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Whopper Virgins: it doesn’t get much more offensive than this


Burger King will debut a new “documentary” later this week called Whopper Virgins, where a documentary crew takes Whopper Hamburgers to obscure locations for a taste test.

The “documentary” is being filmed by the now officially the mother of all sellouts “award winning director” Stacy Peralta and includes the use of “13 planes, 2 dog sleds and 1 helicopter.”

If visiting poor people in remote locations, some who would be at best surviving on below poverty levels and throwing a burger in their faces isn’t bad enough, it gets better, because they also ask the Whopper Virgins to compare the taste of the Whopper to a McDonalds Big Mac as well.

It’s hard to place exactly where this begins on the level of wrongness. The pipe flute South American music on the website, the pictures of people with horse and carts on one side, and on the other someone eating a Whopper. Hey, but that’s ok, because the testing was “done by independent 3rd party testers.” I think I’m going to throw up now.

If you can’t handle the pain of viewing the website, here’s some promotional images for the “documentary.”

Update: we now have confirmation that the “documentary” is being promoted through a TV ad campaign. We’re trying to track down who is hosting the site, but what we can work out is that it’s hosted on a PR company server, and the site shares hosting with Bayer and Florida Area Audi dealers.

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168 Responses to “Whopper Virgins: it doesn’t get much more offensive than this”

  1. Raoul

    Damn them, they took their whoppers to Romania and fed them to our farmers. BK, keep your crap in the States. I don't need you getting Romanians fat and diseased on your fast food. I wish McDonald's would get the heck out of Romania as well.

  2. Parody Eisenhower

    In the councils of nutrition, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the fast food-fad diet complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced bodyfat exists and will persist.

    Seriously, US girls should learn to eat like the Cheeky Girls (Romanian) not the other way around!

  3. Simon

    I'm not sure why you have a problem with this. Could you please explain exactly why you think this is a bad idea? Id love it if someone from a remote village knocked on my door and wanted my opinion on some of the foods they eat. I can't see why they would feel any different to me.

  4. Lydia Joy Abrams

    So I am snowed in and have the tv on. A BK commercial comes on about whopper virgins. They go around the world to remote villages where there is not even a word for burger. Think there is a word for saturated processed fat, heart attacks and obesity? If not there will be. I hope they stay the ef out of India!

  5. Zephid15

    Seriously, is it really that surprising? The world is becoming more globalized everyday. Less developed nations wished they had western technologies to improve their economy but complain if they dont get the only western tech that they want. It was bound to happen. there will be BKs and McDs everywhere, as will there be iPods, Windows, and John Deere.

    Theres no use complaining about it.

  6. Fred

    this is a great idea. a true taste test. and anyone who thinks it exploits the people in it are the same people who do nothing to help these same people, but are the first to criticize anything that smells commercial.

  7. AB

    The most disgusting product to come out of fast food is no longer the food, but this ad campaign. -AB

  8. anonymous

    If you're at all unhappy or pleased with this campaign I would suggest directing toward Crispin Porter + Bogusky ( ), the ad agency that sold the concept to Burger King. From there it couldn't hurt to let BK ( Consumer Relations – 1 + 305-378-3535 ) know how you feel.

  9. Mike Abundo

    We have some terribly unhealthy, terribly delicious foods here in the Philippines. Would it be so offensive for me to have an American taste them?

  10. aleja74

    this is wrong in soo many levels but that's capitalizism for you and we wonder why so many other countries hate us?

  11. No

    You're really going to cry about this? Jesus Christ I've never seen such a baby. Way to make no difference whatsoever by griping on the internet.

  12. joeolson14

    I understand what the issue is either. What's wrong with giving people a burger, and putting it to a taste test. What would you rather they be doing instead. I think your rant here is a little off base. Is it because the word virgin is used?? I kind of doubt it. I think it's a pretty good marketing idea. And why do you think these people are living in poverty. I think your idea of poverty is all backwards. I think they look quite content with their life style, I may be dead wrong. I think this is just fine and think you're blowing it way out of proportion.

  13. Jason

    I agree completely. This moves right up to the top of the list of most-offensive marketing I've ever seen. I don't like patronizing fast-food places in general, but I will definitely not eat BK again at least until they drop this campaign and apologize. I'm going to call them and let them know, too…

    I'd love to find contact info for whoever is directly responsible for this as well, so I can give them a piece of my mind personally.

  14. lurlur

    who cares, i mean if some travelled 1000000 miles to you on a plane and hands you 2 burgers are you gonna say “well thats fuckin offensive” or are you gonna say “sweet, free food”.

