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Giraffe Riddle Answer: Creator Of Facebook Question Reveals Answer, Promises More Riddles

Giraffe Riddle Answer: Creator Of Facebook Question Reveals Answer, Promises More Riddles

The giraffe riddle answer has frustrated and eluded Facebook users the past few days, and now the creator of the question is stepping forward to reveal the true answer — and he promises more riddles to come.

Anyone who has signed onto Facebook has likely seen the riddle, which prompts users to find the correct answer to a question about some unexpected visitors. If they get it wrong, they are supposed to find a picture of a giraffe online and commit to that as their profile photo.

The question reads:

“It’s 3am, the doorbell rings and you wake up. Unexpected visitors!

“It’s your parents and they are here for breakfast.

“You have strawberry jam, honey, wine, bread and cheese.

“What is the first thing you open?”

The question actually comes from Andrew Strugnell, a vlogger from New Zealand who first posed the question on a YouTube video. He asked Facebook users to send him a message if they knew the answer. Many of them decided to pass on the riddle, and quickly it had surpassed more than 230,000 views.

The riddle has since spawned into the Great Giraffe Challenge, with its own website where people can enter their guess.

The creator of the Facebook giraffe riddle said he was shocked to see how quickly it’s spread.

“It is taking the web by storm – it is insane. Thank you for taking part and sharing it with your friends,” Strugnell said.

As the riddle spread, so too did rumors that it was actually just a front to spread a virus that steals personal information from uses. While other Facebook contests have indeed been intended to gain access to user information, this isn’t the case with the giraffe riddle, experts say.

Strugnell said the popularity of the question has led him to create more of them, and he’s promising to release a new riddle each week. He also gave the giraffe riddle answer to anyone who hasn’t figured it out yet — the first thing you open is the door. Or, if you weren’t already awake at 3 am when your parents arrived, you open your eyes first.

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16 Responses to “Giraffe Riddle Answer: Creator Of Facebook Question Reveals Answer, Promises More Riddles”

  1. Jenny Jensen

    anyone else find it funny that the person who created the riddle didn't even get the answer right?

  2. John Emery

    I call B.S. or the article writer is just a moron and put their own opinion of the "correct" answer. Nothing stated in the riddle requires you to open any door. There could be another person in the house or the parents could have a key and open it themselves. The only thing you KNOW you have to open is your eyes. :)

  3. Jake Seelye

    Not really. Not that you would, but you could be "awake" with your eyes closed, and then with your closed eyes, go and let your parents in. So no eyes is not a definite answer. Also, it is highly unlikely the parents would have their own key, and why would they wake you up if they could let themselves in. If there was someone else in the house to let them in, THEN the answer could be eyes, but if there's not then the answer is door.

  4. Jake Seelye

    Incorrect. The question is asked AFTER you wake up, thus stating you have already opened your eyes. Next thing would be the door

  5. Bruce Maurice Thrasher

    This is a story riddle. The story is told then the question is asked. The question is always at the end; therefore, everything prior to the question is analyzed. The eyes included. And they open first. This is an IQ type of question and the originator of it would have missed it. The answer is eyes!

  6. Cindy McHaffie Fuller

    I CANNOT believe this is creating so much ridiculousness!

  7. Philip Reese

    Jake Seelye I don't know about you, but I don't fall asleep every time I blink. Though naturally the next step AFTER waking up is to open your eyes, but waking up does NOT mean your eyes are already open. The riddle creator himself says the answer is "your eyes," if you are not already awake at 3am. Since the riddle states you are waking up at 3am, you were NOT already awake and so the answer has to be "your eyes."

  8. June Boyd

    How bout curtains… If you were awake already but its 3 am and the doorbell rings and its unexpected…… Who's opening the door before you peek?

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