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Casey Anthony ‘Murderabilia’ Being Sold For $800 Apiece

Casey Anthony Settles Searches Lawsuit

Casey Anthony apparently has some of her personal belongings up for sale on the internet. A controversial website is currently selling over a dozen items belonging to her.

The site,, has a whole host of items belonging to Anthony for sale. These items include clothing and purses which were sold at a garage sale the Anthony’s did back in 2013.

The items seem to be worth a lot, and each one will set the buyer back around $800.

The owner of the website selling the items, Eric Holler, told WESH 2 News: “I’m catering to supply and demand.” He says he bought seven pairs of pants and six purses from Christina Werner, who herself purchased them from the garage sale.

The woman who bought the items secretly filmed the event, as she was upset the Anthony’s were selling things which had previously belonged to their dead granddaughter Caylee. Apparently Werner wanted to “wash her hands of the situation,” following the sale of the items to Holler.

Holler continued to speak about the fact he plans to make a tidy profit on the Casey Anthony items: “Of course I’m trying to profit, I’m running a business here. I’m not in the business of losing money.”

The site specializes in serial killers, and has sold items from killers such as Charles Manson, John Wayne Gacy and David Berkowitz. They even have a special section dedicated to Casey Anthony.

The site introduces the items with the caption: “Casey Anthony is here! Own items from the infamous Anthony garage sale.” Although Holler seems to have at least some scruples. He said that he refused to sell items which belonged to Caylee as, in his opinion, that would: “cross the line.”

He defended his sale of the killer’s personal belongings saying: “I’m in this business to make a profit, like any other entrepreneur. I know there is a demand for items I sell.”

What’s your opinion about the sale of ‘Murderabilia’ on websites like Is it a completely immoral thing to do or is it just a case of ‘supply and demand’? Share your thoughts in the comments feed below.

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52 Responses to “Casey Anthony ‘Murderabilia’ Being Sold For $800 Apiece”

  1. Pj Connolly

    "…“Of course I’m trying to profit, I’m running a business here. I’m not in the business of losing money.” And that, in a nutshell, is the new Teabagger America.

  2. Anonymous

    OMG !!!!!! This is just all kinds of wrong !! It's the never ending story of a woman that clearly 'got away' with killing her daughter !! NO ONE..should profit from this piece of garbage. A child lost her life by the hands of her own mother, and selling her belongings is a good money maker?? My God…how low can you go ???

  3. Jenny Wolstencraft

    Ick, what a sick world we are living in. The only good thing I see is that at least Casey Anthony will not get the money.

  4. Suzi Neumann

    Did you even read the article? Casey Anthony isn't selling anything. These were items that her parents sold at a garage sale. A woman went to the sale and purchased items, while recording it on her phone. Although that woman claimed that she was disgusted by the sale, she is the one who bought and then sold the items to serialkillersink – not Casey Anthony.

  5. Danny Stilletto

    If she's smart she'll do a finger painting and sell it on ebay. Why not? After all George Zimmerman who was found just as "not guilty" as she was by a Florida court made six figures from his auction on ebay.
    There are just as many idiots for her as there are for him.

  6. Nyoka Woitko

    I remember following this heartbreaking story,and crying and being absolutely outraged that she got away with murder! Anyone that dosen't tell people that their child is 'missing' for a month,is a sick sociopath that deserves to rot in prison n burn in hell! This man is just as sck as she is!

  7. John Trapp

    Pretty sick but so is voting for a US President who is a Marxist even though Marxists are responsible for 100 million deaths in the past 80 years, over 4 times the amount of people the Nazis killed. Would you vote for a Nazi as President? Then why would you vote for a Marxist? That's just as sick as buying this Casey Anthony crap if not more so and the media thinks it's one big joke.

  8. Elizabeth Brooks

    It would never have crossed my mind that there is a market for things like this. People who buy this stuff must have more money than sense.

