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Duck Dynasty Cancelled? Phil Robertson Should Start New Show, Says Fans

Duck Dynasty Cancelled? Phil Robertson Should Start New Show, Says Fans

Will we see Duck Dynasty cancelled soon? Some reports seem to think Duck Dynasty Season 5 is in jeopardy, and fans say Phil Robertson should dump A&E and start a new show.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Bristol Palin is supporting the Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson by posting a Facebook “I’m With Phil” profile photo.

After the announcement of the suspension of Phil by A&E, Duck Dynasty fans began petitioning the network as well as threatening a boycott. And then the family released a statement that hinted it’s possible we could see Duck Dynasty canceled:

“We are disappointed that Phil has been placed on hiatus for expressing his faith, which is his constitutionally protected right. We have had a successful working relationship with A&E but, as a family, we cannot imagine the show going forward without our patriarch at the helm. We are in discussions with A&E to see what that means for the future of Duck Dynasty.”

Even PETA wants A&E to have Duck Dynasty cancelled because they are “anti-animal.” Their statement says the family is “sinful” for “hating people and animals,” and that because of Phil’s so-called “hate speech,” the TV show should be canned.

But if you look on social media, even the fans are agreeing that Duck Dynasty should be cancelled and that Phil Robertson should lead his family to a new network:

“We cannot believe in being people of freedom, unless we support both sides. I support Phil 100% in stating something that is his personal belief. I also support A/E 100% as a free enterprise to fire him. I also support 100% another network picking them up and their # 1 Rated Show.”

Unfortunately for Phil’s family, A&E owns the rights to the Duck Dynasty brand name and all the merchandise deals established on its name. The show has garnered almost 10 million viewers at the peak of its popularity, and it’s A&E network’s biggest show, so they’d hate to lose them. So, quite frankly, A&E would be foolish to risk Ducky Dynasty Season 5 not coming out due to a personal interview in GQ.

At the same time, Phil Robertson’s net worth because of Duck Commander is estimated to be over $5 million, which allows the family a lot of leeway. When the reality TV show began they supposedly were “making peanuts,” according to reports, but ever since since the show’s popularity exploded they supposedly were asking for $200,000 per episode. Besides money concerns, Phil and his family have always made a strong stand when it comes to the Bible, dinner prayers, and saying Jesus’ name. A&E has never been a good fit for the family since they’ve long been pushing to cut out all references to God and Jesus, and once even tried to make the family sound more like rough rednecks by inserting fake cursing bleeps. Lastly, the idea makes sense because has always put his goals and principles first over money. After all, Phil Robertson’s NFL career potential was cut short by his love for duck hunting.

Do you think Phil Robertson’s family should force A&E to have Duck Dynasty cancelled and then start their own new show with another network? Personally, I already have a name picked out: Duck Legacy.

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11 Responses to “Duck Dynasty Cancelled? Phil Robertson Should Start New Show, Says Fans”

  1. Robin Mygrant

    One of the dumbest shows I have ever seen. I tried to watch it to see what was so "great" about it, just a bunch of idiots acting like idiots. Just goes to show that for the most part American television isn't worth watching.

  2. Becky Walch

    I personaly don't think it's such a big deal!!!!!!! We all have the right to our own opinion,he just voiced how he feels!!!!

  3. Tracey Walker

    I think people like Duck dynasty cause it is a good show. There is no cussing in it. And I don't support a lot of things cause the bible says judge not lest ye be judged and Aand E is getting them for way less then they are paying others on shows like this. So what, you news guys make a big deal over nothing. If its important you brush it under the rug. If someone makes a comment you know some group won't like, hell you run it like there is no tomorrow. Do me and all of us a favor and get rid of those money obsessed Kardashian 's. They need to be off the air. At least these people are honest. The Kardashian 's have no clue of what to do if their meal ticket is gone.

  4. Anna Heredia

    I'm so glad that Phil Robertson is sticking to his guns and not retracting anything he said. God will honor him for this. Good for you Phil, you have a big forum and you are getting the Word out there for all to hear. There is a reason for what is happening to you. Lives lost will be saved.

  5. Jason Bulger

    Our great nation was founded upon beliefs and rights of opinions. I'm not one who looks down upon people for their beliefs, nor their sexuality. Phil has every RIGHT to speak his values as HOMOSEXUAL have the right to have a relationship. FREEDOM of speech, FREEDOM of RELIGION &Freedom to live in a world where as long as you are not breaking the law, you remain FREE- it's not ILLIGAL to state your opinion, or bible- nor is it ILLIGAL to be gay.. I say leave it alone and let my bearded men have a show

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