Kim Kardashian Pregnant: Kim And Kanye West Reportedly Expecting Baby No. 2

Kim Kardashian Pregnant: Kim And Kanye West Reportedly Expecting Baby No. 2

Kim Kardashian is pregnant with baby No. 2, sources close to the reality star have said.

The pregnancy report first hit the internet on Tuesday, with the urban news site MediaTakeOut reporting that Kim and Kanye West had gotten pregnant after “trying” for months. The report cited two sources close to the couple who confirmed that Kim is pregnant.

The report cited two bits of information as “proof” that Kim Kardashian is pregnant. The first was Kanye West’s temper.

“Kanye does not respond to the pressure of Kim K’s pregnancy very well,” the report noted. “You’ll recall that in Nov 2012 (when Kim was just 2 months preggers) Kanye West spazzed out and started fighting a paparazzi guy. Well yesterday Yeezy did the same thing – when he started fighting a teenage boy.”

The incident happened on Monday, when Kim and Kanye were swarmed by paparazzi during a walk. A teenager tried to help Kim get into a building and yelled at photographers, but when Kim asked him to stop using the “N-word” the young man followed her and yelled at her.

Kim then called Kanye West, who reportedly went to where the young man was working and punched him in the face.

The second bit of evidence of Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy was a picture snapped of Kim leaving her OBGYN’s office. Back in 2012, MediaTakeOut was one of the first to report on Kim’s pregnancy after she was spotted leaving the same office.

Reports that Kim Kardashian are pregnant have started to trickle out from other outlets as well, but there is some conflict whether the rumors are true. A source contacted by HollywoodLife said simply: “No way, she’s not pregnant.”

Ironically, the reports that Kim Kardashian is pregnant come just days after another rumor that said she and Kanye West were headed for a split. Pictures on Instagram showed Kim without her engagement ring, leading to speculation that the couple is splitting up.