  9. David DePottey

    Can he prove the clothes once belonged to Casey Anthony,? Also no matter rather you think she killed her daughter or not, she was found innocent. It seems Casey could sue for calling her a killer. that could be defamation of character due to the fact she was found innocent in a court of law..

  10. Kim Brandt

    Darn I thought I was going to read about her being found dead……..just like her daughter and no one would figure out what happened.

  11. Dannie Christansen

    I was trying to imagine myself selling my murdered baby's stuff…can't even imagine it.

  12. Dannie Christansen

    She's another demon walking among us. Look at her, it obvious when you know what she has been up to…

  13. James Parker

    You are a rather naive idiot. There was insurmountable evidence against her which the jury ignored because of her cute face, big tits and crocodile tears. But she's not suing , is she, because she has at least a modicum of conscious. But you are right about that scumbag capitalist who is profiting from this debacle , though . He is almost as bad as Casey herself.

  14. Karen Berish Heilner

    Oh please, how on earth can you drag your hatred of O into this? STFU!

  15. Iam Favorite

    Sounds like somebody has a problem with the American justice system. Jury of.her peers people. Hey Connolly is $800. Firm or can we negotiate?

  16. John Trapp

    Karen Berish Heilner – I'm just doing what the media won't: Spreading truth. We got people worse than Nazis being elected into office. Check out New York city, a hardcore blatant Marxist named Bill de Blasio whose real name by the way is Warren Wilhem, just became Mayor. You don't have any problem with that? You have no problem with a Marxist in the White house as well? So I guess if a hardcore blatant Nazi became Mayor or President that also would be OK with you? And the other reason I'm dragging this into this story is because people here are saying they are sickened by Casey Anthony selling her stuff. Well what about Marxists being elected into office all over this country? You know how incredibly effed up that is? This isn't about Republicans or Democrats, this is about some real bad stuff going on in our government. Nobody says sh*t about it, they all say they are sick over petty crap while ignoring the major stuff. Well I'm not being quiet, I'll post this all over the net if I have to.

  17. Karen Berish Heilner

    Try to stay on topic. There are plenty of forums for O.

  18. Anonymous

    800 and up, for real? that transaction better include complimentary blown away job

  19. Anonymous

    800 and up, for real? that transaction better include complimentary blown away job

  20. Brian Spratley

    Actually, I would love to know what happened if she were found dead, especially if it were a slow, painful and intense death! I would love to hear that!

  21. Brian Spratley

    I think she should have her own, personal hell and then get a video stream of her pain, torture, and eternal suffering for all the world to see. But someone would probably find a way to make money off that too.

  22. Velvet Kay Denney

    It takes all sorts of people now days. Different strokes for different folks. Some people like to collect strange things. Lets hope whoever buys these items aren't crazies.

  23. Pamela Beaton

    Everything about this should be shut down. This is not acceptable.

  24. Beverly Hall

    You did read, didn't you, that the grandmother bought the items at a garage sale. She then sold them to this guy who is making a "killing"? Anthony had nothing to do with it!

  25. Elizabeth Gibbs

    It says it was haylee's stuff they sold at yard sale. Didn't see where it says grandma bought and resold. Someone bought from grandma yardsale and selling it online now making lots of money. Read it right people.

  26. Alicia Stiern

    She was found not guilty. She had a yard sale. She had nothing to do with this guy making 800 bucks or whatever on shit she got very little for. She more than likely had to have the yard sale to pay for her lawyer and court fees and the like, because you still have to pay those even if you're found not guilty. There are a lot of things wrong with this country and everyone will flip out over something like this. Yes you may or may not believe that she did the crime that she was found not guilty of, but it doesn't matter what your opinion is because the law found her not guilty so we can't do anything about it without committing a crime our selves. This guy is honestly as bad as the people that will go out shopping on a holiday (example: Christmas day, Thanksgiving, or any holiday that one should be with family) and then complain about the stores being open and not allowing their employee's to spend time with their families. If everyone would stop going out and doing that, or in this case stop going to his website and buying the items, then it would stop happening. Its honestly as simple as that.

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