Juicy J Scholarship Winner

Juicy J Gives $50K Scholarship To 19-Year-Old Biology Student [Video]

Juicy J made good on his promise to give a $50,000 scholarship to a female college student.

Although many people thought the rapper would select the woman who shook her backside the best, Juicy J revealed that he wasn’t willing to throw his money around so easily. Instead, he gave the money to a 19-year-old college student who can twerk intellectually.

After receiving a ton of applications from girls who were anxious to get their hands on a $50,000 scholarship, Juicy J finally selected a winner. The money ended up in the hands of State College of Florida student Zaire Holmes, a young woman who has her mind set on becoming a doctor.

As you can tell from her video application, Holmes didn’t shake her rump once for the camera. After rapping about her skills and abilities in the classroom, the 19-year-old mom discussed her plans for the future. She also included positive testimony from her professor and handful of friends. It never hurts to have some good people in your corner.

“I’m a biology major so the scholarship would be able to cover all of my lab expenses. A lot of people thought you had to twerk, but you actually had to read the rules!” Holmes said in the video.

While Juicy J’s initial tweet suggested that twerking skills were required for the scholarship — his tweets were later deleted — the official contest rules were a little different. Women between the ages of 18 and 25 were eligible for the contest only if they were enrolled in a two-to-four year program at a college or university.

“Contestants will be judged on their assets and creativity. As a staunch supporter of education and women in general, Juicy J is committed to improving the opportunities for higher learning,” the folks at Worldstarhiphop explained.

“50K is a lot of money and I don’t want to waste it on some chick twerkin’ her ass. Next time I send a Tweet out about a scholarship take it serious and read the words!” Juicy J explained.

Check out Zaire Holmes’ video application below.

Here’s Juicy J announcing the winner of the contest.

Since the rapper’s initial tweet about the scholarship was a little misleading, there’s no telling how many twerking videos he received as a result. Although his partners suggested that Juicy J jumped the gun in announcing the content, chances are the backlash from his tweets were the reason behind their eventual deletion.

Congrats to Zaire Holmes for winning the $50,000 scholarship from Juicy J and WSHH.