Marilyn Monroe Seven Year Itch Dress

Marilyn Monroe Dress Sells For $5.6 Million

Actress Debbie Reynolds held an auction for the nearly 3,500 movie costumes she collected over the years and one of the first dresses which was worn by Marilyn Monroe in the movie Seven Year Itch has fetched a record $5.6 million.

The white “subway” dress caused Reynolds to break out in tears when it brought her $4.6 million with a separate $1 million payment going to the auction house. The dress was only expected to bring in $2 million after a previous Monroe dress fetched $1.26 million and that dressed was worn during the actresses famous “Happy Birthday” song to JFK.

Later in the auction three more Monroe dressed fetched $2.7 million and Judy Garland’s blue cotton dress ruby slippers earned $1.75 million while a bowler worn by Charlie Chaplin brought in a respectable $135,300.

Reynolds will host several more auctions to sell off her clothing collection which she had planned to put in a museum before their care became too expensive.