Ringo Starr Gets Plenty Of Help Finding Long-Lost Teenagers He Photographed

Ringo Starr Gets Help Finding Long-Lost Teenagers He Photographed

RIngo Starr has a mystery to solve, and plenty of internet sleuths have stepped forward to offer a hand.

The Beatles drummer is putting together a limited edition e-book of some 240 images he collected, including photos from the first time the Fab Four came to America in 1964. One shot showed a group of teenagers — four boys and two girls — all crammed in the back of a convertible. The teens had pulled up to the band’s car on the road and tried to get their attention, and as they did, Ringo snapped a photograph.

That’s where the mystery starts. The encounter ended there, and Ringo never got a chance to get the teens’ names, so now he’s turning to the public for help.

Ringo told USA Today that he wants to meet the teens, who by now would be in their 60s. He was able to narrow it down a bit, saying that the photo was taken during the time the Beatles spent in Miami. They arrived there three days before their second appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show.

Ringo Starr and the rest of the Beatles had plenty of iconic experiences during the Miami visit, including a visit with Muhammad Ali (then Cassius Clay) and a well-photographed trip to the beach.

But some people who saw the picture think Ringo Starr may be mistaken. The teens are seen wearing winter coats, which would be unlikely for Miami. History may back Ringo up, as meteorological records show a rare cold front in Miami that saw the temperature dip to 44 degrees.

Ringo won’t be alone in his search for the teens. His quest has spread quickly around the internet, with scores of people tweeting the picture and asking for help.

Between the re-tweets and the dozens of hints already coming in, Ringo Starr will have plenty of clues to sort through.