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Paul Walker Car Crash Video, Photos Show Fiery Wreck

Paul Walker Car Crash Video, Photos Show Fiery Wreck

Paul Walker died in a fiery car crash Saturday in California, and now video and photos of the violence have filtered out onto the internet.

Walker was killed in a single-car crash in Santa Clara, where he reportedly took part in a car show to benefit relief efforts for Typhoon Haiyan. Sources in the Los Angeles County Fire Department said that Walker was riding in his new red Porsche GT when the crash happened.

The car immediately went up in flames, killing Paul Walker and an unidentified second person. A small crowd gathered at the scene, which was in the Rye Business Park district of Santa Clara, with many of them taking pictures and video of the wreck.

Some of the spectators tried to pull the people from the burning car, reportedly recognizing Walker.

“We all ran around and jumped in cars and grabbed fire extinguishers and immediately went to the vehicle,” Antonio Holmes, a friend of Walker, told the Santa Clarita Valley Signal. “It was engulfed in flames. There was nothing. They were trapped. Employees, friends of the shop. We tried. We tried. We went through fire extinguishers.”

It has not been determined if Paul Walker was behind the wheel when the car crashed, with some reports saying he was a passenger and others that he was driving.

While police are still sorting out the details, photos and video of the Paul Walker car crash have begun to filter out. The photos showed a chaotic scene, with firefighters racing to tend to the burning wreckage.

Paul Walker Car Crash Video, Photos Show Fiery WreckThe Paul Walker car crash photos show that it would have been difficult for either person in the car to survive, and video shows the same.

Paul Walker Car Crash Video, Photos Show Fiery Wreck

YouTube user ChiMotorTrend has also uploaded video claiming to be the Paul Walker car crash. Though there was no independent verification, the street and appearance of the wreckage in the video does match pictures of the wreck.

Before the Paul Walker car crash photos and video hit the internet, the car club he was connected to had released an Instagram photo of the Porsche GT.

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70 Responses to “Paul Walker Car Crash Video, Photos Show Fiery Wreck”

  1. Eric Anderson

    That's what happens when you start to believe your own movies are real.

  2. Diego Rosello

    I just don't understand, Those cars are designed well in case of accidents like that… Ferrari's engine's detach from cockpit to ensure the car doesn't burst into flames.. Is this car not built the same way?… It shouldn't have burst into flames..

  3. Ana Maria Montejo

    Take this video down! Have some respect for his family! You recorded his death and now it's all over the place. Forget about your "ratings" and have some respect! Disgusting!

  4. Tim Kelly

    Run away you little pussy, I hope you get into a car wreck and we all run away like you

  5. Cindy Nichols

    I agree with you ana maria montejo they don't have to show the video and is very disrespectful… It is a very sad time and my heart goes out to the family and friends. he will truly be missed

  6. Yanique Leshae

    I'm pretty sure the people complaining about the video watched it. Why else would you be here. Absolutely terrible my heart breaks for their families

  7. Tina Inacio

    Would you want your family seeing a video of you like that?!?! And whoever was speaking in the background should be ashamed of himself sounding like a cowardly gossip girl just tryna get the juicy details!! You should've been trying to help instead of trying to get a good shot!!

  8. Mary Parker Bradley

    Honestly the video is indeed horrific but I'm sure the family will want to see it and probably has. When people die, even in horrific ways, parents especially want to see. It's horrible but it does give some reality and some closure to an unexpected death. People who haven't been through something like this usually don't understand. Obviously there won't be an open casket. The video will be like that for them. I say take it down soon rather than playing it over and over yes but trust me, the majority of his loved ones and friends will watch it.

  9. Ataoriginal Chapter

    Shame on u how sad u decided to comment on something u knew nothing about people like u should b banned from comments

  10. Omario Amriky

    It has nothing to do with ratings. Paul Walker was a public figure and his death is public news. If anything people share in the family's grief when they see the tragedy of his death. It's not 'disgusting' or 'disrespectful' in anyway. He's not cracking jokes or anything.
    The video should be taken down since it depicts the death of two people. I'm pretty sure that's a violation of YouTube's Terms of Service

  11. Ginger Falconbury

    That is what is so screwed up with our world . Stupid ignorant people who would rather stand around filming someone dying so they can put it on the web to get their own name out instead of actually caring for others and trying to call 911,get help,or try and help those who need it . Driving around like complete dick heads trying to get a better view is complete bullshit. Hope these two idiots and others like them get what is coming to them they all need to have what they filmed happen to them or someone they love so they know how it feels when STUPID stands around instead of helping.

  12. Andrea Jackson

    This is very unfortunate. He was a great actor and my heart goes out to his family and the other person in the cars family. We will forever miss Paul Walker.

  13. Gillian Jones

    so we should take down videos of every other death, too?? like videos of the twin towers collapsing?? get a grip.

