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Police Officer Shoots, Kills Family Dog Outside 9-Year-Old’s Birthday Party

Police Officer Shoots, Kills Family Dog Outside 9-Year-Old's Birthday Party

A police officer shot and killed a family’s dog as the animal ran unleashed outside their home, sparking controversy in the Idaho town and online.

The incident happened Saturday, when a police officer in the town of Filer responded to a complaint of dogs running around a neighborhood. Officer Tarek Hassani responded to the call, arriving to the house on Jacklyne Circle to find a chihuahua and two large dogs running unleashed.

Hassani tried to approach the home, but the two larger dogs barked and circled around him. Hassani drew his weapon and tried to kick one of the dogs, which responded with more barking.

The police officer then raised his weapon and fired a shot, striking the dog. It was not immediately killed, but had to be put down.

Rick Clubb, the owner of the dog, said his family was celebrating his son’s 9th birthday party when the dogs got loose. He claims that the 7-year-old black labrador, Hooch, wasn’t even being aggressive when the officer shot it.

Clubb said he suffers Parkinson’s disease, and the dog was a trained service animal.

“He didn’t have to pull out his.45 and shoot my dog,” Clubb told “It was right outside my son’s bedroom. What if it had ricocheted through the window?”

The shooting was caught on the officer’s dashboard camera, and the incident has sparked debate online about whether the officer was justified in shooting the dog. A link to the story shared on the site Reddit led to many criticizing Hassani’s actions, saying the officer needlessly escalated the situation.

The incident is reminiscent of another famous case of a police officer shooting and killing a dog. Last year, a Hawthorne, California police officer shot and killed a dog that escaped from a car during a hostage situation. The dog’s owner had gotten into a shouting match with officers responding to the scene, and the dog charged toward them after climbing through an open window in the car.

That case was also met with controversy, though the department deemed the shooting justified.

In Idaho, the Filer police department also said officer Tarek Hassani was right when he shot and killed the dog. After the incident the dog’s owner was ticketed for allowing animals to run at large.

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9 Responses to “Police Officer Shoots, Kills Family Dog Outside 9-Year-Old’s Birthday Party”

  1. Pat McKell

    I was a Cop for 20 years and dealt with Ghetto a$$ dogs and never shot ONE. This guy Obviously does not like dogs, is sacred of them and can't tell when a dog wagging its tail and barking is being SOCIAL or when a dog has its ears down, teeth bared, tail down and growling. If I were that dog owner I would have been in jail because I would have beat that guys a$$. POOR TRAINING and the way he spoke to the owner us extremely unprofessional and rude and totally lacked sensitivity .

  2. Aldo Herrada

    They even ticketed the owner of the dog. You can tell the cop just didnt like dogs and was scared. Imagine when he has to deal with people

  3. Carri Daigneault

    RIP pup! This officer was way out of line and should he be behind a desk, ONLY! His lack of training WILL get someone killed in the future. This is a scared cop, listen to him… I have been bit several times and I would not have shot the dog…. Time and time again, officers are shooting family pets! And the officer knew the tape was running on the cam as he went into his theatrical explanation, weak! That dog should have been tended to immediately! and why don't officers carry some king of tranquilizer gun? Shame on the department for not properly training their officers… disgraceful!

  4. Michael Bishop Emery

    All officers are equipped with a tazer; which contrary to what Hollywood likes to portray, will take down ANYONE, man or animal. This officer should be fired for jumping to deadly force when he had other options first.

  5. Michael Bishop Emery

    Better yet, he should be convicted of murder; and be sentanced the same amount of time as he would get for killing a human.

  6. Michael Bishop Emery

    This article and its title are incorrect. The officer did NOT kill the dog, he did not shoot him with a gun; he shot him with a tazer. Tazers disrupt the nervous system, it's like the feeling of hitting your funny bone but its all over your body, and they are not lethal even if left on for hours. So it is not even remotely possible that the dog died from this. While I have issue with many of the actions of police at times, this officer did what he was supposed to do; he felt in danger, and took a non-lethal approach. PLUS, the link to the alleged article claiming to be how the officer was cleared of wrongdoing takes you to a totally different article that is NOT this incident. Bad journalism.

  7. Carri Daigneault

    The article said:" the dog did not die immediately, but they had to put the dog down." He said he shot the dog! I don't agree with the outcome… I've raised dogs all my life, all sizes, and that dogs tail was wagging. Barking yes, but not overly aggressive or the officer would have been bit when he got out of the car. Another officer of 20yrs also commented that this officer used excessive force and had poor training. This officer is obviously scared of dogs and is a time bomb waiting for a happening…

  8. Anonymous

    Those of you commenting about your expertise in reading dogs need to go back to school. Just because a dog's tail is wagging, that is NOT, I repeat NOT, indicating a friendly demeanor. From a youtube video it is difficult to assess those couple of seconds/minutes of dog's body language in addition to the wagging tail. Please do not depend on a tail wagging or tell your children that if the dog's tail is wagging it is friendly.

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