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Trusera Brings Medicine to Social Networking


A new health-centric social network wants to let you evaluate a medical procedure before you ever walk into a doctor’s office.

Trusera, just launched today, lets users share specific healthcare experiences for others’ benefits. The site also features member endorsements to give more weight to beneficial posts. The service centers around the theme of “The Power of Been There” and does not attempt to compete with services like the recently launched Google Health, which focus on personal health records rather than shared medical experiences.

Formed by a one-time Amazon exec, Trusera is already full of personal stories and insights. Search for “surgery,” for example, and you’ll find dozens of recollections — both positive and negative — about everything from knee replacements to breast cancer-related procedures.

The site requires you to fill out a short form to request a membership, but the services inside are free and ad-supported.

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3 Responses to “Trusera Brings Medicine to Social Networking”

  1. richard222

    I really got surprised about people publishing issues about their personal health status in internet. You read about someone with breast cancer or VIH with his photo on the left!!!!

    Health information is very dangerous as it can be used for discrimination. Maybe you feel your citizen rights are assured nowadays but nobody knows about future.

    I think these kind of tools are great for patients… IF THEY KEEP YOUR CONFIDENTIALITY.

    The best way to achieve this privacy is using anonymous systems. Trusera, as other systems, requires your email to sign-up.

    The only system of Personal Health Record I have tried that is totally anonymous is

    Others should copy the Keyose anonymous approach!!! Why don't they?

  2. JR Raphael

    It's a good question. Sites like this one could be a great resource for the end user, no doubt, but I sure wouldn't want to be the one posting my personal info on them either.

    With that being said, I do know plenty of people who don't mind making their health business public knowledge — whether it's on the internet, on TV, or just in general group conversation. To each his own, I guess.

  3. howtocure

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