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Jessica Alba Before and After Photoshop


If Jessica Alba’s Campari calendar shots had caused some alarm (six months after having a kid and looking this good?!), we’ve now got proof that she’s not that perfect. While it’s completely normal to be touched up, it’s nice to see what was done on Miss Gorgeous Gams: the Photoshoppers performed some serious tweaks in the arm-lengthening department, prevented her crotch from devouring every inch of her shorts, and gave her an awesome background/color upgrade.

Her toned legs looked better in the before shots, though.

Jessica Alba Before After PhotoshopJessica Alba Before After Photoshop

[via ONTD]

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9 Responses to “Jessica Alba Before and After Photoshop”

  1. Sarra

    What a f*cking slur!!!
    Someone just PSed her pictures to some hot nude ones and uploaded them to an online community *********INTERRACIALLOVING.COM********.U know it is a dating site just for singles to look for interracial relationship………. haha..
    You may wanna check it out! lol

  2. A.J.

    sure, the after shots look like they've been touched up, but the before shot is not the original of the after shot. they're two different pictures completely.

  3. Andrew Douglass

    Actually these like many commercial photos are composites of different photos. The editors are sophisticated; most obviously they invented the background, and her arms/legs did not stretch between shots. Her breasts changed shape and rose, too. Etc. I think manipulation is OK as long as people know about it — but they like A.J. don't, most odiously yound girls who grow up aspiring to look like women who don't even exist to please men (and rival women) who don't know about the hoax, either.

  4. Jason

    OMG, this is unbelievably misleading. Observe the waistline has been trimmed as well in the 'after' photos.

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