DualShock 4 controllers analog sticks

DualShock 4 Controllers: Gamers Say Analog Sticks Wear Down Too Fast

DualShock 4 controllers are earning complaints from gamers who claim the analog sticks are wearing out too fast.

Several gamers have used their PlayStation 4 controllers quite a bit since the console’s launch, and they say the accessory still looks brand new. Others have noticed that the grip on the analog sticks is beginning to wear off, possibly indicating cheap material used in the controllers.

Ever since the Nintendo 64, thumb sticks have been a regular feature of controllers. The feature was added to Sony’s DualShock 2 and the Xbox controller after the realization of how much easier it makes movement in a video game. The thumb stick makes it possible to send characters in up to 360 directions, or aim with much more accuracy than the digital pad.

Apparently, DualShock 4 controllers are being used in conditions that have some gamers possibly scraping the grip off during regular use. The factor that seems to cause the problem is gamers sweating a lot, which means that in warmer environments, there is a possibility your controller’s analog sticks will wear down.

A possible solution to the problem is a set of four thumb pads that Amazon sells for controllers that wear down quickly. They are meant for the PS3, but they should easily fit the PlayStation 4 controllers.

Hopefully, Sony can come up with a more durable solution in the future that won’t wear out as fast. In the meantime, it is suggested gamers try not to exert excessive force on the controller as they play. This advice might anger some gamers, who might also suggest just not playing PlayStation 4 games at all and buying an Xbox One or Steam Machine instead.

What would you do if your DualShock 4 controllers started wearing out too fast?