Britney Spears I Am Britney Jean

Britney Spears Documentary ‘I Am Britney Jean’ Tanks In The Ratings

Britney Spears definitely had a hard time finding viewers for her recent documentary.

The singer’s behind-the-scenes flick I Am Britney Jean debuted on December 22, days before she began her stint in Las Vegas. If Planet Hollywood was judging interest in the show based on the documentary, then producers are probably very concerned right now.

Unfortunately for Britney Jean, the flick failed to generate impressive numbers. In fact, approximately 706,000 people tuned in to watch the singer prepare for her residency in Sin City. Comparatively, ABC’s airing of the 1965 version of The Sound of Music drew in a whopping 6.5 million viewers.

While some folks tuned into the original version of the acclaimed musical, 18.3 million people tuned into Sunday Night Football. This didn’t leave a lot of people to watch a documentary about Britney Spears and her upcoming Las Vegas residency.

Judging from the reviews for I Am Britney Jean, people didn’t miss anything significant. The headline for the Zap2It review of the documentary claims that the whole thing “amounts to nothing more than a commercial.” That’s not exactly high praise.

“If the goal of the evening was to present a reinvigorated Spears, who admittedly hasn’t seemed this invested in her career in quite some time, and sell tickets — well, mission accomplished. But for anyone looking to learn anything new about the pop icon, well, better luck next time,” writer Billy Nilles explained.

Although the flick doesn’t show you anything about Britney Spears that you didn’t already know, critics agree that the singer is very dedicated to making her show a success.

“Overall, the documentary showed Britney’s determination and the amount of hard work that she is willing to put in for her career, her family, and for everyone else on her team — and that she’s grateful for every one of them. Now, we just need to go buy tickets to this show. ASAP,” Hollywood Life wrote.

Sadly, the documentary did very little to help boost Spears’ sagging album sales. According to Billboard, Britney Jean is currently perched at 22 on the Top 200. Although things could easily rebound once her Las Vegas performances get underway, she’ll need a miracle to pull this one out of the hole. Assuming people show up, of course.

Britney Spears is all set to take the stage in Sin City tonight (December 27). Are you planning to take a trip to Las Vegas to catch one of the singer’s shows at Planet Hollywood?