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Sarah Palin 2016: Former Alaska Governor Laying Groundwork For Possible Presidential Run

Sarah Palin 2016: Former Alaska Governor Laying Groundwork For Possible Presidential Run

Sarah Palin may be once again dreaming of the White House and a run for the presidency in 2016.

After a long absence from the political arena, Palin appears to be strategically increasing her appearances and speeches while also taking solid aim at President Obama. This has led many political experts to conclude that she is aiming to enter the 2016 presidential race, or at least is trying to test the waters for a potential run.

The rumors kicked up a bit this week when a spokesman for the Rev. Billy Graham announced that Sarah Palin will be a guest for the reverend’s 95th birthday. Graham still carries great political sway, so much in fact that Mitt Romney carved out time to meet with Graham in the final days of the 2012 presidential race in the hopes of earning a public endorsement and assuring conservative voters.

Graham’s birthday celebration is also drawing other big names in the conservative world, including real estate mogul Donald Trump.

Sarah Palin has also taken her political tour to Iowa, one of the most important states for Republican hopefuls. On November 9 Palin is slated to speak at the annual banquet for the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition, an important conservative and evangelical group.

After spending a long stretch away from the spotlight, Palin is also ramping up her political attacks on President Obama in what could be the groundwork for her 2016 platform.

In a Facebook post entitled “Obama’s Debt Default is on His Shoulders While We Shoulder His Impeachable Offenses,” she placed the blame for the debt limit fight solely on Obama’s shoulders.

“Defaulting on our national debt is an impeachable offense, and any attempt by President Obama to unilaterally raise the debt limit without Congress is also an impeachable offense,” Palin wrote.

If Sarah Palin is planning a 2016 presidential run, she will have even more ammunition to boost her resume in the coming weeks. On November 12, three days after her planned speech in Iowa, Palin will be released a book taking on the conservative-friendly topic of the War on Christmas.

Pain promises that in the book — titled Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas — she will “tell you how to fight back against those politically correct Scrooges who seem to hate not just a beautiful holiday, but an entire faith.”

Sarah Palin is still a long way from an official 2016 presidential run, however, and likely wouldn’t declare any intention to run for several months.

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85 Responses to “Sarah Palin 2016: Former Alaska Governor Laying Groundwork For Possible Presidential Run”

  1. Anonymous

    I'd rather see Lily Munster running… Although a Ted Cruz/Sarah Palin ticket would probably be the end of the Republican party as we all know it and the way the party is moving to the right be the best thing for all of us.

  2. Anne Savana

    oh my lord this i cannot believe why is it that the dead, sorry and fake person who cannot read newspaper is running for what?/???!!!! she could not even stay in the position as governor of alaska why in the heck cannot here husband keep her away from the media????? sarah you destroyed one man chance as president senator mccain an you could not win that for him?????

  3. Anonymous

    Jeez! These DemoRats are scared shipless of Sarah. No real arguments from them ,except Media made-up Rantings from 5 Years ago.

  4. Mike Daly Sr.

    Yes! Ted Cruse and Sarah Palin !OMG can the Repubs get any wackier… With those two mutton heads any Dem can win…

  5. Anonymous

    The entire country isn't that nuts. She might make Governor of Texas though.

  6. Steve Brennan

    I hope you get your wish, Chris. She already trashed Biden in a debate. and Hillary will be lucky if she can stay out of jail, re Benghazi. What have you got against smart, honest, frugal government? That's what we will have with Sarah Palin.

  7. Dale P. Fill

    I hope she does run. It'll ensure a Democratic victory. Not that Hillary is gonna need the help.

  8. Jon R. Weeks

    So you are against smaller govt., balanced budget, private healthcare, quit fighting Muslim wars, oil independence and approval of the Keystone pipeline to create more jobs?