  14. Erin Saucida

    Golly, the guy couldn't even die in piece. Need to take this down :(

  15. Ken Johnson

    Still not sure if he was driving or not, but if anything good can come out of this, maybe it will be that people who love these car stunt movies where someone tears through a market or runs the cops off the road, and they show the occupants staggering around afterwards; will realize that in real life, mostly nobody is staggering around after a crash…they are simply gone.

  16. Marian Clark

    I would NOT want to see my son, husband, brother, or any other family member's tragic last's hard enough to lose them period

  17. Kevin Quattro

    His friend driving was a Pirelli race car driver. The guy should've known better. I am so bummed and angry.

  18. Leann Cummings

    This makes me sick knowing someone posted this the day after he dies do u have no soul

  19. Tonya Krebs

    Some of the family members just might want to see it. Does anyone remember the beheading of pow journalist Andrew Berg by terrorists almost 10 years ago? It was filmed and put up on the internet and, of course, there was outrage. However, the parents were eventually glad that it was up there. Even though it showed their son being decapitated, they said that the video somehow gave them closure.
    I'm just saying that although it may disturb some, others just may need to see it for their own closure.

  20. Tonya Krebs

    Ginger Falconbury : You don't have to call people names. What are you, 5 years old? Grow up. You, as much as anyone, are entitled to your opinion, but you don't have to resort to name calling. Maybe you should just keep your thoughts to yourself if you feel you need to be childish.

  21. Tonya Krebs

    Are you an authority on Souls? Probably not. Posting a video doesn't mean the guy has no soul. Does it mean that you have no soul for Watching the video? No. So, think before you speak, for goodness sake. Shameful.

  22. Leann Cummings

    I'm just saying that they should have respect for his family that all I'm trying to say

  23. Gillian Jones

    Omario Amriky thank you! also, you can't actually see anyone in the car. if you were shown this video without knowing anything about it, you'd really think, oh wow car on fire. but because there is a celebrity inside it is a different story, and that should not be the case. we are all human, Paul Walker just happened to be an actor for his job, but he's still human, and if this were a non celebrity car crash, it would still make the news, the video would still be shown, and we'd still think it was sad. i'm also pretty sure this would have been shown on tv in the US??
    i'm not sure if any of you are aware, but a police helicopter crash landed into a pub, in Glasgow, Scotland (which is about an hour from me) on friday night. people died. pictures and videos of it were shown on the news, they are online. no one, as far as i'm aware, is calling for any of that to be removed. why? cos no celebrity was involved…
    there is a fascination with looking at videos such as these, at pictures of disasters and tragedies, and reading all about them too. it's human nature. it does not mean we are sick and twisted. the need for information is how the world has evolved with media getting more invasive, the internet being created, and social media taking over. 25 years ago if something major happened (i'm thinking of the Lockerbie air disaster, or Hillsborough Stadium disaster now, things i grew up with) we'd scour newspapers for every picture, every eye witness account. no one complained about those. hell no one even complains about pictures we see from hundreds of years ago, depicting battles and wars!! they are no different to what is happening nowadays, the only difference is the way the world has changed, has evolved, and how these images are shown.
    if you would like to blame anyone, look at yourself. you came here, you looked at the video, and then you complained about it. if you truly did not care about it, you would never have clicked the link. and that is a fact. but you clicked because you were as fascinated as the rest of us were, and then you had the audacity to complain!! and by 'you' i am not aiming at anyone in particular, but to all those who complained.

  24. Gillian Jones

    and yet here you are watching it!! do you have no soul?! hypocrite!!

  25. Tonya Krebs

    Gillian Jones : Well said. Also, that sucks about the helicopter crash. So sorry to hear about that.

  26. Amy Gill

    The guy saying over and over to drive away should be ashamed of himself and should have tried to call fire dept, cops, ambulance, etc instead of being a scared, little, insensitive, unhelpful piece of garbage. If the first people on the scene called for help sooner, fire dept. could have arrived faster to help. Not saying he would have survived but at least try sooner. The people using fire extinguisher's were amazing and I am sure the family/friends are happy that you at least tried unlike the jerk with the camera that kept saying to drive away.

  27. Amy Gill

    If you feel that way, why did you just watch it and why are you on this page if you didn't want to watch the video. It was clearly marked what it is but you still clicked didn't you? Amazing how many people are contradicting.

  28. Shannon Phillips

    Gillian Jones Yes we should!!!!!! The videos that showed the people in the towers jumping to escape their fiery fate… those people have families and while you may not be able to clearly see who it is jumping, could you imagine being at home and watching this unfold and seeing people jumping all the while wondering if that was your husband or son?? There are just some things that don't need to be shared, and I agree that this is one of them. Celebrity or not it doesn't matter; they still have their right to privacy and their families should have the right to grieve in private without seeing these images.