  15. minny

    I'm not offended and they actually showed one of my culture (the Hmongs) in their commercial. I felt a sense of pride knowing someone knew we existed. It was a good laugh. I'm glad. Finally, Clint Eastwood has paved the way. Check out his new video Gran Torino in theaters soon. :)

  16. rick garcia

    I think that some of you are over reacting to this. If poverty is such a difficult subject for you to witness, you have bigger issues. In my opinion this is a very creative concept.

    I don't think BK is targeting those remote locations to make sales (to Raoul's comment)… or to the healthy poets (to Parody Eisenhower's). You are over-analyzing this … and missing the point, which is to simply visit “the” (I see tht most of you already did)

  17. Nate

    I'm sure these folks that have never tried a fast food cheeseburger before will think they are marvelous. Burger king gives them one , leaves, and they never get another. Cruel food. Corporate America once again diddles third world populace.

  18. Mark

    Dont think eating hamburgers insults or humiliates these people. They were probably surprised, maybe felt slightly foolish, but nothing compared to what many people do in america to get on television. If anything, making such a fuss underscores a belief that these people ARE dupes, or victims, or worse. They werent handcuffed and beaten into burger-eating submission. They were asked to try a new kind of food, ok? Super Bowl commercials get rated every year.. why the horror over this new twist? But thousands do die every day of poverty. Thats not Burger Kings fault or Stacy Peraltas. Or the Whoppers. :-)

  19. easy big shooter!

    i want a whopper AND a big mac now! whats wrong with trying the food of other countries? when i was in xiamen south China I picked a fish out of a tank, they cooked it and i ate it! then i ate the fish eyes which is considered an honor! i had eel, and pig shoulder, all from my own choice! and when i asked the chinese what they thought about mcdonalds and pizza hut, they said the food was good but an hour later they where hungry again, hows that for irony!!! all these people did was try something new! live a little, one whopper isn't going to kill you! unless you don't chew properly, but i see teeth in these “poor” peoples mouthes when they are smiling!

  20. Cristina

    I'm offended. I'm Romanian and I know for sure that don' want their damn hambergurs. And Romania is not even in some remote far away country. Get a map. We just have better tast in healthy food.

  21. Cristina

    Yea but did they make a commercial to be played on national television when you ate those food? And what are you talking about “poor”

  22. Pat

    Oh stop with the whining about the commercial. It is perfectly fine. So they used the word 'virgin' that is crazy bad word. Wait is that the word that people expect others to be and stay until marriage; virgin. People are too uptight.

  23. Ghandi

    what the hell is wrong with you people you act like burger king and mcdonalds are the problem that people get obeise. If the fat f***s wouldnt eat 30000 f***ing burgers a week they wouldn't be that god damn fat. You can't blame the company when people can't contol how they eat. Besides a lot of people actually like their burgers and don't want to cook up a bunch of vegetables like a loser after a long day of work

  24. Ghandi

    by the way how is this offensive? the people doing it apparently aren't offended. and its not like every single person is a f***ing health nut. and who the hell wouldn't want free food? People today are so f***ing worried about someone getting their feelings hurt that they don't even consider whats right or make common sense.

  25. americanfear

    well would it have been wrong if they did? i submit that it would not.

  26. americanfear

    why are you offended? are they being forced to eat them? stop bitching hippy.

  27. Adam

    This isn't any worse than any other ad campaign. I find it a little offensive that you think anyone who lives in a non-modern area is poor and impoverished. Sure.. a person living in a big American city who lives in a makeshift shack might be hungry as hell. But these people live their lives this way. They grow and raise their own food. A people living a simpler life doesn't mean a people we need to feel pity for. If only we could all slow down, and maybe take a step back toward that.
    Sure. Ad campaigns are nonsense. Their idea is 'hear what people think that have never been told what to think'. Although we know at the end, they'll all choose the whopper, and then burger king will simply be telling US what to think. Again. But then, this is just what living in a society built on consumerism is all about. I just don't think you should be asking us to pity people or act as though we should look down on them, and their situation. They could leave those places. They just don't want to.

  28. tim

    Your part of the poltical correct idiots of today. your so scared of hurting someones feeling your blind. So concerned in letting 2 guys get married that your blind to my eight year old ( who knows nothing about gays) who naturally – with her inborne instincts – became physically sick at being horified in seeing 2 bearded men making out on a park bench and asking her parents what was happening.
    Just because those people in the documentary are not wearing mall bought fashion cloths you assume that they are hungry and “poor”. If I was hungry ,i would be thrilled to death if someone would deliver a couple of Burgers and fries to my house 5000 miles away!! ! I would give them a computer with internet so as their wiping catsup from their chin they could read your comments and laugh ” poor stupid loser !”
    Yah baby, SUPER SIZE IT!!!!!!

