Yovanna Ventura Is Pretty In Pink Pants While Showing Off Her Toned Tummy

Yovanna Ventura was back on Instagram on Wednesday afternoon to show off the toned body that has paid her bills these many years. Sporting a relatively conservative outfit than what her more than 5 million fans are used to seeing, she was still able to show off a figure that once earned her the honor […]

Justin Bieber Cozies Up In Model Ashley Moore’s Lap At Los Angeles Basketball Game

Justin Bieber has a lot going on these days, but on Friday, he took some time to relax with model Ashley Moore and a few friends at a basketball game. The 21-year-old superstar was spotted enjoying tactile fun with Ashley, who is signed to the Nous Modelling Agency in Los Angeles, in their private suite […]

Hailey Baldwin Abruptly Leaves Justin Bieber On Private Island, Plays Games On Twitter

Hailey Baldwin appeared ticked off after leaving Justin Bieber on the private island close to Grenada, which she and a group of friends jetted to last week to celebrate the superstar’s 21st birthday. Based on tweets that the daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin punched out on Tuesday, just before boarding a flight to the U.S., […]

Justin Bieber Didn’t Hook Up With ‘Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood’s’ Masika Kalysha At 21st Bash

It turns out Justin Bieber did not spend his 21st birthday getting intimate with Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star Masika Kalysha Tucker. This is according to a source, and a telling lack of current tattoos on the singer’s arm seen in the now viral Instagram photo that Kalysha posted, which gave the impression that […]

During Justin Bieber’s 21st Birthday Bash, Selena Gomez And Cody Simpson Did This

“I love everybody! #21,” Justin Bieber tweeted, at the end of excited-sounding posts during his 21st birthday party with friends in the Caribbean on Sunday, March 1. He later shared a clip of himself — shirtless and legally drinking from a champagne bottle — while dancing to 50 Cent’s “In Da Club,” surrounded by well-wishers […]

Justin Bieber Turns Up For 21st: Parties With Hailey Baldwin, Yovanna Ventura, And Pals

Justin Bieber is 21. The birthday boy, now man, officially came of age on Sunday on a private island near Grenada in the Caribbean. The superstar celebrated his milestone with companions including, former flame Yovanna Ventura, Topshop model pal Hailey Baldwin, budding director Ryan Butler, videographer Alfredo Flores, producers Soundz and Maejor Ali, Lil Za, […]

Yovanna Ventura Calls Selena Gomez ‘Bella,’ Negating Recent Bieber Hookup Claim

Remember that recent unfounded gossip site claim insisting Justin Bieber hooked up with previous fling Yovanna Ventura in New York City while dating his on-off girlfriend Selena Gomez? Well, it turns out Yovanna recently complimented Selena when a fan asked the 18-year-old model on Instagram for her opinion of the actress-singer. Going further, the Miami […]

No Break-Up, No Cheating: Selena Gomez + Justin Bieber Follow On Instagram

Justin Bieber followed Selena Gomez on Instagram on Friday (Sept. 19), and the starlet followed her boyfriend right back. Despite gossip reports speculating that the couple have broken up over unsubstantiated, alleged cheating between Bieber and his former fling, 18-year-old Miami model Yovanna Ventura — Jelena appear to be either sending a message of unity, […]

Source: Selena Gomez Knows Justin Bieber Met Yovanna Ventura In NYC, No Cheating Involved

At this report’s outset, The Inquisitr notes Justin Bieber unfollowed former flame Yovanna Ventura on Instagram on Wednesday, September 17. Amid a rumor that Bieber has asked his girlfriend Selena Gomez to move in with him after weeks of dating in their latest on-phase, it is alleged Justin flew 18-year-old Miami model Yovanna to New […]

Justin Bieber ‘Unfollows’ Yovanna Ventura On Instagram As Selena Gomez Relationship Gets Serious

Amid reports of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s PDA-packed bowling date on Sunday, it’s been revealed the Canadian singer has now unfollowed Yovanna Ventura — the model he was seeing as recently as July. Eagle-eyed fans noticed the 20-year-old heartthrob unfollowed Yovanna on Wednesday. It set off online speculation that Justin and Selena’s latest reunion […]

Selena Gomez Takes Emotional Swipe At Justin Bieber, Enough Already!

