Tips For Jesus

‘Tips For Jesus’ Strikes Again

“Tips For Jesus”, the anonymous diner famous for leaving huge tips in the name of Jesus, has stuck again, this time in a San Francisco. The tipper stuck at the high-end Japanese restaurant, Roka Akor, this time leaving a $3,000 tip on a $147 bill.

This isn’t the first time the big tipper has struck a restaurant. The “Tips For Jesus” Instagram profile has been live since early September. Those running the profile made their first post on September 8, 2013, which was an image of a Jesus figure with thumbs up. The caption read, “here we go,” and from there the anonymous tipper has made his or her way around the country, leaving outrageously generous tips for their servers.

According to CBS San Francisco, Hilary Hesse of Roka Akor on Montgomery Street waited on the mystery man at a back corner table Tuesday night. She told reporters that she didn’t recognize the man, and he had left before she even discovered the $3,000 tip with “Tips For Jesus” written on it. Taryn Grant, a manager at Roka Akor, said that the man not only paid for his meal, but also for the table next to his. “Even before seeing the tip, she was impressed with how nice he was,” said Grant.

“I was actually at the table telling them he had paid for their meal. And I peripherally opened up the credit card holder, looked down at it and my jaw just dropped,” Heese recalled. “And they said, ‘Did he take good care of you?’ And I said, ‘uh huh.’ First, I think that he doesn’t know how to use the decimal point and that it was actually $30. And then I looked closer and…Oh, my God…”

The San Francisco Chronicle stated that it is the restaurant’s policy to pool their tips, so the generous $3,000 tip will be split evenly among Roka’s employees. To say everyone was happy would have to be an understatement. Heese was instructed to not comment on the identity of her customer, though rumors have stated that the anonymous tipper from “Tips For Jesus” may be Jack Selby, a former vice president of PayPal.

When scrolling through the images on the “Tips For Jesus” Instagram profile, the tips range anywhere from$100.00 all the way up to $13,000. Their profile reads “Doing the Lord’s work, one tip at a time.” I guess the question becomes “is this what Jesus would do?” Is the mystery tipper known as “Tips For Jesus” really doing the Lord’s work?

[Image via Shutterstock/mama_mia]