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Fact Check: Laura Bush killed a guy


As the Bush family prepares to pack their bags and head back to Texas, some of the retrospectives have been looking at both George W Bush and wife Laura Bush’s pasts, and some media reports and an episode of The Family Guy mentioned the fact that Laura Bush killed a guy.

It’s a sad story, but also completely true: First Lady Laura Bush did kill a guy, although a very long time ago.

In 1963 when then 17, Laura Bush ran a stop sign in a crash that killed a friend in another car. Some reports say it was her then boyfriend in the other car. The police report was released in 2000, and noted that Laura wasn’t charged with a crime for the death.

“It was a terrible, terrible thing,” she said. “I know this as an adult, and even more as a parent, it was crushing … for the family involved and for me as well.”

The big question though is why she wasn’t charged way back then. Perhaps the rich got even better treatment in Texas back in 63.

Update: here’s the clip from The Family Guy

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41 Responses to “Fact Check: Laura Bush killed a guy”

  1. John

    Charged with what? Might have been a simple, but tragic accident. Without more info, I wouldn't make any assumptions that she got off. I found this on wiki:

    In 1963 she was involved in a fatal car accident. Accounts indicate that Laura ran a stop sign and hit another car, killing its driver (classmate Michael Dutton Douglas). According to the accident report released by the city of Midland, neither driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and no charges were filed.[7] According to Bush's spokesperson, “It was a very tragic accident that deeply affected the families and was very painful for all involved, including the community at large. To this day, Mrs. Bush remains unable to talk about it.”[7]

    I recently had dinner with someone who's brother killed two friends in a car accident. I would imagine its a horrible event to live with.

  2. Bill

    I lost my best friend in 1987 due to a car accident. It wasn't really anyone's fault, but he died – he was 11 years old.

    I hate the Bush administration, have no opinions of Laura Bush, and usually enjoy Family Guy.

    This clip was in horribly poor taste, and Seth MacFarlane & co. should be ashamed of themselves.

  3. Kevin

    She ran a stop sign, isn't this a crime. If she commited a traffic offense she should have been charged with manslaughter.

  4. Eubaba

    well I would be charges with reckless negligence, manslaughter, or/and vehicular manslaughter.

  5. Sage

    Who really gives a damn. I mean, we get so worried about years ago, but in reality, it's worthless. Personally, I hate when people do this, going back 30, 40, 50 years, and getting something from the past that is over, and using it against the person. Ayers, Obama's marijuana, now this. I feel sorry for all of those people that were connected to the crash, but bringing it up now is pointless.

  6. Sean

    The only people that call it “The Family Guy” are my grandparents.

  7. News Review

    Laura Bush should have been charged with a crime involving reckless imprudence. But since no charges were filed against her, the occurrence shall remain in the past.

  8. richard

    in most states, if someone is killed in an accident, the person causing the accident is cited with a traffic violation, unless criminal activity led to the accident, i.e., excessive speeding, DUI, etc.
    I work with manslaughter cases and the traffic related ones are almost always associated with drinking.

  9. john_is_retarded

    “charged with what ? .. – john”

    are you serious ? so anyone running a stop sign has a free pass to cause carnage with no repercussions.

    where do you people come from ? for starteds wreckless driving. then manslaughter. how about that ?

  10. Michael

    Laura Bush killing of that guy, could have been prevented is she STOPPED at the stop sign. Therefore, she did cause he's death and should have been charged with something- not necessarily capital murder, but something.

  11. I second that John is retared

    On a totally unrelated side note. She looks like a troll, with makeup.

  12. Dr. Patricia Woods

    Laura Bush committed reckless homicide and was not charged. She should have been and had the person's family forced the issue, she would have been I imagine. The person being a classmate, parents were obviously not all that upset or they would have had her charged. She was probably drunk, hence her co dependency with a husband who has been addicted to alcohol and drugs most of his adult life! Shameful that she did not feel the need to do some type of time or probation at the very least for her crime…but then again, she would not have been the wife of a President, now would she! As time goes on, much more ugly details will be revealed about the Bushes albeit too late for the public to reject them as leaders…unfortunate we did not know all this before as past behaviors are the best predictors of future behavior, ie., never owning up to one's actions or responsibilities, like these two, embarrassing, drunken, careless, slackers…kill someone if you are wealthy and get away Scott free! What is the statute of limitations on vehicular homicide? There is no statute of limitations on murder now is there!

  13. Rodney

    I never liked Laura Bush anyway. With them ole long narrow snake eyes of hers. She look like a snake. Her and George Bush are two of a kind. George. They need to come out with a Serial Killer Movie called “George” with a wife that is just as bad

  14. Rodney

    Talking about she loves children. Laura needs to get a job at the City Zoo, behind the cage. Entertaining children. Cause that is just what Laura and George is an animal. George is an War killer, and Laura is an domestic killer.

