Florida Police Officer Investigated For Attempted Justin Bieber Custody Photo

Page Mackinley

A female Miami Beach police officer is currently under investigation for attempting to take a photograph of Justin Bieber after his arrest for DUI and other charges last week.

The officer is alleged to have tried to snap Bieber while he was in a temporary holding cell, according to Miami Beach spokesman Sgt. Bobby Hernandez.

The woman faces possible disciplinary action for conduct unbecoming an officer, he added. Punishments range from verbal reprimands to termination of service.

A police sergeant noticed the officer enter the area where Bieber was being held in custody, when he reportedly saw her take out a cell phone to snap a picture.

The sergeant intervened to block the photo, National Post reports. The woman’s name is withheld.

Bieber and a pal, R&B singer, Khalil Sharieff, were pulled and arrested on January 23 during what police described as an illegal street drag race. The Canadian was driving a yellow Lamborghini, Sharieff a red Ferrari.

A lawyer for the 19-year-old star entered a not guilty plea on Wednesday for DUI, resisting arrest without violence, and driving without a license.

On Thursday a preliminary toxicology report for the case revealed Bieber had marijuana and Xanax in his system at the time of arrest.

This corroborated the arresting officers’ police report which said the teen singer admitted to consuming beer, smoking marijuana, and taking prescription pills earlier.

After a brief break in Panama, Central America, the embattled superstar ran afoul of the law on January 29 when he turned himself in to Toronto police to be charged with assault. The charge relates to an alleged attack on a limo driver.

Police were originally called to the incident on December 29 after the singer had been to a Toronto Maple Leafs ice hockey game.

The alleged assault took place when the limo driver picked up six people – including Bieber — outside a nightclub at around 2:50 am on December 30.

A statement from Toronto police said a man allegedly struck the limo driver on the back of the head several times during an altercation during their journey to a hotel.

However, the manager of VIP Limousine Toronto says Bieber didn’t start the alleged assault and says the singer’s friend (s) committed the attack.

“It did not start because of him, but he was involved,” says Steve Salem, the manager, who adds that someone in the entourage carried out the alleged assault.

Bieber’s new criminal-in-waiting status got a preview on Friday when his private plane was grounded at New Jersey’s Teterboro airport while it was searched for drugs on arrival from Toronto.

No drugs were detected or found by US Customs and Border Protection officers and two drug-sniffing dogs, and Bieber and his group were allowed to leave the airport after he was questioned and the search completed after a reported five hours.

It’s thought the star is in New Jersey for a round of pre-Super Bowl parties.

Get them in now Biebs.