  29. tim

    Thank God you were not on Oprah when she gave out the free cars!
    Everybody gets a car! Everybody gets a MAC ! ..Everybody gets a MAC !..Everybody gets a MAC !…Everybody gets a MAC !…Everybody gets a MAC !…Everybody gets a MAC !…Everybody gets a MAC !…Everybody gets a MAC !…Everybody gets a MAC !…Everybody gets a MAC !…Everybody gets a MAC !…Everybody gets a MAC !…Everybody gets a MAC !…Everybody gets a MAC !…Everybody gets a MAC !

  30. The Dhampire LOGOS

    What exactly do you find offensive? Would it be the eating of meat, or free enterprise, or asking people their unbiased opinions, or would it be that , (zeus forbid), people make a profit from something they developed and other people want? Miss the commune do ya? Rather stand in lines for your rashion of toilet paper bread? I'm sure east berlin might want to back, but I could be wrong about that. Go hug a tree and hate humanity on your own dime, sister.

  31. Luke

    how are you ppl not offended by this, exploiting 3rd world citizens just to sell a hamburger, only in america would we go so far just to push a product

  32. The Dhampire LOGOS

    Christina said: “And Romania is not even in some remote far away country.”

    It's on the other side of the planet from the U.S., Genius.


  33. The Dhampire LOGOS

    Luke wrote: “how are you ppl not offended by this, exploiting 3rd world citizens just to sell a hamburger, only in america would we go so far just to push a product”

    How is asking someone their opinion “exploitation”?

    (Great, another tree-hugging communist that doesn't know what he's talking about)

  34. stfu

    Offensive? Jesus christ shut the fuck up they just give them 2 different burgers and ask them which they like better. They don't have to participate.

  35. jackspade

    i dont fucking get the problem either. seriously, i dont complain when a bunch of chinese people open up a chinese food place down the street and blame them for getting me fat. food is a personal choice, and to assume its wrong to bring shit like this out to a places like that, is to assume that these people arent capable of making their own choices. theres plenty of fast food places in asia and no one bitches about us making them fat. personally, i think its a DAMN GOOD idea. feeding this stuff to people like that really does get an honest opinion. stop bitching about Americanization, if everyone's got a fucking problem with it maybe you should take a long hard look at how many foreign companys make money out of america. no ones forcing the goods down your throat, if you dont like it dont fucking buy it and the location will shut down, its that easy.

  36. Erika

    This article is mildly offensive because you assume that just because they're living in remote places, they're somehow poor. I'm sure they like their lives just as much as you do. I hate it when Americans are so egocentric. They think any place not in the US borders is strange and remote. I'll admit this concept is a little strange, but not really so offensive. remote does not equal poverty.

  37. bob

    If they want whopper virgins, they should have gone to some areas in Pennsylvania, instead of depicting other nations as uncivilized.

  38. William

    For the individuals chosen to participate, I agree this is not the most horrible thing ever. I'm sure they enjoyed the burgers and then went on with their lives which in some of their cases is just fine with them. The problem is is that BK is showing another case of the global capitalistic agenda which does produce great global inequalities and poverty. These people have managed to live their lives free from certain things such as crappy fast food burgers and I'm sure those cultures will slowly be assimilated into our greedy culture sooner than later. That's the problem.

  39. William

    ohhh and since BK is has done the taste test already and so it's a mute point I just want to add that the Big Mac sucks and a true taste test would have been between the Big Mac and a Quarter Pounder. I no longer eat fast food but the quarter pounder was my favorite.

  40. bubu

    So, is it “poor people” should be covered up, or have no standing to demonstrate their taste opinion?
    Or is it that in this overpopulated world nearly 1/4 goes to bed hungry at least one night a week?
    Or is it that in the sedentary US the fastfood burger is half a day's intake while in other parts of the world it represents a few days of nutrition… (whopper: 280gr, 680cal, 39gr fat, 29gr protein, 53gr carb vs big mac: 214gr, 540cal, 29fat, 25pro, 45carb)

  41. Travis Bickle

    Erika, you find “this article. . . mildly offensive” because you believe the author is making the assumption that “any place not in the US borders is strange and remote.” But aren't Burger King and its ad agency guilty of making the very same assumption? Isn't that precisely why they traveled to such far-off lands in the first place? Because the inhabitants were, to their eyes, “strange” and exotic? They could've gone to Portland or Podunk or Peoria. But if they had, they couldn't have scored a cheap laugh at the expense of those “wacky” foreigners with their “funny” clothes and “funny” way of talking. And you know damn well that's precisely the reaction they are hoping to elicit from their target audience of 18- to 25-year old white guys. Call me crazy, but I find that more offensive than anything in Duncan Riley's article. Sorry, Erika, our engagement is off!

  42. Henry S.

    What is offensive are people like you who think people from other countries are creatures only deserving of your pitty and “charity.” What people like you don't realize, is how offended some of us are when you call our countries “third world.” When you say that bringing computers in technology to our countries is a bad idea…that we are only deserving of your bread and water.

