American Idol Contestant Wé Ani's Father Accuses Katy Perry of 'Bullying' His Daughter on Reality Show

American Idol Contestant Wé Ani's Father Accuses Katy Perry of 'Bullying' His Daughter on Reality Show
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Wé Ani's father reportedly accused American Idol judge Katy Perry of bullying his daughter on the show with harsh comments in a lengthy and emotional caption on Instagram, reported BET.



The former contestant from season 21 made it into the top 5 and quickly rose to fame on the show, earning the title of fan-favorite. Although fans believed that Ani would definitely win the series on account of her powerful and moving vocal range, the 24-year-old, unfortunately, struck out of the finals after performing a stellar rendition of Into the Unknown from Frozen 2 and The Climb by Miley Cyrus astonishing the viewers. Even the judges appeared to be floored by it.

Among the dozens of unhappy fans was Wé Ani's father Mack McDonald who has now accused Katy Perry of bullying in a comment under Perry's Instagram post where she is seen dressed as Elastigirl. 


The comment begins with him narrating the story from a long time ago when Ani was a young teenager filled with the same passion and enthusiasm that she carries even now while singing. The teenager seemingly went on to Chaplin Studios where she was set to record a song for Apple during her appearance on The Voice. Shortly after her purpose was achieved, the young Ani "rushed out" with an exuberant expression hinting that something wonderful had occurred. Katy Perry had been in her recording session, and the teenager had asked her father, "Daddy did you see her?" 

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McDonald went on to explain that Ani "idolized" Perry and that the fireworks singer was one of his daughter's "icons" Her father was surprised to find out that the lady who donned a black attire that day and walked with a furry little friend was none other than Ani's role model. 

All their hopes and expectations were reportedly shattered after all three of them were given a rude awakening. McDonald said that Katy Perry hurled undeserved snarky comments at Ani on the show as she stood before the very woman whom she'd idolized for a long time now. Ani's father expressed his anger and disappointment as a parent watching his child go through something as heartbreaking as being bullied on national television. He concluded the lengthy statement, saying that he had learned a lesson. He possibly also threw shade at the T.G.I.F singer, and said, "See you at the Grammy's."



Wé Ani's shocking elimination left not just her family enraged by the decision, but her fans too who threatened to stop watching the show if she was no longer a part of it. In a post announcing her elimination, fans offered umteen support and love as they expressed an earnest desire for her bright future ahead of the journey on the show.

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