  29. Margarita I. Muñoz

    Get over it and get over yourselves. It's a video! It should be an individual's right to watch it or not. Death, life, joy, sadness, it's ALL a part of life, like it or not. Were you really offended or just having the need to whine?

  30. Margarita I. Muñoz

    Thanx for clarifying. It appears then, that I have no soul.

  31. Ana Maria Montejo

    The taking down of this video has nothing to do with him being a celebrity ir not! Obviously the other person who died in the car aling with Paul is not a celebrity but they still don't want to imagine a family member burning to death. Especially hearing them say that there are people in the car and some just ran away from the scene to keep recording. I guess Im one if the few that would put the freaking camera down and try to help someone! The Towers and all other accidents and deaths that have been captured on camera are horrible to watch and those should not be put on tv for everyone to watch as "entertainment" If the family decides to view it and make it public, then it's with concent but if not, that's horrible! Imagine their family seeing this and imagining the pain he was going through. I mean come on! We shouldn't even be discussing if this is morally right or wrong! Smh

  32. Ana Maria Montejo

    Gillian Jones: If I see a car in flames I don't think, oh look …car on fire. I think…Pull over and see how I could help or if the driver is trapped or made it out okay! I have put my life in danger many times tryingto help others because of accidents or even shootings. I would rather die knowing I was helping another human being than die a coward!!

  33. Ginger Falconbury

    Tonya Krebs you really need to mind your own buissness people like you and mary are retards and what mary had to say was callous and you tonya do not know me so how about you shut the hell up im an outspoken person and actually pretty mature its stupid people like you who sit on your self appointed pedistals that piss me off get a life honey because im pretty happy with mine and I don't regret what I said to mary or you at all .

  34. Gillian Jones

    Ana Maria Montejo so this is just about his family seeing this?? why are you even assuming the family would watch it?? have a bit of common sense here. they're going to know how he died whether there is a video or not. if a family member dies outwith their home, there is an enquiry to find out what happened. also, the police will be the most likely people who will go to the family's house and tell them their family member has died and how.
    you clearly did not read my statement about 'oh wow car on fire' as i said – if you saw this video. you can't pull over in a video… however, like you said, if i were to see this first hand, i personally would try to help. i see an old lady in the street struggling to lift her shopping bag, i'll offer my help. i wouldn't stand there and video her struggling. and if i saw someone videoing i'd smack it out their hand. morals, like you said.
    and i'm also thinking with the amount of times you've put yourself in danger, as you say, you should be made a saint when you die.
    you say all these videos are hard to watch and shouldn't be on tv. please think about that the next time you watch the news. if you had your way, the newscaster would be sitting reading from their autocue. that's it. no pictures, no videos, just a monotonous voice droning on and on… it's not entertainment, it's NEWS. there is a difference.

  35. Darlene DuCharme

    Santa Clarita, not Santa Clara. Different ends of the state.

  36. Jennifer Diamond

    I didn't watch the video it is disgusting to put a video of someone who is stuck in a car on fire up. I just pray to God he was knocked out on impact and wasn't aware of what was happening to him. I pray the same for his friend there is no worse way to die. Paul Walker will be missed this video is disrespectful take it down.

  37. Ceo Margaux

    how fast must he been going and i dont understand the details to do that much damage to a car. like 200 miles an hour and what was he participating in a car show to do? wreckless..

  38. Ceo Margaux

    I dont understand the details. yea it was very james dean and this is not a Ferari its a porche.

  39. Erin Saucida

    Amy Gill. Dang, what's your problem??? I'm not the only person who is saying that. So go complain somewhere else.

  40. Andrew Roach

    How the fuck did he die like James dean? James dean got in a head on collision and flipped the car and died. Paul Walker was riding in a car that lost control hit a light pole and burst in to flames. Wow they both died in cars!

  41. Andrew Roach

    How the fuck did he die like James dean? James dean got in a head on collision and flipped the car and died. Paul Walker was riding in a car that lost control hit a light pole and burst in to flames. Wow they both died in cars!

  42. Amy Gill

    Erin Saucida, no you weren't and I've come to realize that in life I am surrounded by contradicting hypocrites. Thank you for the realization.

  43. Tina Chittenden

    i relieze the car was burning, but wtf, at least get out of ur car, and see if u could had helped !! instead u sat there in ur car like a pussy and taped it !! duh, says alot about you huh ??

  44. Sharon Kay Jeter Jackson

    Working on an Ambulance for MANY Years, they probably did not even know what they had hit. I do not think it is possible that either could have been conscious, but no one will ever know except God. It is a true and sad situation. Many prayers for the Families.

  45. Tina Inacio

    i eas talkin about the guy not the girl and if i wasn't goin to attempt to help at all i certainly wouldnt just snd watch

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