Man Goes Postal On Mailman

Man Bites Mailman Who Failed To Deliver A Check

An Ohio man bit his mailman in the leg when he failed to receive an expected check. Authorities said Robert Kiefer, age 25, attacked the 56-year-old postal worker at approximately 3:30 on Saturday afternoon. The young man was apparently waiting for an important check, which he never received.

Kiefer reportedly waited for the mailman to appear at his home. When he did not deliver the check, Kiefer proceeded to douse him with pepper spray. While the postal carrier was incapacitated, the man bit him on the leg.

Neighbors who witnessed the altercation notified the police. However, Kiefer continued his assault. Officers with the Akron Police Department said they arrived to find a small crowd gathered around the two men, who were struggling on the ground.

As reported by, the police tried to subdue Kiefer. However, he continued to resist arrest. The Akron officers eventually had to use pepper spray to get the suspect into handcuffs.

The postal worker, who was not identified, said Kiefer was incredibly angry about the check. He said the man shouted at him as soon as he arrived at the home. When he told him he did not have his check, Kiefer stole his pepper spray and squirted it directly into his face.

Although he was in pain, the postal worker said he attempted to fend off his attacker. However, the man eventually knocked him to the ground. The man then bit the mailman in his leg. Kiefer reportedly bit the postal worker at least three times.

The mailman was treated at the scene for bite marks, cuts, and abrasions. Authorities said none of the injuries were life threatening.

Kiefer was arrested at the scene and remains in custody at the Summit County Jail. He is charged with resisting arrest and assault. Both crimes are listed as first-degree misdemeanors. His bond was set at $10,000, with ten percent allowed. As he was unable to post bond, Kiefer remains in custody.

Man Accused Of Biting Mailman

Court records indicate Kiefer plead not guilty at his February 10 arraignment. His pre-trial is scheduled for February 21. However, there is no indication whether the defendant has requested a public defender.

The Akron Municipal Court does not have record of any previous criminal cases involving the defendant.

Although it is unclear what the check was for, Kiefer is obviously very anxious about its location. Postal workers often face adverse weather conditions and potentially vicious dogs. However, a man biting a mailman is quite rare.

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