Jimmy Fallon lip sync

Jimmy Fallon Battles Paul Rudd In Funny Lip Sync Contest [Video]

It’s the second week of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and so far it looks like Fallon is really sticking to his guns as far as keeping segments and sketches that worked well for his Late Night show. During a segment with Anchorman guest Paul Rudd, Fallon, to the delight of his audience, brought his famous lip sync contest to The Tonight Show.

Although Paul Rudd is no Justin Timberlake, he was able to hold his own against Jimmy Fallon in one of the most amusing lip sync contests. This one may even surpass Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s lip sync that he participated in when Fallon was hosting Late Night.

If you aren’t familiar with the rules of Jimmy Fallon’s lip sync, the Tonight Show host devised a contest that allows the show to pick two songs without either competitor knowing which songs are picked. Then the competitors have to duke it out to see who lip syncs the song the best.

Because Paul Rudd was Fallon’s guest on The Tonight Show, he had the honor of going before Fallon, but he just couldn’t outdo Fallon. Rudd’s first song was Tina Turner’s “You Better Be Good to Me” and as Rudd performed he really did all he could do milk the performance. However, we’re talking about Jimmy Fallon here, and the Tonight Show host just can’t be topped, unless it’s of course by Justin Timberlake.

The second song of the lip sync contest was Foreigner’s “Jukebox Hero” which was a fun performance featuring Fallon. The best was the finale which saw Rudd singing possibly the most exciting Queen song “Don’t Stop Me Now.” Although we thought Fallon really gave the better performance, Jimmy was a gentlemen and decided that he shouldn’t even try to top that song choice, yelling that Paul Rudd was the victor of the competition.

Whether you loved Paul Rudd or Jimmy Fallon, one thing is for certain, this was by far the best lip sync contest Fallon has ever had. It’s fitting seeing as this lip sync contest was Fallon’s first go as the host of The Tonight Show.

Aside from lip sync competitions Fallon has always been a huge fan of music. As we reported last week Fallon and Timberlake performed their annual History of Rap on the show, which closed out Fallon’s first week as host of The Tonight Show. The last great performance Fallon was a part of is a parody he performed with Bruce Springsteen about Chris Christie’s bridge blunder. Hopefully Fallon brings song parodies to The Tonight Show as well.