  15. Rodney

    How can people like that sit at the dinner table with their families, and feel like they are being blessed, know that they did something like that to somebody.( No guilty consscience whatsoever.) I guess thats what they call preemptive force ha? Against somebody who had dumped her several years ago. And she rammed her car into his door, and killed him, While he was driving and minding his business, the minute she saw him.
    Laura is about as stupid as she look I would never trust her around my kids. She probably be one of them pedophiles. Doing children harm than good. She has killed about 3 people, in three different car accidents. And one against a boyfriend was on purpose. She's a killer. And people like that are not to be trusted. They might be pedophiles or anything., when getting School Teacher Jobs. I'll never trust her around my kids.

  16. Alfred

    Laura Bush should have been charged, but the rich get away with murder, just like her husband got away with pulling the wool over people's eyes about the U.S. involvement with the 9/11 attacks. Dick Cheney was directly involved in those attacks as proven in the book “Crossing the Rubicon” by Mike Ruppert

  17. tiffany

    Bigno! That's all it boils down 2!!!! What you have. What a crock of shit! Glad them bastards will be out the white house soon!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Anonymous

    I'll admit that I'm a big fan of Family Guy. The agenda of unrestriction”sticking it to censorship” by Seth MacFarlane is clear and his show is just plain fun to watch. Still, I continue to wonder (whether it's the entertainment industry or free speech in general) is there a point where some things become too much? I could go out today, find a crumpled old lady with a cane, and tell her how decrepit and useless she is…or point, stare, and laugh at a balding guy who hasn't given up the fight against what hair he has left. Yet, as a society, we tend to try and control certain “id” urges – and we all know why (or should). My point is, say or do what you want, but prepared for the consequences. Granted, people in the public eye give up a certain amount of privacy when they choose to live that lifestyle…but everyone wants to be free to live their lives without malice. This includes Seth MacFarlane…and like it or not, it includes Laura Bush. I don’t know all the specifics of what happened that night in 1963 – and I doubt that Seth MacFarlane does either. There is very limited detail available. Cold calculating killer? Prove it. I’d like to help advocate the justice with anyone in that category. But unless known for sure, try putting yourself in the shoes of the one who is the butt of the jokes and cruelty.

  19. wildn0102

    It's more horrible to live with? At least she got to live and be a part of her family's life! Hence, marriage, kids etc……

    Most accidents that happen, are just that, an accident. No DUI, just running a stop sign. A tragedy all around. I am a firm supporter of the democratic party, but I truly admire this lady for being open-minded and fair.

  20. Matt Lewis

    Hmm, a GOP leader not charged with anything after KILLING SOMEONE! Hypocrisy is endless in American politics.

  21. Greg Rider

    To be fair Matt, she WAS NOT a GOP leader… she was a teenage girl in TX 14 years before she met G 'dub…

  22. Matt Lewis

    Greg Rider, The 1st lady isn't a political leader? Why was her history off limits, yet anytime there is a Democrat 1st lady she's attacked relentlessly? Plus I have a deep hatred and distrust for the rightwing/teabaggers of today. These ppl that worship at the fantasy of Reagans alter, would NEVER accept Reagan today, and they are destroying my country. The main point of the post was the Hypcrisy by the people on the right. Can you Imagine what the teabaggers would be doing and saying if Michelle Obama killed someone?

  23. Shamon Taylor

    Ah Matt… You mention GOP leaders not being charged with killing someone. How much time did Ted Kennedy do for the death of Mary Jo?

  24. Kage Neko

    Why wasn't this a big deal? I mean people made a big deal out of our President's ex-friend being a terrorist from back when he was young. Why wasn't everything the Bushes did when they were young used against them?

  25. Steve Saunders

    i can spell it out for you. one was an accident. neither had been drinking and laura at 17, ran a stop sign. how was your driving at 17. bill ayers, purposely built explosives that terrorized people and cause alot of damage. in greenwich village, a bomb they were building blew up while they were constructing it and killing people. so one was a young person having an accident. one was supposed to be more mature and built bombs purposely that hurt people. does that help your small mind

  26. Kage Neko

    I don't drive but when I do, I don't kill someone. The idea that it's no biggy cause she was 17 is bullshit. If you killed someone it's a biggy. Accident or not. You have no control over what your friends do, what they become. But you do have control over your own car. A gun don't shoot itself rite? Neither does a car run a stop sign and kill someone.

  27. Carol Ann Hunigan Booher

    just like Ted Kennedy he is a democrat and when he drove off that bridge and had an accident the media never shut up and even today people go on about it… but since she was a rich Texan she got off and hardly no one knows about this

  28. Citizen King

    Steve Saunders You're actually trying to justify one of these rich fucks killing somebody. Pathetic.

  29. Ryan Suddeth

    Steve Saunders I can answer that. My driving at 17 was insanely cautious… she committed a crime in running a stop sign and she killed someone because of it. Though I guess your infantile answer works.

  30. Karen Kiss-Osterblom

    Did she leave the victim to die and left the scene of the accident like Senator Ted Kennedy did? He died on the way to the hospital of a broken neck…no seat belt.

  31. Karen Kiss-Osterblom

    Well LOOK who's calling the kettle black. Given the recent demoncrat looong list of scandals (aka CRIMES) and a bogus potus with SEALED records (must have a LOT to hide) and the pathological LIES and COVER UPS, I think ya'll have "hypocrite" mixed up with demoncrat.

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