    People from any country deserve more than to be fed and watered like dogs. No matter how poor, you will find that people dance, sing, listen to music, and watch television. If you really knew people from around the world, you would realize that they may be excited to be on television, even if it is a commercial.

  43. Sean

    Third Party my ass. I'm willing to bet Burger King did something to sway the vote. These “taste test” ads are complete crap. The Pepsi/Coke thing is the same. You don't see Coke smearing Pepsi to sell. Same for McDonalds. It seems the only campaigns Burger King and Pepsi can do are bashing the competition. Its like watching fucking Political ads! Don't tell me whats wrong with the other guy, tell me whats good about you!

    And then Burger King does this, “virgin” test?! How about instead of wasting money on a so called “taste test,” put the money into, oh I don't know, feeding them properly. Bringing them out of poverty. Fuck. This pisses me off.

  44. David

    Duncan, you are so eloquent, a magnificent author. You've completely persuaded me as to thinking this campaign is offensive. Your arguments are spotless.

    But in all seriousness, you don't even begin to discuss WHY you think this is offensive. Maybe you could elaborate? Have you done some research that shows there IS a Hmong word for Hamburger? Have you done research that shows these people were forced to participate in this marketing campaign (I'm not calling it a study. It's a marketing campaign and nothing more).

    Next time you want to share your opinion, please include your reasoning.

  45. .Rob

    I saw the commercial and found it interesting so I checked out the website and then decided to click a few links and see what other people were saying. Now the LA Times had a pretty good take on it. This could soon just become another failed advertising ploy to push (tasty, tasty) burgers down all of our throats. But regardless of it's success as a marketing campaign, people taking offense to a commercial of this nature (especially such a deep level of offense) need to be bound, gagged, and hauled off to some place where they would need 3 planes, 2 dog sleds and 1 helicopter to make it back to civilization. It's sad to see that people have become such pussies that they feel the need to quibble over Whopper V. Big Mac.

    I'm not trying to speak for people at that level of poverty, but it's not hard to imagine being in their situation
    and I personally wouldn't be offended by someone “throwing a burger ” in my face. Two of them at that!
    Further more how do you know these people also weren't compensated for their time and opinion?
    They obviously decided to be on camera and take the test. Of course I assume it's totally possible that Burger King could have edited out their burger-mercs holding guns to these peoples heads.

    In summation all of the people who are throwing a fit about this need to concentrate their efforts on something a little more worthwhile like, I don't know maybe, corrupt government policy, the energy crisis, poverty, crime prevention, education reform, corrupt insurance practices, human rights violations, or the crumbling global economy.

    But perhaps it's best that they don't… after all it seems that their real talents lye in babbling ridiculous drivel about burger commercials.

  46. Delronin

    It's offensive because BK claims that “these people” are uncivilized by the fact they've never had a burger. I'm from Chiang Mai and I do not think I'm uncivilized just because I don't eat Whoppers. It's racist and ignorant of the history of these cultures, many that have been around for more than BK has been making Whoppers.

  47. baconman

    2 f ing burgers won't cause that you stupid ho and oh yeah the curry captial of world is soooooo important

  48. baconman

    RETARD! RETARD RETARD RETARD RETARD whats ab stand for ? a bitch?

  49. baconman

    did anyone actually f ing read this? all i no is that you are useless because you somehow think this wrong

  50. baconman

    its not exploiting fagsauce its just something fun to do any give some people a free meal. They could have said no if they were affended by it

  51. baconman

    that helps realize, if you think this test is wrong in any way, ……. YOUR A FUKING COMMIE!

  52. baconman

    they never said is uncivilized you fag. the people just never heard of either f ing sandwhich

  53. baconman

    oh yeah because burger king is the core influence of any culture and they were only hiding in the jungle because they were afraid of meat

  54. T from thailand

    the thing most people do not know that the “shangmai tribe” people is in thailand; and in thailand a Bigmac combo (fries and drink both in biggest sizes)is more than twice as cheap as a double whopper combo and about 1.8 times cheaper than whopper combo.
    i don't know about you, but i rather have 2 big mac combos over 1 double whopper combo at the same price. or a bigmac combo and a sunday icecream which is still cheaper than 1 double whopper combo.
    BK is totally ripping peple off in thailand. and this is a false advertising since they don't compare the true value of the burgers.

  55. baconman

    this food isn't that bad ive had at least 1 whopper or bigmac at least once a week or more for the last 2 years along with close to no physical activity and im not at any risk for being obeise at all and don't have any problems. AND THATS WITH A KING SIZE ONION RING

  56. MLE

    these people are adults. if they want to try a friggen burger, LET THEM! sheesh. with all the bull crap that's going on all over the world right now – this is your biggest concern?? wow.