Selena Gomez appeared to call out ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber during her emotional Ultimate Choice Award speech at the 2014 Teen Choice Awards on Sunday. Selena Gomez appeared to call out former boyfriend Justin Bieber during her emotional Ultimate Choice Award acceptance speech at the 2014 Teen Choice Awards on Sunday. The 22-year-old was presented with […]

Justin Bieber Might Be Dating Kendall Jenner — Is The World Ready For ‘Jendall?’

Justin Bieber reportedly left an Ibiza party “holding hands” with Kendall Jenner. That’s the hot new rumor and a slew of sources are lining up to spill the deets. Justin Bieber wasn’t Orlando Bloom’s favorite person in Ibiza last week, but if new rumors are true Kendall Jenner has a 180 different view of the […]

Justin Bieber Calls Selena Gomez ‘Beautiful’ After She Goes Public With New Man

“She’s beautiful” is how Justin Bieber described on-again, off-again girlfriend Selena Gomez on Wednesday, when asked by paparazzi if the Latina starlet is “still your friend.” The question came the same day PDA-filled pictures of Selena hanging out with hot new guy Tommy Chiabra went around the world. In a video clip of the moment, […]

Justin Bieber Reacts After Selena Gomez’s Birthday PDA With New Man Tommy Chiabra

Justin Bieber calls Selena Gomez “beautiful” after she goes public in St. Tropez tryst with new man Tommy Chiabra. Justin Bieber seems to have reacted – if you know what you’re looking at – to intimate, new photos of his former girlfriend Selena Gomez with new man Tommy Chiabra celebrating her 22nd birthday on a […]

Justin Bieber Posts Model Ashley Moore’s Underwear Photo, Thoughts?

Justin Bieber posted an underwear photo of former gal pal model Ashley Moore to Instagram last night, despite the just turned 21-year-old tweeting that he was “irrelevant” last week, after he posted cozy snaps of himself with model Yovanna Ventura. So, is the Biebs being passive aggressive, trying to make amends, or simply giving Moore […]

Selena Gomez Stuns At Italy’s Ischia Global Festival, New Tattoo Under Wraps

Selena Gomez stepped out at Italy’s 2014 Ishchia Global Film & Music Festival Wednesday, looking fantastic in an elegant dress ahead of the Friday premiere of the William H. Macy directed Rudderless, in which she stars. The actress-singer is set to be presented with the Kids’ Global Award and is seen smiling in green-carpet snaps […]

Justin Bieber Gal Pal Yovanna Ventura Bullied By Fans Amid Chantel Jeffries’ Hostility

Justin Bieber’s current girlfriend Yovanna Ventura is forced to announce she doesn’t have a Twitter, as fake accounts spread online and the model is harrassed by bullies at her Instagram account. It seems Bieber’s former girlfriend Selena Gomez isn’t the only one getting a dose of online bullying. Ever since the “Baby” singer posted an […]

Justin Bieber Shares Sexy Shirtless Gym Workout, Hiking Day, Says ‘#StayFit’

Justin Bieber has pretty boy swag sewn up. But, in case some haven’t noticed, the pop prince can also do manly, sweaty, have-you-seen-my-epic-core-strength in the gym — and hiking too. Justin Bieber has core strength for days, according to an Instagram of him in a gym posted this weekend. On Sunday, the Biebs shared a […]

Selena Gomez Slams Fan’s Bullying ‘Cancer’ Comment,’ But What Provoked It?

Selena Gomez called out a bullying fan on Instagram over the weekend for making a comment wishing cancer on the starlet. While not excusing the fan’s actions, we ask if a recent gossip report has inflamed impressionable fans into a war of words. Selena Gomez will not be bullied any more. The 21-year-old took to […]

Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez Dueling: Don’t-You-Wish-Your-Rebound-Date-Was Hot-Like-Me?

