The Drake Curse Hits March Madness as the Rapper Goes 0-2 on Massive Final Four Bet

The Drake Curse Hits March Madness as the Rapper Goes 0-2 on Massive Final Four Bet
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Everyone is aware of Drake’s extreme passion for sports betting, which neither makes him popular nor hurts his hard-earned wealth. The Canadian rapper and singer, whose real name is Aubrey Drake Graham, has been quite busy ever since he first entered the music business in 2006 with his debut mixtape Room for Improvement and began releasing hit albums one after the other. 

The 36-year-old is undoubtedly a very talented musician, but when it comes to sports betting, he lacks a lot of gambling expertise. The Canadian has a history of making poor choices at the bookies, and this time he lost huge sums of money betting on the NCAA Basketball Final Four. He placed a massive parlay on Saturday’s matchups totaling $250,000.The potential payout landed north of $1.5 million, but it, unfortunately, came nowhere close to hitting. Drake went 0-2 in that parlay to quickly lose a quarter of a million dollars, reported Marca.

Cover Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Joe Scarnici
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Joe Scarnici


According to a New York Post report, Drake put down a clean $250,000 on an all-underdogs Final Four March Madness parlay with a payout of $1,580,500 if both the Florida Atlantic Owls and Miami Hurricanes had won. This is another loss for the superstar rapper, who has seen quite his fair share of red in his sports betting account.

Drake has a reputation for making expensive bets over the years, the majority of which he loses. Among his notable blunders over the previous year were incorrectly picking the Miami Dolphins, Charles Leclerc, and various losing UFC fighters, as well as Barcelona in a Clasico.



In 2022, Drake was wildly unsuccessful in UFC betting, losing a combined $2.6 million in wagers during the year. Adding to the pain, Drake placed a $1 million bet on Argentina to win the World Cup final – but still lost.

The rapper lost his wager even though he predicted Argentina would win the World Cup final because he thought they would win in the regular 90-minute period, but the game ended up being decided on penalties. Many people make poor choices when betting on sports teams, but the Canadian has a particular issue that gives rise to what is infamously known as the "Drake curse": he won’t stop posting his predictions on social media. And this, eventually, makes him the target of ridicule when the opposite happens.



Alongside his big losses with the bookies, Drake has also been thought to bring bad luck to athletes. That's because the likes of Sergio Aguero, Jadon Sancho, Layvin Kurzawa, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, and Paul Pogba all lost matches or were accompanied by bad luck after having their picture taken with Drake.

But a broken clock is, in fact, right twice a day, and 2023 has seen some luck turn his way. Namely, when he successfully bet $700,000 on the Chiefs in the 2023 Super Bowl with Patrick Mahomes meticulously dismantling the Eagles’ defense en route to a 38-35 win.

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