  57. SiNYC

    I laughed when I read this. =D

    Lets understand the audience of Burger King and McDonalds. A 'unbiased' taste test campaign will drive up interest. Would this be a safe assumption? YES, stupid you made a blog about it. Case and point their campaign is effective.

    Im glad your furthering their message and breaking ground for other advertisers to use this method. I can see it now media genius A to B: Start viral campaign were bleeding heart liberals object on message X. In generating this opposition more people will want to know the cause thus spreading message X to a larger audience.

    Maybee this is all part of BKs plan =D I like my theory, people arent this inane.

  58. SiNYC

    Please first move out of home. Next pay for your college education. After that get a job and pay bills. Done that?
    I didnt think so, this is another comment from a know it all youth fighting the “man.”

    Seriously son, learn that there are really issues you need to worry about and this isnt one of them. My advice, take a day off from short stories 211 and sit in on an advertising class. There might be hope yet in your furture! If not, look no further than the exploits of this articles author. This will be you in 30 years. a blogger (spoken in disgust)

  59. SiNYC

    Whoa wait! Country? I thought Romania was the capital of Italy. Home of the Vatican?
    (grabs map)
    Oh wait there it is all the way out there in that remote location, far away. Im sorry what was the point of your post again?

    And for my last trick a quote from the Wall Street Journal:

    “Economic conditions may be waning, but fast food restaurants are probably some of the few businesses that still bet on sales growth and on high profit margins. Wall-Street drew a random chart of the most profitable outlets and fast-food restaurants in Bucharest, as they were signaled by the officials of the biggest companies in the market.”

    In closing your statement receives the F rating, thanks for playing “Guess who cares”

  60. c00ln3ss

    obeise is not the fact that ppls are getting fusy bout this ad. its the way they're portrayin the ppls.

  61. Chris

    It does kind of make America look bad. we wouldnt want to do this in Iraq. But definetly a great ad by Burger King. Great idea. Im sure people will pick Burger King. I know I would.

  62. c00ln3ss

    your not going to get offended by this ad? they're portrayin the hmong ppls as if they know nothing. as if oh these ppls are from the jungles of laos/thai land and they dont know what a burger is. wtf?!

  63. ccamp

    i bet if you asked those people they'd really appreciate the fact that someone even gave them two burgers

  64. tony

    They probably know nothing of our western culture and our resteraunts and eating habits but were willing to travel and experience when the oppertunity came. I don't think less of them for any of that. I like burgers but they are not some key to science or wisdom that I am aware of.

  65. tony

    Who do you suggest they find that have never been exposed to McDonalds and Burgerking Ads and food?

    Wealthy aristocrats who never leave their homes own no radios or televiosions don't read their mail (coupons) exercise constantly and eat organic food whose personal chef from birth came from india and would serve no hamburgers ever ad riddiculum.

  66. ffddf

    If you really cared about the countries in poverty you wouldn't be sitting on your ass in front of a computer whining about a stupid ad campaign. You're all idiots.

  67. rudygetsplenty

    Yeah you're crap. This is a great idea, you're just a HATER. What's so bad about bringing these people a burger? People like you disgust me.

  68. William

    making quite a leap in logic aren't ya. Ignorance about something doesn't make it none existent. Never said Bk is a “core infuence of any culture”…our fast food nation was influenced by culture and has become a symbol of our culture..the spread of which is known today as globalization which attempts to create a globally unified, homogeneous consumer culture….that's as simple as I can make it for you…and since when does BK whoppers encompass all “meat”…that last portion of your sentence doesn't even make sense.

  69. jackspade

    they didnt go there because it was remote and weird. they went there because mcdonalds and burgerking hadnt sold to those people.

  70. jackspade

    sucks for you. burgerking is planning on moving into india already

  71. jackspade

    its not. not unless were strapping these people down and forcing burgers down their throats. ontop of that why does everyone seem to think capitalism and america are the same thing? were not even close to the only capitalist country. what the fuck else would you wanna be? a merchant or a communist?

  72. jackspade

    because he either

    A. wants them all to himself, or
    B. doesnt think people are capable of making their own choices

  73. jackspade

    why the fuck should they give any of that money to them moralfag? its their aggressive marketing that got them the money in the first place. your the type of dumbass that thinks reinvestment is a waste of time.

  74. jackspade

    theyre portraying these people as people whove never had a whopper. they never said anything else. its people own beliefs that their being exploited that piss them off. hell this is the most culture your going to get outside of natgeo

  75. jackspade

    dumbass. they never said they were uncivilized they said they never had whoppers. if burgerking was really devaluing these people why the hell would they base an ad campaign on their opinions?

  76. jon

    the ads never said these people were poor.