  9. Juliann Cornwall

    Dude where have you been she has not been increasing her appearances and speeches? She has been out there in 2010,11,12,13 and I can't wait for 2014 helping get good guys elected with the help of her Grassroot Army getting involved with the process. She has spoken at CPAC for the last few years and had rececord crowds in 2011 on her Birthday. They even had to open 2 rooms for the overflow. She is leading without a title and I think it would hold her back. She can be much more effective right where she is. Either way I will stand with Sarah any day of the week.

  10. Juliann Cornwall

    Then you are more out of touch than you think you are. We are a force to be record with just study up on 2010 and what really happened and why the house. Her PAC has a 75% success rate.

  11. Quincy Adams

    Does CHARACTER matter anymore?
    A man's RECORD is his CHARACTER.
    We the People MUST judge a person based on content of his/her CHARACTER.

    Ability will enable a person to get to the top, but GOOD CHARACTER will keep a person from falling.

    Citizen Sarah Palin could not clean up Alaska's corruptions.
    Only Gov. Sarah Palin could clean up Alaska's corruptions.

    Citizen Obama could not transform America.
    Only Pres. Obama could transform America.

    Only Pres. Sarah Palin could restore America.

    About attracting voters (men, women, Asians, Hispanics, etc.):
    If you tell the TRUTH, they will come.

    The TRUTH hurts. The TRUTH will set you free.
    The TRUTH will defeat Obama/Clinton/democrats/liberals and RINOs.
    Their LIES will DESTROY them at the end.

    A lot of presidential candidates (Romney, Ryan, …)
    and other Republican politicians MISUSED the word CONSERVATIVE.
    Their records CONTRADICT their CONSERVATIVE messages.

    2016 will belong to us (Gov. Palin and We the People).

    It's our time now.

  12. Quincy Adams

    rifmiami Let me get this straight. Many people think Obama is 'smart' even
    though Obama is bankrupting America. Those people call Gov. Palin
    'stupid' even though Gov. Palin's JOB PERFORMANCE in Alaska was
    ABOVE 80%.
    Those people also call the Tea partiers 'terrorist' even though
    the Tea partiers are trying to save America from bankruptcy.
    Am I living in a TWILIGHT zone?

  13. Quincy Adams

    Video: SC-TV mocks Obama on Syria

    Obama's Lying Is Actually Cause for Optimism

    The Top Twenty Obama Administration Scandals

    Salena Zito | A new scandal emerging for Bill Clinton’s wife

  14. Emil Kaneti

    She goes to a Billy Graham celebration and all of a sudden she's running for president?

  15. Ray Gillies

    I would love to see her climb on board the teapublican clown car the last primaries were great fun this would be even better. She is an idiot even considering that she should run.

  16. Willie Soma

    Sorry, but the notion that BibleSpice will run for anything is just ridiculous. The author is delusional.

  17. Jason Karov

    As a conservative, I'm all in for smaller govt, balanced budgets, but I don't want people's religious views codified into law, against the Constitution.

    Sarah Palin is a sociopathic liar and a criminal. She faked a pregnancy to pander to the ultra right.
    Her husband is a pimp, guilty of exploiting poor women like Shailey Tripp, who published a book about Todd's little prostitution business.

    Sarah Palin is a lot that's wrong with the ultra right these days, being divisive, Christian supremacist, racist by implication, and utterly feckless and ignorant as is evident by her constant gaffes and failed interviews with the press.

    I'll let Peggy Noonan sum up Palin's character:

    In the end the Palin candidacy is a symptom and expression of a new vulgarization in American politics. It's no good, not for conservatism and not for the country. And yes, it is a mark against John McCain, against his judgment and idealism.

  18. Barb Sagarese Gonzalez


  19. Barb Sagarese Gonzalez

    And as far as the negative comments…..THEY ARE SCARED SHIT OF YOU!

  20. Tony Chopkoski

    Well, it's a good idea. Because in another 3 years, people will be so sick of all the failing of the present people that change, real change will be required. That is really nice about our Democracy, that we can get rid of the old administration and make it gone…good-by, no more of that.

