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Ohio Executes Killer With Controversial Lethal Injection: Man Dies ‘Slowly And Gasping’


A man convicted of murder was executed in Ohio on Thursday using a new lethal injection combination. The new drugs have never been tried before in the United States for this purpose, and it took more than 15 minutes for the killer to die.

Dennis McGuire sat motionless for more than five minutes after he was injected with the new lethal injection cocktail. He then reportedly let out a loud snort, like a snore, followed by a few more over the space of a few minutes.

According to eyewitnesses at the execution, McGuire then opened and shut his mouth a few times silently as his stomach rose and fell.

McGuire’s daughter, Amber McGuire, who was present at the execution shouted out “Oh my God” as she watched her father take his last few breaths.

McGuire’s lawyers had tried to stop him being executed, claiming that their client was at a high risk of a medical phenomenon known as ‘air hunger’ which causes a person to die a terror-filled death as they gasp for air.

McGuire admitted his guilt in a letter to Gov. John Kasich last month where he confessed to the 1989 rape and stabbing of a young pregnant woman.

Medical companies made previous legal injection drugs off-limits for capital punishment as states struggled to find an appropriate alternative to use. This was the first time this particular mix of drugs was used in Ohio.

Just before his execution McGuire said: “I’m going to heaven, I’ll see you there when you come.” He then opened and closed his left hand a few times, appearing to wave at his children.

Until now, executions with lethal drugs seemed to work very quickly, killing the person being executed almost instantly. The fact that the new lethal injection mix took longer to work, and saw the victim gasping and snorting, makes the new combination controversial.

The state’s lawyers disputed claims from McGuire’s team than he would experience terror and die a slow death. The federal judge sided with the state, but noted that the new lethal injection mix was an experiment.

Here is a short news report on the Ohio execution of Dennis McGuire:

Here are some Tweets about the Ohio execution:

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75 Responses to “Ohio Executes Killer With Controversial Lethal Injection: Man Dies ‘Slowly And Gasping’”

  1. Anonymous

    Not a word in there about how his victim suffered from her stabbing death.

  2. Anonymous

    Sounds to me like they got the formula right. He didn't suffer near as much as his poor victim.

  3. Diana L. Ripberger

    I don't understand why people worry more about the MURDERER "suffering" for 15 minutes than we do about how much the victim suffered while he RAPED AND STABBED HER TO DEATH!!! He got just what he deserved.

  4. Becca Stowell

    If it was me putting him to death, I would have tied him down and stabbed him the same way he did his poor vitims. She had an unborn baby inside her that died!! He killed two people not just one. They were both weaker than him!! Next time, kill them the way the victims died, only slower and more pain!!!

  5. Joseph Cleveland

    I really feel for the poor victim and her loved ones, this guy committed a terrible, callous deed, and perhaps it's right that he should die. I have little sympathy for people who have done things like this, but I can't help at the same time feel that the state executing anyone is somehow fundamentally wrong. I don't profess to know the solution but maybe more time and effort needs to be put into finding out why people commit heinous acts such as this. Thinking about how this girl must have suffered and the terror she experienced makes me ill, but so does "officially" sanctioned murder. We can always exact revenge but how do we prevent the crime?

  6. David Couture

    We need to seriously bring public hangings back in this Country. So he suffered a bit (possibly) he was probably so drugged up from the initial sedative they administer his body may have involuntarily been fighting for life but he really had no idea what was going on. How bout the fact he raped and stabbed a lady to death? I mean where in this article is the compassion for her, her murdered unborn child or her family?

  7. Jim Sty

    I still don't understand why states waste some much money on this expensive and sophisticated way of execution. It's a complete waste of tax payers money. I mean, when did it become inhumane to hang someone?

  8. David Couture

    Some people have zero reason why they kill other then they simply enjoy it. The fact he took an innocent life, two if you consider the unborn child in her (which some don't), turns him in my eyes from a human being to pure evil. We destroy animals if they attack people, what makes a human any different.

