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Jennifer Lopez Wants $20 Million For American Idol Season 11

Jennifer Lopez wants $20 million to stay on American Idol

If American Idol producers want Jennifer Lopez to remain as a judge on American Idol in season 11 they will have to pay the superstar $20 million.

Along with her American Idol pay raise, Lopez is also said to be a front runner for a new Latin America talent show being produced by Idol creator Simon Fuller, a show she would judge with husband Marc Anthony.

Lopez is already making $12 million this season, while Mike Walker of National Enquirer says she has requested the extra cash to stay on the show.

Walker says in the tabloids May 2 issue:

“Industry insiders concede diva Lopez drove this season’s skyrocketing ratings and Idol honchos are literally at her mercy. ‘They’ll have to do whatever it takes to keep her happy,’ said my source. ‘Her new contract’s their major priority. They’ll have to come up with megabucks to appease Steven Tyler as well, but he only makes about half of what Jennifer earns.'”

When interviewing on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show last week Lopez said of her future:

“…Here’s what’s the great thing about this moment [is] for me. There’s tons of possibilities, and I’m open to whatever God has in store for me down the line. And whatever it is, I’m going to do my best.”

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16 Responses to “Jennifer Lopez Wants $20 Million For American Idol Season 11”

  1. Norma Torres

    I can't believe they would pay her that. Woman with no singing talent is judging other people. They must like her for her body because if THEY think she has talent, then they should be shot.

  2. Nilda Feliciano-Velez

    Are you kidding me? Don't talk about my girl like that. She may not sing good, but she has a lot of other talents (that is why she is where she is), besides being gorgeous. And, in fact, I love her as a judge. She is very articulate and represents the Hispanics very well. I adore her and she deserves every dime of that money. So there, I said it. LOL!

  3. Norma Torres

    She definitely can dance – but forget the singing and the acting. I don't dislike her – I just think she's overrated – and the reason why she rated so high is because of her looks. There. :)

  4. Nilda Feliciano-Velez

    She is a great dancer (and they don't give her enough credit for her acting – I love quite a few of her movies) and more than that a great business woman, It not just about her looks. The men get paid real good as judges like Randy — why can't a woman get paid just the same. They brought her back as a judge cause people like her and she should get paid what they pay the men. Good for her. Wish it were me. LOL

  5. Dina Denis Morse

    Sorry Norma, I agree with your friend Nilda! Totally! I think JLo is a very good judge who gives constructive criticism and is so much more personable than Mariah Carey was – (who some feel may sing better but is so full of herself), and gave crappy feedback to the contestants! And Jen's good looks bring ratings….which is what the network wants……kaching!

  6. Ivory Filola

    She is on American Idol because of her looks not because she knows what real singing is!!!

  7. Nilda Feliciano-Velez

    She on AI for her experience in finding talent, she's not signing. Her looks is just a plius. LOL

  8. Jasmine Solis

    When was the last time she danced? I mean really danced?

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