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Denzel Washington Rumored For Lex Luthor Role In ‘Batman Vs. Superman’

Denzel Washington Rumored For Lex Luthor Role In 'Batman Vs. Superman'

Denzel Washington the latest A-list actor rumored for the role of Superman foe Lex Luthor in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel, Batman vs. Superman.

While some of the major pieces of the movie have already fallen into place (including Ben Affleck as Batman, Henry Cavill as Superman, and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman), the role of Lex Luthor has been surrounded only by rumor. In fact, Warner Bros. has yet to officially announce that Lex Luthor will be in the movie, but sharp-eyed viewers caught the LexCorp logo on top of a building and on some trucks in the first movie, leading to the assumption that he will appear in the sequel.

Reports say that Denzel Washington is high on the list to play the villain. Insiders say that the studio may be taking a hard look at a few non-white actors for the role of the typically white supervillain, including Idris Elba and a “a certain reoccurring [African-American] cast member from Arrow.”

Denzel Washington is far from the only top-notch actor rumored for the Lex Luthor role. Back in September, reports from Hollywood said that the studio had tapped Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston to play the iconic villain, but the rumors were quickly identified as false.

New reports last week said that Joaquin Phoenix is high on Warner Bros.’ list to play a still-unnamed role in Batman vs. Superman. Though that role hasn’t been identified, sources say he would be the “main protagonist,” which insiders believe will be Lex Luthor.Denzel Washington could be a good fit for the Lex Luthor role. He is great at playing larger-than-life characters, and has played villains before to great acclaim (including a Best Actor Oscar for Training Day). Denzel can even pull off Luthor’s trademark bald head, a look the actor showed off in The Equalizer.

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7 Responses to “Denzel Washington Rumored For Lex Luthor Role In ‘Batman Vs. Superman’”

  1. Nolan Peña

    I'd be super stoked if this ends up being the casting choice. He's so damn good.

  2. Josh Epstein

    I can feel confident in saying that I'm in for Denzel as Lex based on his past body of work. Take a dash of "Hurricaine" with a pinch of "Training Day" and put it into an "American Gangster" crust and that's one hell of a villain pie.

  3. Austin Evans

    Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope,…..NOPE….uhh, nope, nope, nope. You can be Lucius Fox but if you touch Lex Luthor then………shit, nope.

  4. Glenn P McAfee

    I only see the great actor he is. I do not get caught up in what the people perceive the comic book version should be directly translated from page to screen. Not saying this is a race issue but a perception issue. Lex neds to be a very powerful and dominant character, one thing Denzel can do no matter who else is on screen.

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