Selena Gomez Sexy In White

Selena Gomez Shows Off Her Sexy Side

Selena Gomez was spotted Friday morning heading off to The Little Café in Tarzana California for breakfast with a friend, deciding to start her day with a carefree look with a side of sexy. The “Come and Get It” singer sure knows how to take a simple look and make it eye-catching.

Selena wore an over-sized, cleavage-bearing white top paired with a rather flattering pair of torn jeans. She spiced up the outfit with a pair of cute sunglasses, a thick gold cuff and some gold dangly earrings. The writers at Hollywood Life couldn’t have said it better: “But let’s be honest — we’re sure no one was looking at her jewelry!”

The 21-year-old singer has been in the news quite a lot as of late, especially after news broke of her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Justin Bieber’s arrest and recent fling with model Chantel Jeffries. Some reports state that Selena is upset about the possible fling between Bieber and Jeffries. According to Channel 24, a source told the following:

”Selena is sad but she’s also angry. She feels like Justin played her because just when she was getting some closure and strength he convinced her to come back to him and made all kinds of promises. But it turns out they were all lies and now she’s back at square one. In a way she’s mourning because she’s realized that he just isn’t the guy she fell in love with anymore.”

It’s understandable that Selena Gomez is, in a way, mourning the loss of a great love, but when spotted this last Friday in her sexy white ensemble, it seemed as if Bieber and his troubles and flings were the farthest thing from her mind. A source told Hollywood Life that “Justin told Selena that Chantel was just a friend.” At this point, the singer seems to have made her piece with her ex and with their past relationship.

“Selena was like, ‘I really don’t care at this point.’ She laughed and said, ‘You can have Chantel. You can have all the enablers you want. I am not playing the part. Do you think these wannabes really have your best interest at heart? I don’t think so.'”

Friends of Selena Gomez and the general public seem to have come to the same conclusions: Selena has a right to move on and put the “Never Say Never” signer in her past. Since the relationship ended, Selena’s career has begun to skyrocket. In an earlier report by The Inquisitr, Selena admit that the split with Bieber made her focus and take her own career to the new level.

“I questioned the way I looked, acted, sang, and wrote.” She adds. “I started becoming very stale with my music and I realized that I was doing things for other people.”

Well, based on her sexy-in-white look last Friday, it would seem that Selena Gomez can rest assured that she can look good in even the simplest of outfits. Check her out for yourself:

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