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are trying to make each other jealous, so more than one media report claims. It’s said the exes are engaged in a rebound dating duel, with models Yovanna Ventura and Tanz Watson as pretty pawns. While that may be true, it’s also possible the former halves of Jelena are trying […]

Justin Bieber’s Mother Pleads With ‘Horny’ Fans After His Suggestive Selfies

Justin Bieber’s mother Pattie Mallette pleads with her son’s fans to stop telling her he makes them “horny,” after he sends suggestive online messages Justin Bieber’s mother, Pattie Mallette, delivered a very clear message to her son’s millions-strong Twitter fanbase Friday night, in language we’ve never heard from the openly Christian inspirational speaker and author […]

Justin Bieber Treats Yovanna Ventura To ‘Dinner For Two,’ Making Selena Jealous?

Justin Bieber posts an Instagram revealing he took Yovanna Ventura to “Dinner for 2” last night. It looks like Selena Gomez’s busty 24 hours in New York City may have been in vain. Justin Bieber’s romancing of Yovanna Ventura continued last night with “Dinner for 2,” as he captioned an Instagram photo of their date. […]

Did Selena Gomez Have A Nip Slip In NYC Club After Justin Bieber Pics With Yovanna?

Justin Bieber is seen in photos cozying up to a model and a day later Selena Gomez not only goes bra-less in New York City, but also frees her nipple in a Big Apple club. Subtle it ain’t, but the starlet isn’t the first to use body language to send a probable message to an […]

Sorry Selena, But Justin Bieber Is Cuddling Yovanna Ventura And Looks Into It [See Pics]

Justin Bieber got busy last night posting photos of fitness model Yovanna Ventura, amid Selena Gomez’s second Instagram Emo episode. Jelena who? Okay, so Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez may get back together some time. But not today. And not last night, Seemingly keen to show the world his boo, Justin posted a shot of […]

Selena Gomez Step Away From Instagram, Justin Bieber Has Moved On With Yovanna Ventura

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s rekindled relationship – or whatever that was – has bitten the dust. Additionally, Gomez has more than a few folk concerned after she posted a bunch of emotional Instagrams on Tuesday, July 8. The actress-singer uploaded a number of cryptic posts, one of which was a screengrab of a personal […]

Justin Bieber Gets Yovanna Ventura: Selena Gomez Gets Needy & Cryptic On Instagram

Justin Bieber posted a picture of himself spending time with fitness model Yovanna Ventura from a Los Angeles recording studio on Monday night, ahead of fresh confirmation that he and on-again, off-again girlfriend Selena Gomez are not a couple and didn’t recently reunite. Of Bieber and Gomez’s relationship, a source tells Gossip cop: “They didn’t […]

Justin Bieber Teases New Music Amid Signs Of Selena Gomez Split

Justin Bieber previews new music on Instagram as signs appear that his reunion with Selena Gomez may have hit the ropes, or at the very least be out of the honeymoon phase of last week. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s reunion may already be over, according to reports and the on-again, off-again couple’s social media […]

Justin Bieber And Model Adriana Lima Reportedly ‘Hooked Up’ In Cannes

Justin Bieber reportedly hooked up with supermodel Adriana Lima in Cannes, France, despite initial tabloid reports stating the Brazilian beauty snubbed the superstar. So, this is a turnaround. It was previously claimed Justin Bieber’s pursuit of Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima led to a super-awkward snub for the Canadian star in what was a whirlwind party […]

Justin Bieber, Kylie Jenner Take Selfies Over Cozy Dinner

Justin Bieber and Kylie Jenner took selfies dining out in West Hollywood last night, just as Selena Gomez met up with One Direction’s Niall Horan at a Katy Perry gig at London’s 02 Arena. Justin Bieber had a welcome boy’s night out crasher in the shape of Kylie Jenner Tuesday night. Hot on the heels […]

