Where Do the Engagement Rings on "Love Is Blind" Actually Come From? Here's The Answer

Where Do the Engagement Rings on "Love Is Blind" Actually Come From? Here's The Answer

Love is Blind, the hit Netflix show, made its debut on Valentine's Day in 2020 and has since had its fair share of ups and downs in the love department. The latest season, which is the fourth installment of the series, dropped on Friday, March 24. Out of the 30 singles who entered the latest season of Love Is Blind, only 10 walked away with their fiances.

The couples count seemed to decrease by the end of Episode 5 when participants Zack and Irina (finally) called it quits, while Episodes 9-11, which premiered Friday, April 7, spelled trouble for one more couple. The episodes saw another split, and one “I do.” The remaining nuptials will be documented in the Love Is Blind Season 4 finale on April 14, so the question remains who foots the bill for the engagement rings as each couple walks down the aisle during the airing of the popular reality show? And where do the engagement rings come from? 



The Love Is Blind creator Chris Coelen told Variety that most of the cast members do not come with their own rings, “If they want to propose and want to have a ring to give, we provide—up to a certain level—a ring for them to do that with. If they choose to do that, we actually give choices. There are, like, 10 or 12 different styles and colors. It’s up to them, they don’t have to. There’s no pressure to do that.”

All the bling is arranged by a family-owned diamond jewelry company: The Bridal Rings Company, in Los Angeles. "Since they were in the facility and weren't able to go out into the 'real world' at that point, they couldn't have been able to go to a shop. We wouldn't have allowed them to at that point. It's obviously such a gigantic moment in people's lives that we wanted it to be as authentic to them as it possibly could be."


As told to Popsugar, "All the men are presented with dozens of rings to choose from unless they brought their own. Whatever they choose, we pay for. Whatever we pay for, they keep, regardless of engagement ending." And even though you might recognize similar elements on some designs — like diamond carat size, band embellishment, and setting — no two styles are exactly the same. Netflix even revealed that in season two, the men proposing discussed their choices together, so the rings were unique to each recipient. 

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So, the answer is Yes, the Love is Blind production team pays for the engagement rings and not the cast.  Talking to Newsweek Chris Coelen  further revealed, "I don't know how many different kinds of rings, but there's some selection of rings that that we will show to them…and if they want to propose and get engaged, we will give them the opportunity to."

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