Caroline Corley Dead: Popular Radio Personality Remembered By Colleagues, Fans

Caroline Corley Dies: Popular Radio Personality Remembered By Colleagues, Fans

Caroline Corley died suddenly on Monday, leading to an outpouring of warm memories and and condolences for the popular radio personality.

For the last decade fans, knew Corley as was the boisterous and personable host on 107.1 “The Peak” in Westchester County, just north of New York City.

Caroline’s former husband, Chris Corley, said her death came very suddenly.

“My former wife Caroline Mure Corley suddenly just died this morning. Apparently felt dizzy and a neighbor somehow got involved and called the medics who got there quickly,” Christopher wrote. “But after working with her for somewhere around 30-45 minutes, they were unable to revive her. This was after she had done her morning show at 107.1 the Peak, which she loved doing.”

Caroline Corley had been with The Peak since its founding close to 10 years ago.

After news of Corley’s death spread, colleagues took to social media to remember the radio personality for her wit and bubbly personality.

“She was a colleague, a friend and one of the most talented radio personalities I’ve ever heard. Having been on the air nearly 30 years myself, I can honestly say that when I listened to Caroline ‘do radio’ I always learned something new about how to do it right,” said Pam Landry, a fellow Peak personality. “I cannot believe she is gone.”

Fans also remembered Corley, both from her work on the air and her outreach to aspiring radio personalities.

“Thanks for sharing your colossal humor and personality with me and all the students you met in my radio classes. Quite an instant positive impression you made on all you met, everywhere you went. At a coffee shop, a parking lot, a store…..and of course, on the radio,” said Tom Zarecki, a DJ and adjunct professor at Western Connecticut University. “Your radio skills were always highly-polished and ready to drop on an unsuspecting person at a moment’s notice. But hey, that was part of the fun.”

Many fans also remembered Caroline Corley on Twitter.

Caroline Corley was 52. Her cause of death has not been announced.