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Pimp Is Suing Nike For $100 Million: Claims They Did Not Warn That Air Jordans Increase Damage When Stomping On A Face


Sirgiorgiro Clardy, 26, a pimp described by a psychologist as “an anti-social psychopath,” is suing Nike for $100 million.

He claims that its Air Jordan shoes don’t include a warning that they could be used as dangerous weapons. This is after he was wearing a pair of the shoes as he stomped on the face of a client of one of his prostitutes. The victim received stitches and plastic surgery.

He alleges Nike is partially responsible for his 100-year prison sentence for severely beating a man in 2012 – according to a report in The Oregonian. Clardy, who carried out his pimping activities in Portland, was wearing a pair of Jordans when he stomped on the face of a man who was trying to leave a hotel without paying for the services provided by the prostitute.

Clardy was found guilty of second-degree assault by a jury in early 2013. He was also found guilty of robbing the man and beating a woman so badly her ears bled.

He had forced the woman to be his prostitute when she was 18 years old.

Clardy represented himself and handwrote his three-page complaint from the Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution in Pendleton.

He wrote:

“Under product liability there is a certain standard of care that is required to be up-held by potential dangerous product. Do [sic] to the fact that these defendants named in this Tort claim failed to warn of risk or to provide an adequate warning or instruction it has caused personal injury in the likes of mental suffering.”

Apart from the money, Clardy’s demands that Nike be required to include warning labels for all “potentially dangerous Nike and Jordan merchandise.”


According to Raw Story, this last conviction was his 20th. He was also arrested in June 2012, as part of a sex trafficking sting operation, KATU reports, where three teenagers were rescued.

It was during his 2013 trial that a psychologist, Frank Colistro, described Clardy as “an anti-social psychopath who was 100 percent likely to commit crimes again.”

He added: “I’ve evaluated serial murders, serial rapists, and I’m going to tell you very few of those people reach the [scores] we’re going to talk about here. People like Mr. Clardy are born bad. It’s not something we can fix. That’s why we have prisons.”

Sirgiorgiro Clardy’s lawsuit is due to be served at Nike’s Beaverton headquarters early next week.

Whether one might consider that this is a frivolous claim, and an unreasonable waste of the court’s time, Nike will still have to make a response.

This would have been the perfect story for an April 1 – “all fools day” newspaper spoof report. Sadly, it’s true.

If pursued, it will be just another example of the absurd situation that the American Justice System has brought upon itself.

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20 Responses to “Pimp Is Suing Nike For $100 Million: Claims They Did Not Warn That Air Jordans Increase Damage When Stomping On A Face”

  1. Gail Egnatz-Gabel

    I will pay extra to keep this fool locked up forever. LOL

  2. Renee S Haines

    This is stupid, the shoe did not harm anyone the force of pressure that the individual used on the other person is what did it. This individual real is Psycho, if he wins, I really wonder about our justice system and how it works or can be trusted! When I though I heard it all, This really tops it, It is absolutely insane.

  3. Mel Cowan

    I think Nike should pay him. Not much different than the lady getting burned when she spilled hot coffee from McDonald's on her lap. This is how stupid our law system has reached

  4. Alan Sachok

    Just like the gun didn't kill,it was the person that killed. Keep your words in mind when the subject of gun control comes up.

  5. Zot OfKithairon

    uhhh, i didn't know when i stabbed the guy that the blade would go that deep and puntcure his lung. i'll take 500 thousand bajillion dollars. thank you.

  6. Jarette Rogers

    The judge that approve that, would be unprofessional as well as dumb. Issues like that should not even be heard in court, ridiculous.

  7. Nk Skylarian

    Not trying to be funny but the way the American justice system is this psycho may get a settlement from this-that's scary.

  8. Natalie Gallivan

    The lady that spilled her coffee had hundreds of thousands of dollars on medical bills including plastic surgery…the coffee was brewed to hot and the company was negligent.

  9. Harold Ivie

    I don't know, sometimes I just seem to end up on the wrong side of an issue, maybe I'm just a natual born contraian…but if someone can bring suit against McDonald's for serving hot coffee, and winning…and as far as beating the pervert who screwed the hooker an didn't pay…isn't that what pimps are for???

  10. Joshua Lesil

    Anyone could stomp someone's face just with bare foot. And sure that face will be messed up. lol

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