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USS Forrestal Sold For 1 Cent, Heads To Scrapyard

uss forrestal

The USS Forrestal is heading to the scrapyard.

The USS Forrestal, the Navy’s first “supercarrier,” is being sold for 1 cent to All Star Metals. The shipbreaker will have the supercarier towed to Brownsville, Texas where it will be scrapped over the next few years.

All Star Metals said that it was finalizing its plan to get the USS Forrestal to the scrapyard. The company said that the ship is expected to leave the Navy’s inactive ship facility in Philadelphia by the end of the year.

NPR reports that the supercarrier was first launched in 1954. The ship was in service for nearly 40 years until it was decommissioned in 1993.

Stars And Stripes reports that the Navy tried to get the Forrestal into a museum but the government did not receive any suitable applications. The ship is the first of three carriers scheduled to hit the scrapyard over the next few years.

The USS Forrestal is best known for a devastating fire on July, 29, 1967. Stars And Stripes reports that 134 soldiers died in the fire off the coast of Vietnam in the Gulf of Tonkin.

The website reports that “stray voltage” triggered a rocket to launch from an F-4 Phantom. The rocket hit an A-4 Skyhawk. Fuel spilled onto the flight deck and soon the ship was engulfed in flames.

Stars and Stripes writes: “In the aftermath, 134 men were killed and more than 300 injured. The ship was heavily damaged, and more than 26 aircraft were destroyed and more than 30 damaged. More importantly, the Forrestal fire prompted changes to the way the Navy handles damage control and helped improve disaster training.”

Here’s a video about the fire aboard the USS Forrestal in 1967.

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11 Responses to “USS Forrestal Sold For 1 Cent, Heads To Scrapyard”

  1. Chad Nevius

    can you say crony pay off ?? sure i'd give a penny for several miillion tons of scrap iron at todays metal prices…….

  2. Anonymous

    Why doesn't the gov't sell this carrier back to the American people who paid for it in the first place! This same gov't still wants our money like Oextortioncare! We're on the ropes unless we replace all crooks starting from the president on down! I bid two cents,hows that grabya!

  3. Mark Colligan

    Once again we come out on the short end. I'm sure they will make millions off the selling of the metal and other parts. Why can't the US scrap it themselves?

  4. Mark Mellinger

    Our typical government. You cant tell me that the cost to scrap it is more than the cost of the steel. Our government cant figure out how to make money and return it to the tax payers. They only know how to tax us and miss spend it!!!

  5. Dave Murphy

    Yeah, I'll just bet they tried to put into a museum, you think they even looked at any of those applications before they decided none were "suitable"? Gee, some Texas politicians buddy just picked up several million pounds of free scrap metal…………I bet they don't even send in the penny. Sailors served their country and some gave their lives on her deck, I wonder if the profiteer will even think twice about that before he starts melting her down for free. Okay, it costs a lot to tow it, and to store it, and it's been sitting around since being decommissioned in 1993. I get that, but I just wonder how hard they tried finding an alternative. I'd like to think someone actually tried raising money, maybe I'm naive……

  6. Walter Bachner

    Here's an idea. The government allows the company to scrap the ship and they split all the profits after expenses. Or would that have Conservatives screaming Socialism?

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