    Ergo, not offensive in any way. Discussion over.

  77. Travis Bickle

    How do you know “mcdonalds and burgerking hadnt sold (sic) to those people?” Aren't you making the same assumptions that Erika is accusing the author of the original post of making? Do you automatically assume that, just because someone lives in another country with a different culture and tradition, that they know nothing of the modern world?

  78. JL

    First off, you have several typos in your sentences. Work on that. Secondly, what is offensive? They tried to find unbiased people to see what they would think about it? And what poverty level? Those people live in peaceful, self-sufficient areas of the world by choice, income doesn't even come into play at all in this situation. And lastly, read the Legal Info on the website 'cause I'm pretty sure you can get fined for posting copyrighted material on a poor excuse for a blog.

  79. Knute Rawkney

    no doubt these comments are being astroturfed by the ad agency. right, “americanfear”?

  80. matt

    Fuck all y'all, As soon as BK switches to the lunch menu I'm gonna get a Double Whopper with Cheese and a large fucking Coke. Then I'm going to eat it in the parking lot and if I'm still hungry I'll probably get another one. Maybe some fries. You know why? Because its delicious.

  81. matt

    only assholes use (sic). Try a little bit harder to wrap your mind around the fact that you haven't seen the “movie”. No one has. All of this is premature in the extreme. Frankly Travis, You're the one who's labeled people who live in other countries with different cultures and traditions as “wacky” and “funny” when your logic leaps from taste test to cheap laugh. Having not seen the “movie” you pass judgment on the filmmakers intentions, when the only reaction I've had to the ad is a fond remembrance of the first time I had a whopper

  82. Travis Bickle

    Forget to take your Prozac this morning, Matt? Damn, you are one seriously angry and defensive dude. You must be a barrel of laughs to be around. First of all, this is just a discussion on a blog, so don't get your sphincter in a twist. Just because I'm expressing an opinion contrary to yours doesn't mean you have to soil your undergarments. Secondly, I purposefully placed descriptions like “funny” and “wacky” in quotes to indicate that that is not how I personally view other cultures, but rather to illustrate the intent of the people who made the commercial. It's a common literary device — like (sic) — which any marginally well-read person with even a third grade education can easily grasp. Thirdly, I may not have seen the “movie” — not sure why you put that in quotes, is it because you don't believe it really is a movie? — but I have seen the commercial. It's fair to assume that the documentary will be more of the same. Lastly, I have as much right to “pass judgment (sic) on the filmmakers (sic) intentions” as you have to pass judgement on me. I'll let you have the last word, Matt, because, frankly, you are too dumb to have an interesting debate with and are not worth wasting any more time with (sic).

  83. Chaing Mai Resident

    Hey dipshits, what makes it offensive is the way that it portrays Romanians, Thais, etc. Not all people from these countries are backward, ignorant bumpkins who have no notion of the outside world. In fact Chiang Mai Thailand is a relatively cosmopolitan city. They bring assholes from way out in the mountains and call them “Chaing Mai Villagers.” It's the same as if a Japanese company took West Virginian Mountain men and talked about how they didn't know what sushi was.

  84. MillerAce

    Jackass. Yeah OK, I'm just going to stick up my middle finger in your face…what? I never said “Fuck you” or anything. Just because they are not saying it doesn't mean its not there.

  85. JM

    I think it is offensive to assume that just because someone lives in a rural area that they are poor and unhappy and must be poverty stricken. Is it not possible that the people that participated in the ad are healthy well nourished rural farmers?

    If you ask me that is the classic western urban arrogance. Assuming that those that don't live like you want to.

  86. jackspade

    what makes you think their saying it? all they did was give them a burger and say it was unbiased because they never had one. if you think thats saying their uncivilized then your view of whats civilized must be based on what people eat. fool.

  87. jackspade

    i could assume it because the commercial SAYS they hadnt. thats the whole fucking point of the commercial. “whopper virgins” why the fuck would you assume they had?

  88. livealittle

    OMG! Like really, come on…is this really an offensive subject?
    I don't think so.
    I think you're just being biased.
    gosh, if it was really offensive then those people wouldn't have agreed to film.
    If it's an offensive action to try new foreign food then I guess many people have been offended already.
    It's always great to try new things.

  89. RDS

    Honestly, I find this commercial very insulting.

    First, b/c I have family in the villages of Chiang Mai. Secondly, I've been to Chiang Mai and seen those villages. The people there wear normal clothing like you and I. I'm sure who ever recorded the documentary had them to put on their traditional wear and jewelry so they can portray them as “authentic” poor indigenous stupid people.

    I find this absurd and degrading to my culture. However, I'm sure their are a bunch of ignorant people out there that thinks this is funny and a “cool” idea.

    BTW, there is a MCD in Chiang Mai.

