Madonna Nude Photos, Paintings From Age 18 Uncovered, Auction To Sell Them Off

Madonna Nude Photos, Paintings From Age 18 Uncovered, Auction To Sell Them Off

The world has already seen Madonna nude before, but what about a younger Madonna at 18 years old?

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a Madonna outburst on live TV had so much cursing the bleeper couldn’t keep up.

At age 55, Madonna Louise Ciccone has always been known for pushing the boundaries and it’s become apparent that she started as early as legally possible. Back in 1977, 18-year-old Madonna was a dance student at the University of Michigan. She decided to pose nude at $10 an hour for photographer Herman Kulkens and over the next three years she posed nude for three other photographers.

Herman Kulkens recalls how he met Madonna in an art sculpture class and she reminded him of Cleopatra. Madonna’s publicist, Liz Rosenberg, has acknowledged the nude phots as authentic:

“Madonna has acknowledged in past interviews that she did pose nude for art classes when she was a model. Her feeling is she’s never done anything she’s ashamed of.”

Madonna’s topless photos became the center of a legal battle when both Penthouse and Playboy magazine attempted to print them in 1985. They eventually became part of the Guccione Collection, named after former Penthouse founder Bob Guccione who died penniless of cancer in 2010.

The Guccione Collection includes not only Madonna’s nude photos but long lost images of celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger and President Bill Clinton’s mistress Gennifer Flowers. Guccione actually started out as a painter and created Penthouse to finance his art career, so some of the Guccione paintings will be sold, as well. Last year all of the Guccione Collection was bought up by a Wall Street financier named Jeremy Frommer when he purchased the entire Guccione esate.

On November 9, 21 of these previously unseen nude images of a young Madonna will go up for auction. According to Mr. Frommer auction houses have been reluctant to have the job:

“Auction houses have been more than willing to auction off Hugh Hefner’s memorabilia and to auction off Jeff Koons artwork, yet every single auction house that we approached was afraid and fearful and while the reception we originally got from the people directly involved in the business was general excitement over the material, the stodgy older auction house elite refused to give Bob Guccione the credit he deserves. So I have decided to do it myself.”

What do you think about Madonna’s nude photos from age 18?

[Madonna Images via The Guccione Collection]