  21. Jenny L Dubiel

    She would be BY FAR the best candidate out there and would get this country back on track. I could wish for nothing more than that she would run, but this article is totally speculating. She has not given any indication she plans to run. But we do have a petition going around asking her to run if you would like to sign it.

  22. Tony Chopkoski

    "Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey won re-election on Tuesday, defeating his Democratic rival, State Senator Barbara Buono, by a crushing margin. The victory vaulted him to the front ranks of Republican presidential contenders.
    In a state where Democrats outnumber Republicans by 700,000, Mr. Christie won decisively, making impressive inroads among younger voters, blacks, Hispanics and women – all groups that Republicans nationally have struggled to attract."

  23. Molly Southern

    liberals are so scared of this woman! they watch every move she makes and it is HILARIOUS! You suckers. She is probably just messing with you. You all are getting all bent out of shape but you are not scared…ha

  24. Bec Simon

    Wade Lomas you are a fool if you think that Flip Flop never stayed on anything and Palin would quit as VP if she got a better paying deal at fox .. As Gov of mass he was a mess and as gov of Alaska she was up for impeachment hearings so she quit

  25. Bec Simon

    as Gov of Alaska she quit because she was going to be impeached .. you don't even know what a Socialist is other then what your masters told you .. I hope Palin runs and she will be proven to be the fraud she is

  26. Bec Simon

    what a fool you are to think that . we want her to run then she will be shown to be the fraud she is but she wont run it is all a dog and pony show like last election

  27. Bec Simon

    what a fool you are to think that . we want her to run then she will be shown to be the fraud she is but she wont run it is all a dog and pony show like last election

  28. Bec Simon

    Tc Connolly you must be a brainwashed fool to love Palin and a even bigger fool to to see who spends the money and why the USA is in Debt

  29. Bec Simon

    Steve Brennan trashed biden lol wow you are a joke ! the norm of a brainwashed right winger "Benghazi." 19 house hearings and nothing 19 each costing the USA $5 million . The country has nothing against smart, honest, frugal government but Palin will not give you one she was going to be impeached in Alaska if she did not quit

  30. Bec Simon

    Juliann Cornwall what a joke 75% success rate BS ! first Ted Cruz was born in Canada not eligible to be President . # 2 Palin had to quit or she would have been impeached that those are the things you would see if she ran but she wont it is all a dog and pony show.

  31. Bec Simon

    she is on a book tour . I am sure you will stand with someone who will only speak if she get 150.000 Palin is a joke I want her to run will be so funny !

  32. Bec Simon

    Jon R. Weeks Benghazi 19 hearings in the house each costing $5 million and nothing ! 4 dead a shame ! Beirut over 300 dead and no hearing .. Jon I get you are a brainwashed right winger and you are told by your masters to hate all non extremists but get over it . your gods shutdown the gov. hurt the military and the Vets just to play hard core and they lost ! Hillary has 1,000 time the experience to run this country then any of the useless right wingers . but I get it your master tell you not to care about experience, ability they just teach you to hate .. I feel sorry for you

  33. Bec Simon

    Jon R. Weeks you should read about it all is true ! I was in Alaska at the time . Jon are you that lost you do not even know she is a quieter ~! heck 1 year in office and she would quit for a offer from fox

  34. Bec Simon

    Jon R. Weeks you are so brainwashed you have no clue R.ragan increased the size of gov by 9% GHW Bush by 11% GW by 19% ! Palin said we should have gone to Syria and Egypt quit fighting Muslim wars she wanted us in 2 more ! oil independence ? we now produce more oil then the Saudis, Keystone pipeline only 600 full time jobs and zero of the oil stays in the USA .. dang Jon get a clue!

  35. Bec Simon

    she is just on a book tour she went to see him to ask if the 2 abortions she got in Canada makes her a liberal

  36. Anonymous

    My God this woman is the blitheringest idiot that has ever disgraced our country's political spectrum. She has no knowledge or understanding of history, no interest in anything outside her little myopic bubble, and yet there are still people out there who seem to think that she is some sort of political and economic genius. WTF!

