Travis Barker's Daughter Alabama, 17, Claps Back at Online Trolls in New TikTok Video

Travis Barker's Daughter Alabama, 17,  Claps Back at Online Trolls in New TikTok Video
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Travis Barker's daughter Alabama Barker, 17, responded to online trolls in a new video on TikTok after receiving backlash for her glamourous makeup at a young age, reports Daily Mail



Alabama took it to TikTok when she clapped back at trolls for commenting on her makeup in a new video, in response to all the prior backlash she has received over the last few weeks. The video featured Travis Barker's daughter in her classic over-lined lips, glam makeup, blonde open hair, and a black ensemble, paired with stunning silver jewelry - a layered chain along with earrings, that complimented her dress perfectly.

The video reads 'When Kathryn with 3 kids, only waterline liner, 4 different colored blonde, and Tom shoes talk about my age or makeup'. In response and on cue to the audio, Alabama lip-syncs 'I'll tell you what you look like but you won't like it' while snickering towards the end of the video.



The beauty influencer immediately garnered people's attention with her savage response to trolls on her TikTok video, which presently has over 8 million views along with her 3.6M followers on the platform. Although she made it explicitly clear from the video how the backlash doesn't affect her, the trolling didn't stop there.

She even responded to a few of the negative comments with 'I wish I cared what people think'. Another commenter expressed concern for the 'over-sexualization' of youth in the LA culture, to which she responded with, 'Well I'm doing great thank you'. 

While the haters were hating, there were several fans who offered their support and love to the influencer, encouraging her to carry on. Comments from a 44-year-old mom saying how she loves her hair, makeup, outfit, vibes, and videos and another asking her to slay like a queen followed the multitude of comments that didn't let haters get all the spotlight.



Alabama has often faced criticism over her mature appearance and makeup since she started her social media journey. She currently has roughly 1.7 Million followers on Instagram besides her following on TikTok and regularly engages on the platform while being her authentic self. She had recently received criticism​ for sporting a black crop top and mini-skirt on Instagram as well.

Travis Barker, however, never fails to show how doting of a father he is and often makes appearances in her videos. In one such video, the daddy-daughter duo appeared to be on a car ride, vibing with each other in all-black ensembles with similar black beanies. While his daughter was lip-syncing the lyrics of the audio, Travis maintained his signature stare as he gazed into the camera with his tattooed hand covering half of his face.

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