  9. Joseph Cleveland

    David Couture I hear what you're saying, and I don't disagree. I do consider the death of the child as another murder. And my reaction to learning of this is anger and a longing for revenge. This kind of thing is totally senseless. Yet some mechanism in this guys brain or soul or whatever is totally malfunctioning to enable him to do it. Can you try to imagine how much you would have to change, how different your brain would have to work, to want to or be compelled to do such horrible things? I can't imagine it all, yet there it is. He did it. Why? Why are some people capable of such things.. We should be trying harder to find out, all I'm saying. If there's even a minuscule chance that something could be done to "fix' a broken soul, shouldn't that be some kind of research objective? It would have been so much better if the killing had never happened, instead of it happening and having to make someone atone for it. And even though this guy was deserving of death in every way, it still creeps me out when the government does it.
    Like I said, I have no answers, just conflicting and convoluted emotions.

  10. Jim Woodward

    don't be daft. there is no need to look for a reason. we already know the reason. the ONLY cause of such behavior is the inherent worthlessness of the individual. there is NO other cause.
    the abjectly stupid assertion that execution is even remotely close to murder was dead and stinkin' the first time some imbecile tried it

  11. Jim Woodward

    no one with an iq above forty, and the ability and willingness to use it, would even consider trying to claim that ANY method of execution used in the u.s. in the past two hundred years is cruel or unusual punishment. when the eighth amendment was written, execution was by no, or short, drop hanging, in which the criminal took anywhere from five to twenty minutes to die.
    obviously, only the most abjectly stupid would assert that anything short of that violates the eighth amendment

  12. Joseph Cleveland

    Jim Woodward But why was he inherently worthless? Sorry to disagree, but I feel that every behavior has to have a causative agent, maybe not readily apparent. And murder is murder no matter who or what does it. Of course you are fully entitled to your opinion, and I'm glad that we are both free to express our own. Not many people in this dark chaotic world have such luxury.

  13. Anonymous

    David Couture We destroy animals that attack people. Yes, that is true, however, we do it humanely and their children don't watch as they violently gasp for air. I witnessed my ex-husband's death, standing at my daughter's side. Even though the doctors said he had little to no brain activity, once they turned off the respirator, he violently gasped and struggled for his last breaths and the look on his face will never leave my memory.

  14. Glenn Ferro

    I agree 100% with Diana L. Ripberger. Along with the extreme terror the victim felt during the crime, her family has been suffering the horrible pain of their loss for twenty five years, while this sociopath got to appeal I'm sure, many times. More severe penalties than are currently used would bring down the crime rate. The death penalty does reduce crime. I've never read of an instance of recidivism among them.

  15. Keith Allen

    maybe if this gets out and people on death row know they will suffer,,the way it should be,,less people will commit such horrific crimes,,

  16. Anonymous

    the victim died of murder. the perp died of justice. so, in order to keep justice out of the same realm as murder, it has to be done correctly.
    I don't like that the company that makes the drug to put down a dog, won't sell it to the state to put down a criminal.
    Actually, a firing squad is quicker and easier anyways….let's not try to get too fancy.

  17. Lance Davidson

    sad thing is nowdays jim the rope would cost 100k and another million for the platform or the tree and the horse, all these officials care about nowdays is what they can write off so they can take a vacation somewhere

  18. Richard Ayilla

    That was inhuman, barbaric & an act of terror. Imagine what tormented times d children of d executed man ll be going through 4 a long while. So so bizarre a style. The quick lethal formula is surely better.

  19. Lynn Lueken

    I am outraged! Who cares if the person suffered??? Look what he did, raped and stabbed to death a pregnant woman!!! Think about the victim and her family, not the murderer!

  20. Scott Woody

    Fuck the killer, I don't think 15 minutes was enough, Should of been the length of one of the Godfather movies.

  21. Olga Panagos Kriska

    He should of suffered longer …..he rapped and killed a young pregnant woman.

  22. Steve Titus

    Who gives a shit if he suffered? Going to heaven? Doubtful as he murdered two people. I think the state was way too merciful. Should of strung him up by his nuts and cut his throat same as an animal cause that's what he is!

  23. Tiffany Koch

    He raped and killed a pregnant woman, how can we feel sorry for him?

  24. Wendy Hutchison

    abolish it cause a murderer MAY have suffered a little when he died? LOL…

  25. Rose Blankenship

    Finally, justice…he died a slow and painful death……….just like the young pregnant girl and the baby.

