Tina Turner and Her Husband Erwin Bach Purchased a Lavish $76M Swiss Residence Prior to Her Death

 Tina Turner and Her Husband Erwin Bach Purchased a Lavish $76M Swiss Residence Prior to Her Death
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Before the demise of the sensational singer Tina Turner, both she and her husband Erwin Bach purchased a lavish $76 million mansion in the luxe land of Switzerland, reported Page Six.

The River Deep Mountain singer's sad demise has certainly taken the world by surprise as she practically added a new depth of emotion to rock and rewrote history with her incredible gift and talent. She took the world by storm with her resounding vocals and powerful range.

Image Credit: Getty Images | Jacopo Raule
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Jacopo Raule


Following her untimely death, it was revealed that the legendary singer had recently purchased a gorgeous abode in Zurich, Switzerland with her husband Erwin Bach. The Estate in Zurich is rustic, and lush, located at the foothills of the incredible River Zurich surrounded by nature. It's a picture-perfect location for a couple looking to settle down and has everything within the accessibility range.

The landscape is a true highlight of the property as it overlooks the glistening river and the frost-covered alps of the mountain - a sight to behold during the frigid winters and warm summers. The loving couple had also renounced their US citizenship before receiving their residency in the lavish town of Zurich.



According to Erwin Bach, the late singer's husband, the two were quite comfortable at their humble abode in Switzerland and bought the mansion as a means to expand their real estate realm. Besides the other properties the legendary singer owned, this one takes the cherry on the cake because of its gorgeous amenities.

The home is picturesque and looks like something out of a fairytale with a supposed bronze horse sculpture, and classic ivy that runs across the walls of the mansion. The rest of the place is filled with the serenity of gardens and shrubs as a sign of a healthy ecosystem.



The interiors of the home are kept under wraps. Although reports suggest that the interior is just as gorgeous and intricately designed. There is supposedly a room dedicated to Louis XIV furniture and accents - a couch alongside a portrait of the evergreen singer as an Egyptian Queen. The theme of the house closely follows the fact that Turner believed herself to be Egyptian in her former life and the home seemed to pay homage to that part of her heritage.

The massive swimming pool is reportedly surrounded by shattered shards of the infamous purple amethyst crystal which perfectly reflects purple flecks of light. There is also a private pond and stream followed by a boat deck for a peaceful means of entertainment by the mammoth lake.  



The Proud Mary singer's death was recently announced via a post from her official Instagram account insinuating the award-winning singer's death and expressing deep sorrow and offering condolences to her near and dear ones. Fans also followed suit by commenting on their loss and wished peace upon her family and the singer's soul.

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