Justin Bieber Openly Flirts With Yovanna Ventura On Instagram

Justin Bieber, international playboy? Well, he is 20. But it does seem Bieber is moving on smoothly after the reported implosion of a briefly rekindled relationship with Selena Gomez. Just days after video and pictures emerged of rumored former gal pal model Barbara Palvin affectionately stroking Bieber’s face at a party in Cannes, France, the […]

Justin Bieber Didn’t Go To Yovanna Ventura’s Miami High School Prom, Never Confirmed To

Justin Bieber didn’t attend gal pal Yovanna Ventura’s Miami Senior High School prom last Friday, which should surprise exactly no-one. Ventura and Bieber were photographed hanging out together in Las Vegas and Los Angeles earlier this month, with tactile shots of the pair surfacing. From there, a rumor which appears to have originated in the […]

If Justin Bieber Was Going To Attend A Miami High School Prom He Probably Isn’t Now

Justin Bieber expected at the Miami high school prom of Yovanna Ventura, the very pretty Miami senior high school student the singer was spotted with recently? We can’t see it ourselves. Imagine, the carnage. But, what if? According to reports, there’s a slim chance Justin Bieber may crash new gal pal Yovanna Ventura’s prom at […]

Justin Bieber Hot To Trot In Shirtless Horse Riding Trip Amid Models’ Reappearance

On Monday, the Hollywood Hills were alive with the sight of Justin Bieber — shirtless while riding a magnificent, white Stallion. Justin Bieber had something of a magnificent Monday. Not only did the 20- year-old roll out the first of many funny vine posts before blitzing the rest of his social media accounts to the […]

Justin Bieber Skateboards Holding Onto Moving Van In Adrenalin Ride [Video]

Justin Bieber rode his skateboard while holding onto a moving van in Beverly Hills on Saturday. According to reports, the pop star also has girl problems and isn’t “over” his on-off girlfriend Selena Gomez despite being spotted with a new gal pal, Yovanna Ventura. Now, model Ashley Moore has reappeared on the scene. Justin Bieber […]

Taylor Swift On Selena Gomez Friendship: ‘The Longest One I Think Either of Us Have Had’

Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift’s relationship is rock solid. In fact, the Red singer recently told E News! “It’s been the longest [friendship] I think either of us have had really.” Despite months of ridiculous reporting by the usual gossip media suspects that essentially made up claims, sources and inane storylines, Gomez and Swift made […]

Justin Bieber And Yovanna Ventura, Girlfriend Or Selena Gomez Revenge Ruse?

Justin Bieber has replaced Selena Gomez with another beautiful brunette, Yovanna Karen Ventura. And while some Bieber fans aren’t over the moon about his new model gal pal, the 20-year-old singer has been spending a lot of time with the Miami senior high school student. Most recently, the Canadian singer hung out with 18-year-old Yovanna […]

Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift Dance Off Rift Rumors & Bieber In Met Gala Video

Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift were rumored to have feuded over the Disney alum’s reunion with Justin Bieber. With reports that the Biebs and Gomez have now parted ways, the two girls were seen for the first time in months with a dance video Selena posted from the 2014 Met Gala. It seems this year’s […]

Yovanna Ventura: Justin Bieber’s New Girlfriend Is Fitness Model With Huge Following

Yovanna Ventura may not have as many fans as her boyfriend Justin Bieber, but the 18-year-old has already gained quite a following herself in the fitness world. Ventura was spotted with Bieber backstage with the Canadian singer at the Floyd Mayweather fight over the weekend, and then the pair were seen again on a date […]

Justin Bieber’s New Rumored Model Girlfriend Looks Nothing Like Kylie Jenner

Justin Bieber hit Venice Beach, Los Angeles, Monday with an aspiring model he was last seen hanging out with in Las Vegas along with Kylie Jenner. With Selena Gomez said to have called time on the Bieb’s, it’s all change with the ladies in his life. But is he dating the latest brunette on the […]