  26. Tiffany Buckley

    Joseph Cleveland it's human nature. Every last one of us has the potential for violence, but we were also blessed with the ability to love and care for others, which is what usually tempers the desire to kill. Somewhere in his life something happened that destroyed his ability to love. Maybe it was the way he was raised, maybe he was on drugs. Maybe it was some screwed up sense of grief that made him do it. Maybe he was bullied. Why is not important because to truly understand why, you have to delve far further into that person's psyche than anyone should.

  27. Rachel White

    I don't see how a company can put a dog down for attacking/killing an innocent person then turn right around and deny us the right to use that very drug to put a worthless murdering sorry excuse for a human down. I believe in e death penalty but it needs to be tweeked. See instead of them living all cozy in a cell doing nothing, we have boat loads of products that need be tested to make sure they are safe for us to use. Why not take that opportunity and test on them?

  28. Deb Friddle

    Do you honestly expect me to feel sorry for a piece of shit the raped and murdered a pregnant woman…

  29. Deb Friddle

    Do you honestly expect me to feel sorry for a piece of shit the raped and murdered a pregnant woman…

  30. Shelley Williams

    I am so outraged that his family feels entitled to anything at all. Everyone thinks they are entitled to easy money. Bullshit. The victim was entitled to a life with her family and child. He got what he deserved, only not enough of it in my opinion. He should have suffered more. How about making him feel some fear or helplessness that his victim no doubt felt in her final moments? His family should be ashamed for even thinking anyone owes them anything on the behalf of an admitted rapist and murderer.

  31. Edward Murphy

    Not sure that this can be deemed as suffering. The use of benzodiazipines and potent narcotics is commonplace in terminal weaning of cancer patients. Why wouldn't it be considered a peaceful death? Not that I think this animal deserved it.

  32. Jim Woodward

    Joseph Cleveland far too many try to find excuses for the totally worthless, and none exist. obviously, poverty is not a cause of crime. the people in appalachia are far poorer than those in harlem, but the crime rate in appalachia is a tenth what it is in harlem. quite simply, if poverty caused crime, all, or at least the majority, of poor would be committing crimes.
    the poverty lunacy don't just not fly, it never even makes it out of the hangar.
    the same is true for EVERY other excuse fools try to use. certainly, NO kind of media is a cause of crime. anyone who emulates anything that they see in the media, video games, movies, etc, is obviously a defective character from the git go.
    an individual's childhood can only affect them after they are an adult if they CHOOSE to allow it. choosing to allow it just signifies the inherent worthlessness

  33. Jim Woodward

    Tiffany Buckley no tiffany. it doesn't matter why. drugs is definitely no excuse. being abuses is no excuse. how he was raised has no relelvance. each and every individual knows by the time that they are an adult, how they are supposed to live. it is those who voluntarily, and consciously CHOOSE to be deviants that are deviants.
    EVERYTHING, without exception, in life is strictly a personal CHOICE

  34. Jim Woodward

    Keith Allen that's a nice sentiment, but not reality. the death penalty does not deter anyone but the executed criminal, and that is the only deterrence that matters.
    back in the days of tyburn faire, chaps were picking the pockets of the crowd watching pickpockets hang.
    there is NO intelligent argument against the death penalty, while every rational argument supports it. deterrence is definitely not one of them though

  35. Anna Tee

    Did he care when he was killing her if you take a life you pay with your life he got the ez way out i say stabbed rape and kill him the same way he did to her 15 min that nothing i would had been happy to know it took one hour of suffering for him to die that what he deserved

  36. Rob Smith

    I agree with you Richard that was inhuman and barbaric. I believe in eye for an eye but torture should never play the role .. yea he committed the crime and he paid for it but to do it the way they did was wrong and corrupt..

  37. Kathleen Karrer-Lewis

    we operate on people everyday with the same medications that are being used. If you have ever been put to sleep for surgery…had your body cut open under anesthesia…you know that you do not feel a thing…guess what…the medications rendered him to the same state….oxygen was not given which is why the air hunger gasp…not mentally recognized or felt…humane??? more than the victim endured by a million fold… your outrage for the victim not the degenerate who perpetrated it….

  38. Tee Frierson-Bates

    Everybody who feels they know what another human being deserves, do the world a favor and go kill urself!

  39. Linda Wells

    This idiot killed two people. She was pregnant. I say that he got by easy. He should have been killed the same way he killed his TWO victims.

  40. Rosemary Smith

    Did he worry about how his victims felt when he was killing them? Don't feel sorry for him at all.