    Sarah Palin is an IDIOT, pure and simple (with emphasis on "simple.") She is no more qualified to be president (or VP) then bag of rocks. And those who would say something on the order of "Well, she'd certainly be better then Obama" demonstrate that they are just as ignorant of the real world as she is.

  37. Dale Smith

    Chris, someone who wants to shove the Bible in people's faces is not a supporter of the Constitution. Last time someone tried to shove one in my face, it ended up in their mouth.

  38. Gavin Allen

    Please. Oh, Please run, Sarah. That would be awesome. The disarray of the Republican Party would go to 11 if she ran. Pure comedy.

  39. John Calvosa

    Oh please please please, run for fhe presidency palin. There is not a a democrat that wont thank you.

  40. Keith Sparbanie

    Bec Simon You are absolutely clueless. Learn the facts before typing such nonsense.

  41. Keith Sparbanie

    God bless Sarah Palin. She's truly a great American unafraid to speak the truth. She's the only political figure who gives a damn about YOU and OUR country. The power brokers of the DNC, RNC, Hollywood, and major media have been spoon feeding you BS, trying to destroy her and her family while they rob you blind. Wake up!

  42. Anonymous

    God help USA if this idiot becomes a president… She will rui the country completely

  43. Rotarius Maximus

    Jon R. Weeks Just another idiot. How the fuck would you blame Hillary for Benghazi? Because FOX said so. You make no sense. Blame the fucking monkeys who did it; not at our fellow Americans. Sometimes I feel my service in the military accomplished nothing but to allow dumbasses like you to post stupid shit.

  44. Rotarius Maximus

    Jon R. Weeks What do you know about Muslim Wars. It looks like you haven't served in awhile if at all. Shut your fucking mouth. The Middle Eastern region has what America wants. Plain and simple. Although I've killed my fair share of Muslim Monkeys, I feel you're no better than those targets of opportunity.

  45. Steve Flesher

    Bec Simon you aren't making Duke look good. She was not going to be impeached. She resigned to prevent an ongoing lynching that was allowed by a loophole found in the Ethics Act. It was reformed after she resigned and AFTER she was cleared on every charge brought against her.

  46. Steve Flesher

    Bec Simon What liberal said Palin was going to be impeached? And prove it. Or is this the "new material" liberals are coming up with since the rest of their Palin derangement has failed?

  47. Brian Benedictus

    Wade Lomas Things would get tough, then she would quit, just like she quit her job as Governor of Alaska in a hissy after her and McCain got stomped in the 2008 election.

  48. Brian Benedictus

    Every Alaska citizen gets a cash subsidy from the Federal government from oil sales, nearly 1/4 of Alaska's population is employed by the Federal government in one capacity or another, if that's not a "more government -Socialist-dependent state" then what is?

  49. Brian Lynch

    This article can only have been written by someone who hasn't ever heard of Sarah Palin. Of course she's not running, she hates work and governing.

  50. Sanford Sklansky

    Okay people, repeat after me: Making public appearances and saying political things is not evidence that Sarah Palin is going to run for president. She’s been doing those things for the last 5 years. She is not going to run for president for one very obvious reason: Running for president is work. Hard work. Like 18+ hour days for months on end with very few breaks. Sarah Palin is as lazy as an old hound dog. She does not want to have to work, she wants to live a lavish lifestyle with very little effort. She wants to be rich and famous, not politically relevant.

  51. John David Gordon

    Juliann Cornwall – a force to be "record" with, aye? sigh…it's just too easy….

  52. Kyle Flesher

    What a Liar you are. Just like Obama. She was never going to be impeached. In fact she had the highest approval rating ever of a sitting governor at 90% She resigned because the state law did not protect her from bogus lawsuits. She put her family and states interest in front of hers;. Grow up!

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