Matthew McConaughey's family

Matthew McConaughey’s Weight Loss Was Tough On Family

By now everyone has heard about Matthew McConaughey’s tremendous weight loss he endured while preparing for the role of AIDS victim Ron Woodroof for the Oscar nominated film Dallas Buyers Club.

Months before McConaughey started filming for Dallas Buyers Club, numerous articles were written about his gaunt appearance, and unhealthy skeletal frame. Although McConaughey has spoken about his weight loss ad nauseam while promoting Dallas Buyers Club, any information about his family’s reaction has been met with a quick joke and a charming wink.

McConaughey spoke to The Sun about his portrayal that has already earned the actor a Golden Globe, Critics Choice Award, Hollywood Film Award and a Screen Actors Guild Award. Conversation quickly turned to how he prepared for the role, and the shock he felt when he first saw how frail he had become his own reaction to seeing his appearance on screen, McConaughey said:

“The first time I saw myself on screen I thought I looked like a reptile.”

He continued to describe his discomfort when he saw himself on screen in Dallas Buyers Club.

“It was an initial shock but I was able to shake that for the movie. My family saw my weight loss day by day, so they didn’t have that shock — but I look back and I think perhaps it wasn’t the easiest on them.”

For the first time, McConaughey also addressed how tough it was on his family to live with him while he taking on his now iconic performance as AIDS riddled Ron Woodroof.

The actor pointed out that his relationship might have suffered due to his appearance. McConaughey commented that although wife Camilla supported him throughout the whole process, “perhaps it was not so appealing to be intimate when I was in that zone”.

He continued:

“It was tough, but what I lost physically down below, I gained up top.”

“I felt incredibly clear-headed and purposeful, and on set there were no starvation dramas. I just wanted to get on with the job and tell this incredible story.”

Of his strict diet, which consisted of diet coke, two egg whites, a piece of chicken, and another diet coke, per day, he said:

“I got down to [143lbs] and I was always hungry, and irritable. My body resembled a little baby bird with its mouth open, crying, ‘Feed me, feed me,’ and you realize momma bird ain’t going to feed you. It’s hard.”

Despite his hard time preparing for the role, in the end it might be worth it as Matthew McConaughey is expected to take home the Oscar for Best Actor in a Leading Role.