Tessa Thompson and Michael B Jordan Went to Couples Therapy to Prepare for Their Roles in "Creed III"

Tessa Thompson and Michael B Jordan Went to Couples Therapy to Prepare for Their Roles in "Creed III"
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The acting world is one that is constantly evolving, and actors are always looking for ways to better their craft. This is why Tessa Thompson and Michael B Jordan took the unusual step of going to couples therapy to prepare for their roles in Creed III. The two actors "of color" were preparing for their roles in the new release and wanted to get into character as much as possible. The movie franchise, which has been running for eight years, sees the two actors playing the roles of Adonis Creed and Bianca Creed. The two characters have developed a strong bond over the years, and the actors felt that going to couples therapy together would help them better understand their characters, as per Meaww.

Thompson recently revealed in an interview that the moral of Creed III is that all people should go to therapy because it's something that really helped her character, Bianca. The character has undergone a significant developmental arc since the first Creed film, going from an up-and-coming singer-songwriter with progressive hearing loss to the wife of a famous boxer, the mother of Adonis's deaf daughter, and a music producer.

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When she was first introduced in the franchise, the character Bianca struggled with being totally vulnerable. She had a tough exterior, which was partly due to her own trauma and damage. This was a narrative that was never fully explored, but it was something that was always at the back of Thompson's mind when she was portraying the character.

Thompson revealed that her character's journey has been about learning to be vulnerable. "Her journey has been so much about softening," the Passing actress said, "And motherhood is something that has softened her and her own struggles have softened her, but also her work in therapy. [She’s learned] it's okay to be seen by somebody in your fullness, in your softness.

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Thompson also talked about the importance of therapy in general, and how it can help people better understand themselves and their relationships. She said that therapy is useful in so many relationships and that even when a relationship is good, going to therapy can help sharpen communication and figure out how someone works.

Thompson and Jordan went to couples therapy together, which Thompson admitted was a very weird experience at first. She added that it was an early experience in couples therapy for both of them, but that it was something that they did while in character. It was a chance for them to understand how other young parents strike balance in their lives. "It was a chance for us to really talk to a couples therapist and understand some of the things of young parents who are trying to balance their own dreams and aspirations." she said, "What are the themes that you see? What are the things they might be up against? What might be their impediments to happiness or success as a couple?"

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The method actor in Thompson shone through when she talked about the experience, saying that therapy ended up starting at work and getting more personal as per People. They wanted to get into character as much as possible, and the therapy sessions helped them to do just that.

Thompson and Jordan have grown as actors over the course of making the Creed movies. They have seen each other through various stages in their own romantic lives, and they know stuff about each other's lives. They shared and talked about their experiences, which helped to deepen their bond.

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