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Father Accused Of Killing His Baby, Feeding Her To A Pit Bull

Father Accused Killing Daughter

A Brooklyn father is accused of killing his one-year-old daughter, dismembering her, and feeding her to the family’s pit bull. Serenity Brown vanished in 2006. However, her mother did not report her missing until 2011. Three years later, authorities are still trying to determine exactly what happened to the little girl.

Although the incident allegedly happened in 2006, Serenity’s mother, Paula Johnson, failed to report the crime for five years. In 2011, Social workers visited the family’s home as Johnson’s 12-year-old son has been skipping school. The workers became concerned as Serenity was listed as a resident but was not present.

When questioned about her daughter’s whereabouts, Johnson said her daughter was staying with relatives. The story did not match county records, as Johnson continued to collect public assistance for the absent child.

Johnson eventually told detectives with the New York Police Department her chilling tale. She confessed that Serenity was killed at the hands of her father.

Paula Johnson said she was reading Serenity a story in preparation for bedtime. As the child was enjoying the story she began to laugh. Johnson said Serenity’s father, Edward Brown, became inexplicably enraged about the child’s laughter.

According to Johnson, Brown flew into a rage, hitting Serenity in the chest with a closed fist. The blow left the child unresponsive. Johnson said she was holding the child in her arms when Brown grabbed Serenity and took her into another room.

As reported by Latin Times, Johnson was unsure whether Serenity survived the assault. However, Brown ordered her to stay inside the bedroom as he dealt with the situation. Johnson said Brown turned up the radio so she could not hear what was happening. According to reports, after the father killed his daughter he did the unthinkable.

Johnson said while she was shut in the bedroom, Brown placed his daughter’s body in the bathtub. He then used a kitchen knife to carve her body into small pieces so he could feed her to the family’s pit bull. New York Daily News reports the father covered his crime by later executing the dog.

Heather Scipio, who currently resides in the family’s former apartment, said police have searched the home five times:

“They would come in here, looking in this closet, in that closet, in the bathroom, on the floor searching for evidence… two of them here each time, for about 30 minutes… hoping to find something… They told me what happened here, that a little girl died.”

Although Brown is a person of interest, it will be difficult to prove the father killed his daughter. Authorities continue to investigate the allegations. However, the evidence may no longer exist.

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45 Responses to “Father Accused Of Killing His Baby, Feeding Her To A Pit Bull”

  1. George Rue

    crackheads loosing there minds and killing a baby for laughing. so sick !!!

  2. Cherri Fortin

    That's just straight up nasty y the child was happy so she had to die and be killed the worst way ever by her own father the person who helped make her and then fed to the dog gross

  3. Beckie Francis

    How on earth cn a parent do this sick nt only tat as a parent myself thee is no way i wud stay let alone let the father take my child from me after doin tat no chance in hell. Disgusting

  4. Tina Thomas

    I do believe the baby was killed but everyone is overlooking one thing. They continued to draw assistance for the baby for how many years? Think about it. Why would she not come forward THEN? How do we know SHE didn't do it or if the baby was sold on the black market? We don't. This could be a he said/she said thing. However someone needs to be questioning that 12 year old. He might be able to provide enough circumstantial evidence to bring one or both of them to justice. There is a reason he's skipping school…Something just doesn't sound right in her waiting THIS long to come forward.

  5. Michelle D Butler

    Nothing goes unpunished, he may have thought he got away with the perfect crime but he will be looking over his back for the rest of his life; especially from that 12 year old and what he did to their sister. YOU HEARTLESS BASTARD BOTH THE MOTHER AND THE FATHER BECAUSE I WOULD HAVE FOUGHT FOR MY CHILD'S LIFE so this tells me, he must have abused the mother as well.

  6. April Sue VanStee-VanDonkelaar

    We have sunk to the lowest depravity…. The only thing left to do is beg God for forgiveness…. Before judgement comes and we all suffer the consequences. God rest her soul, sweet baby.

  7. Lori Deiterman

    this is so sad! what is wrong with the mother. she should have reported that the father hit the child in the first place. the same thing should be done to the father as he did to his precious daughter. there are alot of people in the world that want kids but can't have any. then this MONSTER does this!!!

  8. Linda DeAngelis

    If this is possibly true god seed the police finding evidence and FRY HIS ASS!!!! Wtf is wrong with people???????

  9. Samuel J Ward

    This is why a lot of children grow up fatherless the mother will leave or make the "father" leave the relationship because he is an immature bastard and can make a baby but is way to stupid to raise one. Women need to be more selective of whom they are willing to spread their legs for. This is a horrible story and I hope it's not true. If it is then this "man" needs to die and die slow & painfully.

  10. Nancy Walters

    There should be an investigation concerning both parents of the child and they should both be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law because neither of them have the child with them and the mother of the child is still accepting money for the child and is stating to the authorities that her child is dead. This tells me she is not to be trusted and that the father of the child should still be looked at as a suspect because he never came forward to the authorities to state that his daughter was missing.

  11. Brenniee Babycakes Street

    What the hell is wrong with people today??? His own daughter?? Completely evil and the mother is no better. They deserve the same treatment that poor child got!!! God help that poor baby. Fed to a dog. Who the f–k does that??!! I just can't come to terms with this….

  12. Melissa Harris

    just when i thought humanity had reached a new low.
    what drugs was he/they on? i hope there were drugs involved, because if they werent, he did this act completely sober, which makes him the worst kind of evil

  13. Slovenska Kocka

    Please Take These 2 MONSTERS and Send them to Laboratories for testing ( exchange for the testing on animals) because these 2 is worst!!! the only belong in labs not good jail ….

  14. Slovenska Kocka

    Jessie my suggestion will be to send them to the laboratories… for testing just exchange for the monkeys or so… let 2 animals be free and test on these 2 monsters!!!!

  15. Deborah Boring

    That I so sad, poor little girl. I think the mom is as guilty as the dad, she should have reported it but I guess getting welfare for her was more important ! That just disgusts me !

  16. Renee Phillips

    That is the single most horrifying story I've ever read. I want to find that man and do the same thing to him. But cut him up while he is still alive…..

  17. Funme Parker

    Really!?!?!??? You people are chit chatting about whether these pieces of shit collected welfare, while there are reports the father murdered, dismembered and fed an innocent child to a dog!

  18. Nick Scharf

    I can't believe this motha fucka really bitch ur own daughter ur a straight coward and ur time is coming cuz karma's REAL both parents should be guilty

  19. Craig Davis

    Where do you get he was abusing the mother from? Could she not have been involved, or was it an innocent mistake claiming benefits for 5 years on the baby?

  20. Samantha Whitehead

    R.i.p baby and say to sick person who killed baby and sick mummy who let it
    But that a kind person why pits and staffies are in paper all the time

  21. Kimmi Larkins

    Death penalty to the both of them sick individuals shes as twisted as the father….Where is the son???? get him as far away from these to A.S.A.P and serious counseling!

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