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Nicole Kidman: No seatbelt or car seat for baby Sunday Rose


When Britney Spears made headlines because she didn’t put son Sean Preston in a car seat, or have him in a seatbelt, it seemed the whole world was appalled. It was really the beginning of the end for Britney before her breakdown. Now pictures have emerged of Nicole Kidman holding baby Sunday Rose on the back seast of a car, no seatbelt, no car seat and it seems as if the word doesn’t care. Apparently if Nicole Kidman does it, that’s ok. After all seatbelt laws in Spain are fairly lax, that is a reasonable excuse, right?

Where are you Motrim moms? Where is the vitriolic outrage from the mommy bloggers, parenting boards and mother baby forums? One rule for Britney and another for Nicole Kidman? Sickening.

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12 Responses to “Nicole Kidman: No seatbelt or car seat for baby Sunday Rose”

  1. julie

    She shouldn't get away with this. It could have killed the baby. Terrible mother

  2. kit

    An Australian in Spain shouldn't be judged by American laws.

    In any case, it was a short ride in a private taxi.

  3. louise

    well there could be a carseat next to her the car is probly stationary so she could have put sunday in soon after… i also agree with kit ^^

  4. James

    She's not even a real Aussie. She was born in Hawaii. Last time I checked, that was part of the good ole USA. Her family moved down under when she was like two or four. That doesn't make her anymore of an Australian, than being born in Panama, makes John McCain a Panamanian.

  5. Sally

    Leave her alone. There is NOTHING wrong with holding a baby over putting in a baby seat.

  6. Ashley

    Sometimes you just have to take the baby out of the seat for a few seconds. Big freaking whoop. There's a car seat right next to her so it's obvious they use one.

  7. Larissa

    How many people on this site are over 35 and remember when car seats hadn't been invented yet? Somehow, we survived! And we rode bicycles without helmets too – Oh the horror! I think part of the outrage was that Britney was driving, not riding as a passenger, and she was such a mess that I assumed she was probably under the influence of something, while driving. I don't think that's the case with Nicole.

  8. rach

    Even in the US car seats aren't required in Taxis and technically limousines fall into the same category.

  9. wild

    She is wrong and that is that. The taxi does not even have to be moving for her to kill the baby if that are hit by another car. You think you could hold baby? Take a gallon jug of milk and swing it around really fast. See if you can easily hold the jug without letting go of it! Gallon of milk is lighter that a baby.

    Yeah I remember the pre car seat days too! There was a time when we did not have our current medicines, even penicillin. Yes we survived and YES many did not! I was one of the fortunate one who survived being hit and thrown over 20 feet in the air by a car while I played in the street and did not see him and he I.

  10. ravm

    It's true, how do you know the car is even moving? You can see the toddler car seat right next to her. People get so uptight about this stuff, and yet it's really just a reflection of your own insecurities about being a good mother. There's NOTHING wrong with this and anyone that wants to jump on the bandwagon to bad talk her should go find something better to do.

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