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PlayStation 4, Xbox One Christmas Sales Show Sony Winning The Holidays

PlayStation 4, Xbox One Christmas sales

PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the last generation consoles were all big sellers over the Holiday season. According to retailers, the PS4 outsold the “Xbone” almost two to one. It seems Microsoft just made too many mistakes to even outsell the console that reinvented the launch hardware failure.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the recent Killer Instinct tournament showed us all that Microsoft never really did remove the DRM from their games. In the last round of the tournament, all of the players involved had to stop and sign in on Xbox Live just to prove they owned the game before the competition could finish. This may only be on first-party Xbone titles, but it’s enough to show us that Microsoft was at least partially lying about taking out DRM.

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One early adapters have been at each other’s throats for the last month. Xbox One owners are claiming that their next gen console is the only one with any real improvements, citing the Kinect. PS4 owners are pointing out the native resolution difference and even using some infamous semi-math to prove their point. Some have stated, “4 is greater than One,” poking fun at the console name itself.

Until the Steam Machine hits the shelves sometime this next year, we won’t have a clear winner. Some are already calling it the only real next gen console in the making because it’s being made with actual PC specifications, allowing gamers to freely swap out parts to upgrade performance.

Sony built the PlayStation 4 to allow users to swap out the hard drive easily, something you will need to do eventually; also previously reported by The Inquisitr. With games clocking in at up to 50 GB each and the operating system itself reportedly using a large amount of the hard drive, the 500 GB device just isn’t going to be enough if you plan on buying more than a few games. PlayStation 4 beats Xbox One over the hard drive in the Xbox One vs PS4 Holiday battle.

Microsoft seems to be playing their own game of “eventually” giving Xbox One owners everything they’re asking for, but the question is whether it will come at the same time as their vision of “the future.” We remember that line after the May reveal, when it looked obvious that the Xbox One was focused on almost everything except playing video games. Yes, the console can be used as a central media hub, but do we really want to trust Microsoft after they broke their DRM promise?

Where both consoles fail is the actual console value per dollar. Both the PS4 and Xbone are worth less for their total parts than the console actually costs the gamer, a first in the history of either one. As a result, neither one really feels like enough of an improvement to warrant being called a next gen console.

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Christmas sales seem to be pointing to a definite win for Sony.

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15 Responses to “PlayStation 4, Xbox One Christmas Sales Show Sony Winning The Holidays”

  1. Dee Sheffield

    How did you get someone to actually let you write all this nonsense?

  2. Patrick Van

    So you have no factual data (retail or sales numbers) just your assumption / opinion that PS4 outsold XBox One? Where is your proof?

  3. David Roundhill

    It's not easy taking someone seriously when they use terms such as "early adapters". The correct term is "early adopters".

  4. Joshua Jack Arnold

    You idiot. Killer Instinct DRM is the same as on PS4, PS3, and 360! MS got rid of the always on/check-in requirements and blocking of used games. All consoles still have DRM and if you download a game onto a machine that is not yours, you have to be signed on to play. Simple as that. Terrible journalism…

  5. Carey St Hilaire

    That's what I say….. I bought them both. I love them both. People need to grow up.

  6. Carey St Hilaire

    What's your PSN btw Jeff? I had it on my other account, but don't use that one for anything other than madden.

  7. Benjamin Prugh

    Isn't it funny how there are no PS4 available yet they outsell xbox. I know the manager at my local gamestop and he said sony just didn't produce enough to stock stores. He also said he has already had some brought back in for trade.

  8. Benjamin Prugh

    Also I was wondering how much sony pays you. You sound like a PS4 fanboy on a sight like ign. Your whole story is biased. I have an xbox one and it is everything I had hoped for and more. Despite what you and your jealous ps4 friends say the voice commands are awesome. It is a step towards the future. Also why does everyone stress about the announcement featuring new things besides games. Further proof of your ignorance. If you revealed a new car would you really need to explain that you drive it or would you show off the in dash navigation and hands free stereo. Anyway have a happy new year and stop writing trash. What I wrote here has more truth than your whole story.

  9. Dee Sheffield

    Lmao. I get that atleast 5 a week for over the last 10-15 years

  10. Justin Robert Logsdon

    Dee Sheffield all these people need to save their money instead of buying a Xbox One or a PS4 and just go buy all of Pac's albums, they'll last a lot longer than any game system

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