Andi Dorfman Still Making Fun Of Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis On Twitter

Andi Dorfman Still Making Fun Of Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis On Twitter

Andi Dorfman isn’t letting up on Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis, taking to Twitter to mock him after her abrupt departure from the show.

On Tuesday’s episode of the Bachelor, Dorfman decided to quit the show after her fantasy suite date with Galavis. Viewers saw as a seemingly uninterested Galavis ignore Andi during their date, shooting off her questions with “It’s okay” again and again, then turning the subject back to himself.

“Your response is always, ‘It’s okay, it’s okay.’ Everything’s ‘It’s okay,'” she finally told him. “I want to die if I hear ‘It’s okay’ again. I can’t handle it!”

When she finally confronted him, Juan Pablo again reacted strangely and picked at her eyebrow for some reason.

Andi Dorfman then took herself out of the running to become Mrs. Galavis, leaving the show.

Juan Pablo Galavis has come under fire even before the first episode aired. Blogger Reality Steve, an insider who has spilled details about past winners, said that Galavis was just using the show as a platform to get more attention.

Steve wrote:

“Make no mistake about this season, and you can choose to believe me or not – this was a complete cash grab for Juan Pablo. He never had any interest in finding a wife on this show, or a step mother for Camila, or whatever else line of BS ABC will run at you all season. This guy wants to act, he wants to be in commercials, he wants to model, and he wants to be on Dancing with the Stars. Come the spring season, you can pretty much bet your a** that Juan Pablo will be on DWTS, even though he can’t dance a lick.”

Andi Dorfman doesn’t seem to be over her annoyance toward Juan Pablo Galavis, either. She joined up with fellow Bachelor cast-offs Sharleen Joynt and Kelly Travis to make fun of Galavis on Twitter.

But Andi Dorfman showed she has a good sense of humor about Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis, tweeting: “Good night all! I leave you with some words of wisdom…Always remember…Eeees okay’