  90. Rocket448

    I am so glad someone finally turned the question around! Mike A puts it best — if an American were part of a taste-test for Philippine food, who'd be offended? For example I have only heard about some of the food Filipinos eat — so I'm a Philippine-food virgin, I guess. *beat* *beat* nope, not offended. Thank you again, Mike, for keeping it real. Here's another thought: although the taste of AMerican food may well be unknown in the places the ad campaign went to, surely TV and the Internet has brought them the “idea” of American food, so this campaign is really filling a need, potentially satisfying the curiousity of people around the world towards American “fast food”. So I say, good job. As to fears that poor nutrition and obesity will follow this campaign, I say “nonsense”. After all, no one is forcing ANYONE to eat in unhealthy ways. It certainly isn't the fault of fast-food corporations.

  91. sea cliff vert ramp

    If you're so offended by this, just stay in your little P.C. bubble and die there.

  92. Bill

    Your use of “throwing a burger in their faces” make you look like the distasteful one. Just because people live away from major population centers does not make them ignorant. Besides there is nothing icky in a whopper – beef, bread, pickles, tomatoes, lettuce. It does not seam like an ambush media event. I wonder what they think of the taste between the two hamburgers.

  93. Marguerite

    Hey, dumbass, most everybody knows that these people aren't representative of their countries. The fact that you don't know that everybody else knows, and you think you have to tell the rest of us clueless folk, is what makes you an idiot. A condescending, over-educated, elitist, politically-correct idiot, lacking in all common sense.

  94. watongaeagle

    this is stupid first of all we all kno that the big mac is the best hamburger in life and yall r dipshits for thinking the whopper is good bt the video of the people in villages is cool

  95. CK

    I can only hope that you are being sarcastic.
    If not, I weep for the mentality level of humanity.

  96. baconman

    i only said that because he was acting like the burgers would turn them into greedy assholes when really it won't do shit

  97. AlohaADs

    What the f*c! is your problem? Poverty level??? You can't compare incomes of people that do not rely on a monetary system, its ridiculous to think these people are in any way victims. What's so wrong with sharing the indigenous food of one culture with another? I hate the fact that burgers and fast food define American food, but its true. To think that somehow traveling to these remote areas and sharing it with a person that has never tried it is wrong, that providing these “poor” people a free meal is wrong!? Ludicrous. Get off your soapbox and be offended by the homeless situation IN America, not a novel idea for marketing that has no impact on these peoples' lives. When the “independent 3rd party testers” leave those areas, the folks they interacted with will be no worse off, will have had a free meal (regardless of its nutritional content, its not like it will become a habit for them!), and a story about the funny foreigners that visited their community once.

    Whether or not you like it, to paint an entirely negative opinion of the campaign is ignorant, biased, and a waste of your time & resources.

  98. Jared Stein

    Another reason why “Powell Peralta” became simply “Powell”.

  99. disgusted

    i'm just embarrassed for the united states that the whopper is now being considered the quintessential “american” food. how disgusting and degrading.
    what about chili and cornbread?
    what about apple pie?
    what about barbecued ribs?
    what about fried oysters?
    what about a down-home church sponsored buckwheat pancake dinner?
    christ, what about peanut butter and jelly?

  100. JiM in Mesa

    Maybe we can go get the opinion of some cows next.
    Well, at least we'll get to see some pretty landscape.
    Sorry, no insults or profanity.

  101. OG

    The number of fat angry white people rushing to BK's defense is staggering.

  102. Joe

    I love the amount of stupid white people in this discussion. God damn stupid whities. Move out of your parents' house.

  103. pinkestpanther

    Both chains have a history of opening in countries and charging the average weekly wage for a burger (Russia was the worst example, but there are more). You make it aspirational, overcharge, and wait for the spike in heart disease. Consistent as gravity, and oddly reminiscent of the nestle baby milk atrocity.

    Heart of Darkness for the burger generation. The horror. The horror.

  104. pinkestpanther

    Jackspade – the number of times your posts use the terms 'these people' and 'people like that' indicates that you have very little empathy and should probably leave the states every once in a while. Good luck when you do.

  105. Jaime

    I couldn't agree more, the best way to get an unbiased opinion is to use people who have not been exposed to the product. Whether a 3rd party or the King himself in costume conducted the survey, they wouldn't know the difference anyway, they are making a decision on one factor alone, what tastes best to them.

  106. Jaime

    i'm not getting it. BK in no way indicated or suggested that they were “uncivilized” because they weren't exposed to western culture foods such as a burger. quite simply they just haven't; they are pure, unexposed, virgin test subjects and honestly where else would they find an audience such as this except in more remote locations. i'm just not getting all these negative assumptions being put on BK just because they decided on those test subjects instead of choosing some teenagers in the mall.

