Tammy Slaton of '1000-Lb. Sisters' Spotted With Sugary Starbucks Drink Raising Concerns of Relapse

Tammy Slaton of '1000-Lb. Sisters' Spotted With Sugary Starbucks Drink Raising Concerns of Relapse
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Reality TV personality Tammy Slaton, best known for her appearance in the hit show "1000-Lb. Sisters," was recently seen sipping on a chocolatey Starbucks drink, causing worry that she might be reverting to her old ways of unhealthy eating habits. Tammy, who has battled with weight issues for most of her life, has undergone a significant transformation in recent years, shedding hundreds of pounds through rehab and bariatric surgery.

The 36-year-old was seen ordering an extra-large chocolate drink with lots of whipped cream while on a day trip to Indiana to stock up on groceries. Tammy's brother Chris Combs picked her up at her Kentucky home and drove her across state lines to fill up on gas before stopping at Starbucks.



A source told The U.S. Sun that Tammy has been "slipping back into old habits" since her split from her husband Caleb Willingham. The source claims that Tammy is "eating McDonald's regularly" and vaping, and that she has regressed to her pre-rehab lifestyle of unhealthy fast food runs and smoking. Tammy's friend also revealed that there doesn't seem to be a lot of support from her family, who aren't strict with themselves or each other.



Recent full-body photos of Tammy, obtained by The U.S. Sun, showed her struggling as she walked without an electrical cart or walker. At a gas station, she exited the car and walked unassisted into the general store. After a brief moment, she exited the store without any purchase and returned to the passenger seat of the car.

Although Tammy moved entirely on her own, she appeared to struggle and had to pause to catch her breath. An eyewitness reported that Tammy had to stop and lean on the hood of the car. It was also observed that she appeared to be slightly out of breath and had difficulty stepping down from the sidewalk and raising herself back into the passenger car seat. Despite showing some progress, Tammy was seen vaping while riding an electric scooter in a Kentucky Walmart parking lot last month, while hooked up to an oxygen tank.



Tammy's weight at the end of her 14-month rehab stay was just over 400 pounds, which is almost half of her former size. Fans of the show may recall that Tammy entered rehab for the second time in 2021 to get her life back on track. A source close to Tammy revealed that during her first rehab stint, she had to reach a goal weight of 550 pounds from around 700 pounds to be eligible for bariatric surgery, which is a weight loss surgery that alters the digestive system to achieve rapid weight loss in extreme cases.

On a season 4 episode of TLC's "1000-Lb. Sisters," Tammy achieved her goal weight. The U.S. Sun was the first to report that Tammy underwent the life-changing bariatric surgery in the summer of 2022, and the source added that she has lost an additional 150 pounds since then. So fans and supporters of Tammy sincerely hope that this is just a phase, and this too shall pass before she gets back on the weight-loss wagon again. 

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