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David Guetta Rocks 424 Meters Below Sea Level [Video]

Ever wonder what David Guetta sounds like when he’s playing from below sea level? Well now you can check it out, as a video has been posted from a concert at Masada in Israel. Guetta, is widely known for his collaborations as a DJ with songs that cracked into top 40 radio in the United States. Some of his most well received songs include hits like “Titanium”, “Sexy B**ch”, and “Without You”. For the unique concert Guetta was joined by Infected Mushroom and Steve Angello for a pretty awesome Dead Sea Rave.

The video opens with the DJ looking curious as he watches an intro video about Masada and the breathtaking location. A narrator’s voice is heard, “The dead sea here in the desolate wilderness a majestic mesa rises 13,000 feet straight up from the desert floor. It is known as Masada and attracts people from the four corners of the earth. The question is, why?”

The promotional video of the Dead Sea Rave performance opens with David’s road to the venue, from watching the promotional video on Masada, to driving around, and meeting enthusiastic fans before the historical concert.

In the video Guetta it seen walking through the desolate desert of Masada before he plays his set under the sea. In the 12-minute video Guetta explores the landscape, “I’m really amazed by the place. It’s a real symbol in Israel for resistance.”

Of his last time in Jerusalem, Guetta explained: “Last time I was here was five or six years ago and I still remember that people who were here were going crazy and partying. I have amazing memories here.”

In the clip David Guetta seems a bit hesitant but still generally excited about performing at the special location.

“It’s quite a challenge to be in the middle of the desert. I don’t really know what to expect. That’s what is so challenging and exciting about being a DJ. When you go onstage and you don’t really know what you’re going to play. It’s all about the interaction with the people. I love this.”

Not only is the video a sight to see but it’s also an exciting experience to watch the DJ perform in an unusual location. David Guetta has a lot to look forward to in 2014. Soon he will be joining with an iconic producer, Giorgio Moroder at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami. Guetta is scheduled to perform at some point during the weekend of March 28 to the 30.

[Photo credit: Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer via photopin cc]