  107. Another Philippine-food virgin

    Your right on and if i were doing a freakin' taste test in the Philippines, i wouldn't inquire on calories, fat and carbs. Take a bite, give your opinion, move the heck on, it's not that serious. I find it hard to believe that people are waging a war against BK for doing what more people should do in marketing which is using a good survey sampling group not just people that fit your typical demographics that are going to agree with you.

  108. FatandHappy

    I am going to be sooooooo jealous if they were given the cardboard Burger King crowns to where when they did their taste tests. I wish someone would offer me a buger taste test.. I have not had my daily intake of grease today.

  109. loupgarous

    Big wuh. We just had an election thrown in the United States by means of massive voter fraud and the very antithesis of campaign finance reform – the Democrats took money from the PLO, Hamas, George Soros, the bailed-out banks of Wall Street – name a controversial special interest group and Obama's taken money from them.

  110. anonymous

    lulz. internet arguments. just kill them all rather than feed them. complete genocide of everyone in a third-world or developing country would reduce global warming.

  111. Whopper_fan

    Really not sure what the big deal is. These people haven't tried a burger just like most Americans haven't had authentic Romanian food (e.g. Zama soup), Northern Thai food (e.g. Som tam) or Inuit food (e.g. Seal meat). There is no exploitation of these people and they're certainly no ''throwing a Whopper in their face''. The very fact that one finds it “offensive” speaks to his/her own hidden condescending impression of the subjects in the ad.

    Its an innovative ''blind test'', a brave and effective marketing strategy. Please don't be overly politically correct.

  112. annonnn

    I find the second clip offensive. Those are my kin and there is genocide going on over there. The issue has been raised, but no one cares it's just a small ethnic minority. They have no land or oil for the West, so no one gives a crap. It's terrible that for promotional purposes they finally show Hmong people in their traditional costumes, but ignore the thousands still hiding in jungles as they are being hunted down by the neighboring communist countries. “You say people are killing you because of your ethnicity, wait before you continue.. tell us which burger taste better”…. RIDICULOUS!!! Think I'm just making this up. check out video clip what's going on over there. be warned it's graphic.

  113. Kat

    The issue, for me, is that most of the 'whopper virgins' live in isolated hamlets or poor communities. They don't have easy access to cities or metropolitan areas where burgers are offered. Most of them, to be blunt, are poor. And Burger King goes through all this effort and expense to record these 'virgins' and their first 'experience' tasting an American staple. Not only are they exploiting a byproduct of their poverty, but they're also spending a lot of money that could have been invested in an NGO that might have actually HELPED the communities in question. I'm actually living in China right now, and even though there are fast food restaurants in my city, about 3 blocks from my home there is a Chinese ghetto and none of those people could ever afford to eat in a Western establishment. Perhaps if it was a very special occasion. I take issue with BK's unrepentant, blatant exploitation.

  114. Tiffany

    Whenever I eat a burger from McDonalds after a long period of eating healthier, normal food, I always end up in the bathroom, super sick. The first thing that I thought of when I saw the “whopper virgins” commercial, was how f*cked up these virgins were going to feel after tasting our nasty fast food.

  115. Mike Blaisdell

    The only thing that bothers me about this is they bring McDonalds in it. I like both, but come on. It's just like political campaigns, I'm better than the other. If your product is so good, talk only about your product, let the customers decide which is better. It happens all the time, “Our product is better than their product”….well duh, your not going to say the opposite. Make me want to try your product, because you describe it as mouth watering and very tasty, not because yours is better than theirs. I am so sick of these “Cheap-punch” sales ads. Come on people, get creative!

  116. Mike Blaisdell

    I don't know their culture, I will assume that their diet is somewhat different from America's diet. I don't recall seeing a burger on the menu last time I was at a Thai restaurant, so I would assume that it isn't a very popular food there. I'm sure they may eat something that I've never heard of, that doesn't make me uncivilized. I'm sure there are many people in the world that have never had a burger, even in America, but I'm sure that those people have eaten the items that make up a burger.

  117. Max

    Well it is very telling that they chose not to show to 'feature' a burger expert…

  118. Mumbai SEO

    It is sad that some filmmakers want to gain publicity and money by showing poverty and other problems in underdeveloped countries.

  119. firelite

    I don't think the intent was to say that these people are representatives of their entire country, but instead was to quickly get across the fact that they haven't been exposed to burgers or burger advertising before because they aren't from main street America.
    low iron glass

  120. firelite

    It’s hard to place exactly where this begins on the level of wrongness. The pipe flute South American music on the website, the pictures of people with horse and carts on one side, and on the other someone eating a Whopper. Hey, but that’s ok, because the testing was “done by independent 3rd party testers.” I think I’m going to throw up now.

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