarious Big Bang Theory moment between Sheldon and Amy, a moment that we think was behind the show’s very successful ratings: