Wendy Williams' Brother Criticizes Show Management for Filming Amidst Her Poor Health

Wendy Williams' Brother Criticizes Show Management for Filming Amidst Her Poor Health
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Ex-reality TV talk show host, Wendy Williams's brother - Tommy Williams - breaks his silence and lashes out at Wendy's film crew for filming the actress even though she's still very ill and "not okay."

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In a video released by The Sun U.S, a rather disgruntled Tommy slams Wendy's filming crew and management. In an enraged manner, he expressed how he wasn't happy about how she was treated even though she's been sick over the last couple of weeks. He questions the crew's relevance to being on set with her and expresses sincere concern for his sister's health as she "does not look ready to start a podcast."



An interview with TMZ from 2022 is what led to Tommy's outburst towards the crew's insensitive behavior. In the video, Wendy appears to be filming from her penthouse apartment in New York on the iconic "purple chair" referred to as her "throne." She was asked questions about her decision to announce her retirement from television and start a podcast instead. Wendy did look worn out in the interview, which most definitely caught her doting brother's eye as he and their elderly father were watching the interview together, cheering her on from behind the scenes.



Earlier, her brother uploaded a video on his YouTube channel about how his heart was filled with glee at being able to spend time with his sister, and he expressed his annoyance at Wendy's departure to New York. Tommy also said he wanted to "stuff that returns ticket out her pocket" but that he has faith that Wendy's choice to "spend time with family will prevail." 

The 54-year-old said that he hopes that Wendy will be back for more than just a production where "cameras are shoved in your face." After a subtle pause, he further ranted about being more optimistic about the situation and strongly insinuated that he'll "always be there for his little sister" regardless of the situation.



Wendy Williams does not mince words when it comes to her opinions on celebrities and is widely known for being raw and honest about them even on national television. This has sparked many feuds and falling-outs in the past. According to People, back in 2020, Wendy had a public feud with NeNe Leakes which was around the time of Leakes' exit from The Real Housewives of Atlanta. According to the reports, the two are not friends anymore.

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According to Us Weekly, the talk show sensation made headlines for being a cocaine addict at the beginning of her career. Shortly after she was diagnosed with Graves Disease and hyperthyroidism. She never let any of her ailments stop her from doing what she loved, but fans were left in shock at her dedication especially after she collapsed on Live TV wearing a "Statue of Liberty" costume.

The cause of this according to producers who rushed her to the hospital was "overheating" in her outfit. The battle for her good health still rages on as she's recently developed vertigo. Regardless of her health Wendy is still a survivor and a warrior through all of what she's been through in life.

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