Barack Obama

US President Barack Obama Developing Plan For Black Youth

It’s a well known obvious fact that United States President Barack Obama is black. The thing is, despite this knowledge, the President has rarely gone on a limb to attempt to change the culture of the minority crowd. He has seemingly avoided the issue, only chiming in when it came to very racial cases. Most of the time, he has focused on the youth of America. This has gotten him into hot water with the older guided Conservative group.

Despite the hate from the Conservative crowd as well as some World Leaders for various issues, he has pushed for more youth help, especially when it came to Health Care and College funds. So he has attempted to help the youth of America as a whole, not just a certain race. This is commendable as it proves President Obama is not a racist type of person.

Now, Obama is focusing on minorities in a way that many feel is correct. Some feel that it was long overdue, but others feel it was the perfect time to institute it. The program is being called “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative. Basically the White House is partnering with businesses, nonprofit organizations, and foundations to address several issues involving education, criminal justice, and employment.

According to the White House, over $150 million has been invested by groups into the program. Those same groups have already pledged another $200 million over the next 5 years. Today the President is set to sign an order to make a “My Brother’s Keeper Task Force”. This task force will determine the best practices both inside and outside the government to help with issues faces by young minority men.

To further make this a big time Obama project, both the First Lady Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama will continue to help with the program even after leaving the White House in the next few years. This pretty much tells you that the program is a big deal to the Obama’s, and that will mean the focus for it will be big. The program is special to them, and it seems like they are taking the reigns with it.

White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett said regarding the program:

“The president has made clear the challenges facing young men and boys of color are of great importance to him. He also as president sees a larger picture. A stronger, better prepared workforce means more investment and a competitive leg up as we face a globally competitive marketplace.”

While the statistics for minorities go beyond the classroom, a big portion of the program is focused on education. Statistics show that 14% of black boys and 18% of Hispanic boys perform at or above fourth-grade reading levels with reading exams not performing well for them. This is compared to 42% of white boys who can do so. Dating back to 2010, black students were four times more likely and Hispanic students were twice as likely to be suspended than their white peers.

While this is more of a sociological study than anything else, it shows the issues with the minority crowd really go beyond an education setting and into the home. Some cite that stable homes equal a stable child, which in turn makes that child more likely to succeed. White, Black, or Hispanic the same formula is present.

There have been several social issues with with white males and females too. So minorities are not alone, yet there issues are more predominate. President Barack Obama wants to help with this and many feel it could be good. How big it will be is yet to be determined however.