  41. Tiffany Buckley

    Jim Woodward Exactly but there is always a reason. People are not born that way and that is the point I am trying to make. There are no excuses when it comes to murder and the moment you do you become worthless in my opinion. Do not think I am sympathizing or making excuses. If you actually read you'd see that I said why was not important.

  42. Charley Croft

    Hanging, like in the good old days, would stop all of this controversy. Just saying………

  43. Charley Croft

    Hanging, like in the good old days, would stop all of this controversy. Just saying………

  44. Joe Mosley

    I hope he suffered the fires of hell,while he was dying.I'm glad I live in a state,Texas,that has the death penalty,and we use it.This sorry POS got off easy. Good Riddance.

  45. Othello Owner

    Jim Woodward I think "lopping" off his penis and arms would be worse than the death penalty. He couldn't rape or stab. He'd live in a nursing home cheaper than a prison. My girlfriend left her wallet on a stack of rugs in Morocco knowing it'd be gone four hours when she realized it. She returned and it was laying right on top of the same rug right where she left it… very visible for any to see/take. I guess Moroccans like their hands.

  46. Bobby Lee

    I think that an overdose of heroin would be humane. These "lethal injection combinations" are bizarre. Just shoot them up with pure smack. No muss, no fuss.

  47. Ken Knecht

    It's either poetic justice or karma. Either way a fitting end for a worthless person that still died easier then his victims. Don't forget the woman was 8 months pregnant and her husband committed suicide months after his wife was killed. Feel sorry for this guy, not in my lifetime. No pun intended.

  48. Annalisa Keene

    Like most others have posted here, I really can't be fussed that the poor rapist/murderer might not have had a comfortable death. For the crimes he committed he deserved to die. What I find objectionable is that it took twenty-seven years to get to this point. That he was permitted to live that long after what he did to that poor woman and her unborn child is obscene.

  49. Jim Woodward

    Othello Owner of course, with the ridiculous cost of nursing homes, it would be a close race.
    lopping it off would take care of the rape. it would NOT take care of the murder.

    there are places in the world, hell, even here in the u.s., where the people are decent. there's been several stories recently about folks returning lost property.
    there is a gas station on highway 395 up by ridgecrest, california, where the owner never locked the pumps. if you needed gas in the middle of the night, you just pump the gas, and leave the money in the box. unfortunately, ten years or so ago, he had to stop doing that.
    that worked when people were decent human beings. there are very few around anymore

  50. Othello Owner

    Jim Woodward you forgot that we're going to cut off his arms as well. Without a penis and arms, well, he'll depend on the mercy of others to use his super pubic catheter to get relief. He could die a long slow death from urosepsis. Just say'n.

  51. Diane Katsibubas

    What about the victims here didn't they suffer.who was there to watch her suffer.getting stabbed was no piece of cake. That's what's wrong with our society we have to many bleeding hearts out there.

  52. Nathaniel Gahlman

    He raped and stabbed a woman And then they were worried about him suffering haha that's a joke

  53. Bert Winslow

    sounds to me like they made the perfect mix ,, it seems fitting ,… for some reason i dont feel bad about this at all ,,

  54. Jim Woodward

    i don't recall anyone saying anything about knowing what another human being deserves. we are talking about a totally worthless piece of sh it

  55. Carol Walter

    Whenever I start to forget just how bloodthirsty and vindictive many of our citizens are, I turn to an article like this and read the comments. If it is wrong for the perpetrator to kill, then why is it right for us to kill the perpetrator? Of course I'll get all kinds of butthurt feedback, and rationalization, but the bottom line is that we're killing a person for killing someone else. That makes us murderers as well. Whether or not it is "legal".

  56. Alfred Somerville

    All this misplaced sympathy shows how weak our society has become. This piece of garbage raped and stabbed a PREGNANT WOMAN and admitted that he did it. Don't any of you whiners think SHE suffered a far worse fate than "snorting and gasping" for fifteen minutes? None of us can even IMAGINE what that innocent woman suffered at this savage's hands! In my opinion, there is no way he could have suffered enough for this monstrous crime. I have a solution to the problem of "air hunger" that won't offend the delicate sensibilities of any drug companies-hanging, if done right, is quicker and less painful, and at least no one will be offended by any "gasping" going on….

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